5 Crystals That Will Encourage Creativity During The May New Moon

New moon, new you, new chance to let your bad self shine. Taurus season's new moon is upon us, and it's absolutely blooming and blossoming with sweet, springtime, new-beginnings type of energy. The May 2019 new moon will crest on Saturday, May 4 in the ever-grounded and self-care-lovin' sign of Taurus (where the sun is currently reigning, as well!), which gives us all a great excuse to set aside some time for pampering our spiritual, emotional, and physical selves.

Getting in touch with the inner ~you~ by using a magical Taurus new moon ritual is the perfect way to celebrate this auspicious luminary, and incorporating some crystals for the May 2019 new moon into your practice can help you tune into the lunar magic even more deeply. Just like everything that grows from the earth, crystals have energy, and many people believe that their frequencies have healing properties on us in many different aspects, and that working with them can help us to achieve our goals, find healing, and spiritually connect.

So, what does this new moon have in store for us, energy-wise? Well, given that it's taking place in earth sign territory, it's a great time to really ground yourself and examine all the situations in your life related to stability: think eating habits, finances, home organization, you get the picture.

With Venus at the helm (this beauty-oriented planet rules over the sign of Taurus), we're also going to feel a major boost of creative energy — so take advantage of it when it comes to working on art projects, channeling fresh ideas into your work life, or revamping your personal style or living space.

Lastly, this luminary is also likely to inspire us to go inward and feel into our spiritual intuition and abilities. It's a wonderful moon for introspective ritual work — and using crystals to help you clear your mind and connect spiritually (as well as capitalize on the aforementioned boons of this new moon) is the perfect way to acknowledge this transit.

Check out 5 of my favorite crystals that pair perfectly with the earthy, spiritual, and creative energy of May's new moon.


Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone, $5.50, Etsy.

This gorgeous, turquoise-colored stone is full of grounding yet creative energy, making it an ideal companion to the energy of May's new moon. According to Crystal Vaults, chrysocolla "encourages inspiration by combining creative ideas with new practical applications," which is exactly the vibe of our current luminary. Chrysocolla can also help us find our footing in issues relating to our stability and security.

How to use it: "Chrysocolla is a stone of 'earth-grounding' and is valuable in preventing one from losing touch with the conscious mind during deep meditations," explained Crystal Vaults. "It provides strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel[.]" Take advantage of the quiet, introspective energy of this new moon and try a guided meditation with a chrysocolla crystal in hand to keep you grounded.

Rose Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz, $6 and up, The Hoodwitch.

No one is more adept at self-care than a Taurus, so under this Taurean new moon, make self-love and compassion a major priority for yourself. Rose quartz is one of the gentlest crystals around, and it is incredibly helpful when it comes to opening up your heart to caring for others and yourself. Bask in the pretty pink glow of its kind, loving, and compassionate energy.

How to use it: A calming, sweet, relaxing bath is the perfect way to soak up the vibes of this gorgeous moon — rose quartz is the perfect addition to an evening of self-care tubbin'. Place your crystals around your bath with some pink candles (representing compassion and love), or even bring your rose quartz into the water with you to infuse it with its energy.


Emerald Healing Crystals, $4.50, Etsy.

As a precious stone, emerald is widely known for its beauty and elegance — but its metaphysical healing properties are just as impressive. It is extraordinarily powerful when it comes to inspiring artistic and creative thoughts and focus, as well as opening up the heart chakra (its saturated green ray is the same color associated with that chakra!). The creative energy of this new moon is greatly amplified through this super potent and beautiful stone.

How to use it: This luminary rises in a Venus-ruled sign, meaning that love, romance, beauty, and passion are themes at the forefront of our minds. "To attract romantic love, wear or carry an Emerald out of sight near the heart," advised Crystal Vaults. "To call back an estranged love, speak the words you wish to say holding the stone close to your lips and seal it in an envelope." If romantic love isn't on the brain for you at the moment, you can follow the same ritual to attract or call back energy toward any other passionate situation in your life.


Zoisite Ruby Sphere, $60.99, Nature's Treasures.

This new moon is asking us to check in on ourselves when it comes to earthly, day-to-day matters, and the hyper-focused, energizing, yet grounding power of zoisite can prove super helpful. According to Healing With Crystals, zoisite can "ease feelings of emotional, physical and mental lethargy and boost your vitality and joie de vivre," so use it to boost your energy when it comes to goal-setting and making healthy changes in your life.

How to use it: Keep a piece of zoisite on your desk at work or in your creative work space to help you stay focused, get inspired, and find motivation to revisit old abandoned projects that you may be able to breathe new life into under the auspicious vibes of this moon.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz Crystal Points, $7.41, Etsy.

Spirit quartz is one of my all-time favorite crystals. It's one of the most magical, and its shimmery, light, fairy-like energy is perfect for spiritual ritual work of any kind. It's wonderful for promoting harmony, peace, and spiritual attunement. Under the intuitive, even psychic vibe of this new moon, working with spirit quartz can help get you in a more metaphysical head space and connect deeply with the lunar energy.

How to use it: "A darkened room illuminated by several candles provides an excellent background for meditation with Spirit Quartz," explained Crystal Vaults. "It is particularly beneficial in gaining a better appreciation for the beauty and abundance of the Universe and renewing a sense of joyful energy."