These 3 Candle Rituals Will Help You Make The Most Of Gemini Season’s Energy

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Taurus season has been sensual, earthy, slow-paced but diligent, and really every Venus-y thing we needed to help us recharge after being rocked by the go-getter energy of Aries. But May 21 marks yet another sun sign shift and heralds in the start of Gemini season 2019 — and the energy change-up is going to be felt by all.

So, what's up with Gemini energy? This mutable air sign is fast-talking, quick-thinking, full of ideas, and ever curious about the world and the people in it. Represented symbolically by the Twins, Gemini energy has the power to simultaneously embody extreme and opposite ends of any spectrum with ease. Duality is its cup of tea, and this sign feels comfortable seeing the world through as many perspectives as possible. Comfort zones don't actually feel so comfortable under a Gemini's rule.

That said, this fluttery, mentally-focused energy is a major shift out of the highly grounded and sensory-oriented energy of Taurus season, and aligning ourselves with it can be difficult if we've yet to shake the slightly-stubborn bull energy off of ourselves. Candle rituals for Gemini season are a great way to integrate the sun's current energy into our lives — especially given that the smoke from a candle can represent air sign energy, which we want to align with, while the passionate fire of the flame can offer an energetic boost.

As with any ritual, you'll want to prepare a sacred space for yourself to do your magic. Obviously if you have an altar set up, that's a great place to conduct any magic work, but if not, you can simply cast a Wiccan-inspired circle of protection before you begin. Anything that sets this sacred time apart from the more mundane moments of the rest of your day is a helpful way to honor yourself and your practice.

Check out these three candle magic rituals that will help you float up into the free-thinking winds of Gemini season like the astro babe you are. Float on, witchies.

Gemini Duality Candle Ritual

Gemini, represented symbolically by the twins, is a sign of duality and of embracing two sides of a single coin. I created this candle ritual to help us blend together the dual and complementary energies of the universe in a magical symbiosis to help align ourselves with the alchemical energy of Gemini season.

What you'll need: One gold candle; one silver candle; clove scented incense or essential oil, the Gemini symbol (♊) drawn on a piece of paper.

What to do: Begin the ritual by cleansing your altar space and safely setting up your two candles, positioning the gold candle on the right and the silver candle on the left. Place your incense or essential oil and oil burner in the center of your altar, between the two candles, and place the Gemini glyph in front of it.

To begin the ritual, light the clove-scented incense or oil burner and invite the element of air into your space, as represented by the smoke or vapor. Clove is often used in rituals pertaining to clearing negative energy, which is great as we enter a new sun season — but it's also useful for both preventing the spread of gossip and stimulating our intellect, which are very Gemini areas.

Now, light both the silver and gold candle — which represent the yin and yang of all things (be it masculine and feminine energy, the moon and the sun — really whatever resonates with you as far as representing two opposite sides of the great spectrum). Invite in the energy of Gemini season while focusing on the glyph, and set intentions for the ways in which this airy, intellectual, mercurial energy can help you on your current path over the coming month. Allow the candles to burn down safely.

Gemini Season Stress-Slashing Ritual

Gemini energy can be hyper, manic, and all over the place — and that can be a hard transition coming from the slow but steady, self-care-focused energy of Taurus season. If you're having trouble adjusting to the quicker mental pace and find yourself feeling overly-amped and stressed, try this simple stress-slashing ritual, inspired by one created by mystic and author Janina Renee for Llewellyn. It can help you relax and ease into the fun and quick-witted Gemini vibes this season has to offer.

What you'll need: A single candle, preferably in a relaxing, cool color like blue or green.

What to do: This simple candle ritual is designed to help relieve anxiety through the power of candle magic while also imbuing you with positive energy from fire. You may begin by creating a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere using scent, music, and lighting. Once you're feeling at ease, light the candle. As you do, say the following incantation aloud, as instructed by Renee: "As I light this candle / My stress flows from me / Flows from me, and into the candle / Burned off, transformed / Converted to light and warmth."

Once the candle is lit, place your hands around the candle's base or candle holder and connect with its energy. "[V]isualize your stress as a gray mist that flows from your body and into the candle," wrote Renee. "Continue grasping the base of the candle while breathing in a relaxed and rhythmical manner. Maintain the visualization until you feel that a significant amount of stress has been released." Deep breathe for as long as necessary, and imagine your stress being burned away as the flame flickers.

Now, carefully cup your hands around the flame itself (don't get too close, though — we don't want you getting burned!) and feel the warmth, power, and vitality of it as it burns. Now, again as instructed by Renee, say the following incantation as you focus on the flame's energy: "I draw from this candle / Its comforting warmth / Warmth that flows to every cell / Relaxing, restoring, reviving."

Now, allow yourself to feel the warmth of the candles flame pouring through your etheric being. "Concentrate on the sensation of warmth, feel it drawn through your fingertips, into your hands and arms, and through your body," continued Renee. "Warmth suffuses your entire body, filling you with a glow of well-being." Once the ritual is complete, you may allow the candle to burn down safely, or you may snuff and re-light the candle, repeating the ritual anytime throughout Gemini season that you need a magical stress-reducer.

Gemini Season Intention Candle Ritual

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs communication of all sorts. And if anyone out there loves to talk, share and discuss ideas, and communicate via words, it's definitely a sharp-tongued Gem! Integrating words and ideas with candle magic is a great way to connect with the current solar season's airy energy, and the following ritual, which is based on a lovely ritual created by Forever Conscious, is the perfect way to make that happen.

What you'll need: One white candle; pen and paper; one quartz crystal (or another crystal of your choice that represents manifestation and/or Gemini energy)

What to do: Light your single white candle. Make yourself comfortable in the presence of the working candle's flame, and prepare yourself to write out your Gemini season intentions on a piece of paper. Forever Conscious wrote some lovely instructions for doing some healing energy work on yourself prior to putting your intentions into words.

"Rub your hands together and imagine you are generating a positive, light, healing energy. Once you feel heat between your palms, place both your hands on your belly and take 3-4 deep breaths in and out. As you breathe, visualize your hands healing and recharging your body. Move your hands up to your heart center and repeat another 3-4 breaths. Then move your hands up to your third eye area and repeat another 3-4 breaths. Finally, place both your hands on the top of your head and repeat another 3-4 breaths." (Forever Conscious)

Now that you've performed some energy work on yourself, you may begin writing out your intentions on paper. Gemini is smooth and quick with words, so channel their airy, free-spirited, curious vibe as you write. Don't judge yourself or think too hard before putting pen to paper — allow yourself to write freely and continuously. You may even be surprised by some of the things that spill out when you let go of your inner critic's self-imposed inhibitions. Write for as long as needed, and fill as many pages as you feel necessary.

Once you're finished, read through your intentions and pull out seedlings that you can boil down into simple, one-sentence mantras. Write just those down on a separate piece of paper. This list should be saved and revisited daily throughout Gemini season to remind you of your goals and stay focused (which is especially helpful given the flighty, easily-distracted nature of Gemini's vibe).

You can also create a crystal talisman to represent these intentions by folding up the piece of paper on which they're written, and allowing a quartz crystal to charge atop the paper overnight. The next morning, hold the quartz in your hand while you read each intention aloud. Carry this crystal with you throughout Gemini season to remind you of your intentions at all times and keep you present. "The crystal will retain your intention and you can use it whenever you need help or support remembering it," shared Forever Conscious.

If you'd like, you may burn the piece(s) of paper on which you did the free-writing, prior to boiling down your words into pointed intentions. You may close the ritual by snuffing out the white candle, or by allowing it to burn down safely.