4 Crystals To Keep Around For Protection During Mercury Retrograde This Summer

Summer is coming, folks! April showers have passed, May flowers are here to last, and the sweet, syrupy, sunshine-y vibes of June are upon us. That said, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but try to enjoy the happy-go-lucky vibes of summer freedom while you can — because Mercury retrograde summer 2019 starts on July 7 and will kick off three and a half weeks of tech breakdowns, communication drama, travel snags, and more (in other words, all the areas of our lives that planet Mercury is believed to rule in astrology) until July 31. Fun stuff, right?

For those of you that don't know: In astrology, Mercury is said to rule over things like information sharing, technology, getting around, and communicating. When a planet retrogrades (or appears to temporarily move backward in its orbit instead of forward) — which happens in Mercury's case three or four times a year — the parts of our lives ruled by said planet can slightly malfunction. This is because retrograde's are a time to slow down and reassess your current sitch — not try to keep moving forward. Just as a retrograde planet is moving backward and reviewing its recent path, so should we — and stubbornly trying to work against a retrograde's energy is only going to result in frustration.

This Mercury retrograde is taking place in Sun-ruled fire sign Leo's territory, so it's likely going to be as hot n' fiery as the summer sun. "The retrograde Mercury in Leo triggers passionate displays of expression that are sure to cause reactions from you and from others," wrote astrologer Kelli Fox on The Astrologer. "This fiery planetary influence inspires more emotion behind words and thoughts, which inspires passionate responses, which in turn, ignites the airspace with electricity." This means we all might feel a little extra flame of passion in our endeavors — which, if not kept in check, could definitely lead to drama surrounding communication and travel. Cause you know nothing runs smoothly during one of Mercury's retrogrades.

Do your retrograde diligence, folks: Check yourself before you wreck yourself, think before you speak, re-read before you hit send, deliberate before signing anything or making major purchases — and of course, keep some crystals for Mercury retrograde summer 2019 near and dear to you at all times. Because we can all use a little crystal healing during one of Mercury's precarious backspins.

Here are a few stones that are ideal to work with under the Mercury-Rx-in-Leo summer vibe.


Amethyst Cluster, $8 and up, The Hoodwitch.

Amethyst is a gentle, feminine, magical crystal that serves as the perfect stimulant for creative ideas — because honestly, channeling the frustration of the potential travel and communication snags into art is going to be especially helpful during this transit. "Internalize your passion and release it through artistic mediums such as painting, writing, or music," advised Fox, regarding how to deal with the frustrations that a retrograde in Leo could bring. Amethyst can help you get in touch with your creative side and open your mind to new ways to express yourself through the arts.

How to use it: Kick of the retrograde by doing a fun brainstorming session and coming up with a few simple creative projects that you can embark on during the transit to help you channel your energy in a positive way. Meditate with your amethyst crystal on your third eye, and ask it to help open your mind to creativity. Then free-write any themes and come to mind and start formulating a plan.


Danburite Crystal, $19.95, Energy Muse.

Mercury retrograde periods can be stressful. We're so reliant on tech and getting around, and obviously communication is everything, so a super stress-relieving crystal like danburite is a soothing lifesaver stone to work with during the unavoidable Rx stress. "[Danburite] reassures you that everything is taken care of," explained Energy Muse on its site. "It rids your mind of the face-paced world and alleviates the constant stream of worry or checklists that run through your head."

How to use it: Consider this the crystal version of deep breathing after a near-panic-attack. "Riotous feelings and attitudes caused by misunderstandings may be eased by its energy," explained Healing Crystals For You of danburite's overall vibe. "Its vibration may also bring through a deep sense of patience and peace of mind." Hold this crystal in your hand and allow yourself a moment of peace and clarity any time you feel overwhelmed during this retrograde.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Natural Crystal Tower, $2.99 and up, Etsy.

This retrograde takes place right smack in the middle of summertime, meaning traveling during the transit might be unavoidable, especially if you've already made vacation plans. Thankfully, you can call on the power of smoky quartz to help you. This ultra protective crystal is loved for the good luck and safety it can bring to travelers. It's also known for being extremely grounding — which is a much-needed energy during a Mercury Rx, as it can make us all feel like we're trying to walk on water.

How to use it: Smoky quartz is known especially for being protective while driving, so keep a pendant or piece of it in your car during this transit. If you're flying somewhere instead of driving, simply keep a piece with you during your travel excursion for added protection and grounding.


Amazonite Palm Stones, $13.50, Etsy.

Communicating is never as simple as it seems during a Mercury backspin, so keeping a stone like amazonite nearby is going to help you keep your mental channels clear and express yourself more articulately. "Amazonite is both a crystal for confidence and a crystal for intellectual intuition," wrote Energy Muse on its site. "This will help guide you when you need to improvise and make on-the-spot decisions about which way to take the conversation."

How to use it: If there are any serious conversations that need to take place during this retrograde — such as with a boss or significant other, or about a serious topic — meditate with the amazonite stone in your palm beforehand, or keep it in your pocket during the conversation to allow its energy to smooth things out and help you express your feelings and thoughts clearly.