3 Rituals All Zodiac Signs Should Try During Taurus Season For Self-Care

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Taurus season is fast approaching, and I am here for it. Ruled by sensual planet Venus, Taurus is all about luxurious sensory pleasures and earthly comforts that life has to offer. A good way to celebrate Taurus season 2019? Drink wine and eat chocolate in bed under a luxurious weighted blanket, after taking a steaming, candle-lit bubble bath and eating a three-course meal. You have full astrological permission to do so.

Indulging in the very-Venusian delights of the senses is a pleasurable part of Taurus season indeed, but the flip side of the coin is Taurus' work ethic and steadfast resolve to get things done at their own pace, on their own terms. "[April 20 is] the day when the Sun exchanges fiery Aries for earthy Taurus," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "The sun will be in Taurus for the next month, so use this productive energy to manifest your visions in the physical world." The sign of the bull is stubborn, but only because it's confident in its own ways of doing things — and if it takes a little longer than say, impulsive Aries would like, that's OK. It's here to teach us patience.

Busting out your magical tools and planning some rituals for Taurus season 2019 is a perfect witchy step to connecting with the sun sign's shift in energy. Align yourself with the lovely Venusian vibe of Taurus while also taking full advantage of the productive, down-to-earth energy this season brings.

Here are three rituals for Taurus season that will get you feelin' the vibes.

Venus Altar-Building Ritual

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which symbolizes luxury, romance, and beauty. Love Miss Venus. Use Taurus season as your long-overdue excuse to build a gorgeous altar honoring the goddess Venus and channel her lush and sensual energy. This ritual is based on a lovely one created by Sphere + Sundry, and is the ideal way to show your love for the goddess of beauty during one of her ruling seasons.

What you'll need: 1 or 7 green or white candles; a Venus glyph ♀ (you can draw this on a piece of paper if you don't have any sort of talisman); a mirror; pink or green colored crystals (as they represent the heart chakra — Venus' territory!); fresh flowers; any other objects or tools that represent Venus energy to you.

What to do: As you'll be building an altar to goddess Venus, you'll need to carve out a space where you'd like that to stay, at least throughout Taurus season. Then you'll want to get yourself dolled up, Venus style, as part of the ritual. "Treat getting ready for a Venus ritual like you’re going on a hot date," wrote Sphere + Sundry on its site. Venus is the goddess of beauty, after all, so take your time dressing up in something that makes you feel sexy — perhaps that's some lingerie, maybe that means you put on some makeup or your favorite perfume. Whatever makes you feel beautiful.

You may begin the ritual by arranging your chosen items on your altar. Set out the candle(s), intentionally place your crystals, and put out a mirror to represent beauty and your ability to see Venus in yourself. Now you may light your candle(s) (either one or seven because that is believed to be the number of Venus), and light any incense or oils that you may have chosen to incorporate into your altar. "Take a moment to visualize the planet Venus and channel her energy into your body," shared Sphere + Sundry. "Meditate on her symbols or draw them fresh." After you've taken some time to welcome Venus' energy into your space and connect with it, read aloud the Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite, which you can find here.

Now you'll want to set out your offering to Venus, in this case, fresh flowers (plus anything else you feel compelled to put forth). Arrange the fresh flowers in a lovely vase or bundle and place them on the altar. Speak aloud your gratitude for the blessings that Venus has bestowed upon you, and the blessings she will continue to share in the future. Be sure to refresh the offerings on your altar and switch things out to keep 'em fresh! Whether it's flowers, fruit, or anything else, Venus loves lovely things, so stay on top of it.

Patience Stone Ritual

"Slow and steady wins the race," said every Taurus everrrrr. The sign of the bull is stubborn, for sure, but it's also got a steel resolve and is in no rush. Taurus knows that rushing often means making little mistakes, and it sees no need for such mishaps. That said, patience is a virtue that doesn't always come easily, so help ground yourself and pace yourself by doing this variation on a patience stone ritual, which has been inspired by and adapted from a stone-breaking ritual created by author Darren C. Polito for Spirituality & Practice.

What you'll need: A crystal or rock; a seashell (preferably a conch-style shell).

What to do: For this ritual, given that Taurus is an earth sign, you'll need to find a nice, peaceful spot in nature that includes an area that you feel comfortable burying your stone in the ground. Begin the ritual by casting a traditional Wiccan circle or cleansing the space in whichever way you see fit. Set out your stone and your seashell.

"First thank the stone for being of service to you and offering itself up for this ritual. And remember that you will be giving it back to Mother Earth so that it can be transformed," explained Polito. "Next ask your stone to please take that which holds you back from living in freedom: all your worries and fears, complaints and misfortunes."

During this step, hold the stone in your hands and really try to feel its energy. If you feel comfortable, speak your worries and negative feelings aloud to the stone, allowing it to absorb them. Pour yourself into it — everything that is making you anxious and holding you back from trusting the universe's pace of unfolding. Feel free to walk around your sacred space as you do this, no need to stay in one place.

Now, dig a hole within your circle and bury the stone in the earth. Thank the earth for its power to transmute and transform your fears into strength, grounding, and patience.

Next, pick up your conch shell and hold it up to your ear, listening to the soothing, swirling sounds. "Do you hear the stillness and calm? Are the voices of worry and fear, those constantly reminding you of your troubles, quiet?" asked Polito. "Keep this shell as a reminder of how this clearness feels." Bring the shell back home with you and keep it on your altar. You may now close the ritual.

Taurus Ritual Bath

Taurus loves luxury (Venus, baby), and Taurus season is a wonderful time to slow down, ground yourself in your body, and practice some gentle, sweet, ritual self-care. What better way to do that then with a senses-stimulating and ultra-relaxing ritual bath? This is inspired by a lovely ritual published on The Hoodwitch, created by Michael Cardenas, head witch at Olde Ways.

What you'll need: Palo santo; fresh rose petals; rosewater; 1 teaspoon of cinnamon; your favorite sensual essential oil; candles and calming music (optional).

What to do: Begin the ritual by cleaning your bathtub, and then energetically cleansing the space with palo santo. Draw a hot bath, and add the cinnamon, a splash of rosewater, and a few drops of your essential oil of choice into the water as it's filling. Once it's drawn, sprinkle the fresh rose petals into the water.

You may enter the bath. "Hold your hands above the water and state your intention," explained Cardenas. "Speak from your heart." Pay attention to all of your senses as you soak in this fragrant, luxurious bath. Smell the scent of the oils, feel the heat of the water soothing your muscles, listen to the gentle sounds of the bathwater. "Absorb all of it's beautiful energy," advised Cardenas. "Relax and visualize your desires. See yourself with them now."

Take some time to truly meditate on your desires and wants, and focus on acknowledging and then sending away any shame, doubt, or fear that enters your consciousness as you do. Cardenas advised that you soak in the ritual bath for at least 25 minutes.

When you're finished, you may exit the bath and then drain it. Cardenas noted it is best if you don't rinse off after the bath and allow yourself to air dry, if possible.