3 Activewear Pieces You Need In Your Closet Now

by Melanie Richtman

The athleisure trend is definitely not going away any time soon, especially with the likes of Gigi Hadid rocking yoga pants every day and making them look stylish AF. But with so many different brands and pieces out on the market, it can be confusing trying to figure out what exactly you need to nail the perfect "model-off-duty" look. Thankfully, Lorna Jane Clarkson of Lorna Jane Activewear shared the three activewear pieces every woman needs for spring 2017. Get ready to shop, ladies.

Lorna Jane founded her eponymous brand in 1990, making her a seasoned pro when it comes to activewear. So if you're looking to invest in a few solid activewear pieces and need advice on what to buy, Clarkson is the woman you need.

Clarkson founded Lorna Jane Activewear with the philosophy of "active living" in mind. The idea is that if you change your mindset and spend some time each day focusing on being active and fueling your body with nutrients, even super busy individuals will be able to live their best lives.

Since Clarkson embodies this active living lifestyle, designing activewear was the natural next step, considering she has a solid grasp on what women need and want in their workout gear.

So without further ado, here are the three pieces of activewear every single woman needs in their closets this upcoming season.

1. A Good Sports Bra

Lorna Jane

Rush Sports Bra, $69.99,

The first thing you need to incorporate into your closet is a good sports bra. "You have to have a good sports bra," Jane tells Bustle. "Activewear is quite oversized right now, so if you have a great bra with a great back, you can wear something oversized over it, like a drapey tank top that’s moisture wicking, so you stay smelling sweet and dry."

2. A Quality Pair Of Black Leggings

Lorna Jane

High Times Core F/L Tight, $106.99,

The next thing you should check off your activewear list? A nice pair of black leggings. "All the tights are high waisted now, and we love that. I call it the shape wear of activewear — once you wear them you will never wear anything else," says Jane. "We have amazing tights with black mesh detailing and splices down the side — little details that make them special."

3. A Bomber Jacket

Lorna Jane

Sporty Bomber Jacket, $110.99,

Once you have a super cute sports bra (that you'll actually want people to see!) and a quality pair of leggings, the last piece you should add into your activewear wardrobe for spring is a bomber jacket, obviously.

"Every girl needs a bomber jacket," says Jane. "It's back to the ‘80s!

Bomber jackets are one of the hottest trends for spring 2017, so it should come as no surprise that they're taking over the activewear market too.

To stock up on other stylish activewear pieces, head over to Lorna Jane's website here.