3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Meet Someone Special During Quarantine

Cheerful mixed race girl having video chat with friends using laptop camera while lying on bed

While quarantined, swiping through dating apps and fielding video calls may have become a mindless hobby — just something to make sitting inside for the 10th week in a row a little more interesting. But for those who are genuinely craving a genuine connection, there are three zodiac signs are more likely to meet someone special during quarantine than others.

We can all agree online dating isn't easy, but the current circumstances have made it even harder. Zoom dates fall flat, FaceTimes feel awkward, and messages to fizzle out — even when you're throwing out your best lines and trying to find things in common. It isn't easy to figure out what to talk about right now, beyond what you're reading or watching on TV. And since the physical side of relationships is currently off the table, it lowers the incentive to follow through after a date, even more.

That said, certain zodiac signs won't let distance, momentary awkwardness, or even a lack of real-life affection hold them back from looking deep into someone's pixelated eyes and falling in love. They're masters of reading people and knowing when a relationship is worth it. Oh, and they're really great at holding interesting conversations and making dates fun, even when it couldn't possibly be in a less intimate setting (read: your messy living room). Here are the three signs most likely to thrive in spite of it all, and come out of all this with a special someone.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Of all the members of the zodiac, Taurus is one of the best at online dating. As an earth sign, who is in their element when at home, they have no problem kicking back and projecting their most genuine selves during Zoom dates. They're relaxed from the get-go, which makes it easier for others to get to know them — and many times, that means creating the beginnings of a relationship that could actually go somewhere.

The fact they're a fixed sign plays into this as well, because it makes them more stubborn than other signs. While some folks might have a great convo and forget about it five minutes later, if Taurus hits it off with someone, they won't let the connection be lost to the quarantine. Instead, they'll stay in touch, foster the relationship, and come out on the other side, holding onto someone who's equally excited to continue dating.

Libra (July 23 — Aug. 22)

While everyone else is spending their days staring out the window or watching their favorite Netflix series for the 100th time, Libra will be found busily perfecting their dating profile. This sign takes their love life seriously, so if they want to meet someone great during quarantine, they most likely will.

They go into dates knowing exactly what they're looking for, which is one thing that gives them a leg up. But they're also just plain fun to talk to. As a flirtatious air sign, Libra understands what to say in order to keep a date fun and light-hearted.

They also just so happen to be good at long-distance dating, all thanks to their ability to bond with a partner and stay in touch. And that's yet another trait that bodes well when it comes to meeting someone during quarantine.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

Scorpio is an interesting sign in that, while they give off independent vibes — and are quite happy when single — they're actually all about relationships and finding love. The quarantine will give them plenty of time to figure out exactly what they're looking for in a partner so that they can venture forth with a discerning eye.

As a water sign, they feel things deeply and can tell pretty much right away if the person they're talking to is a match or someone who's just wasting their time. They can also swipe through Tinder at lightening speed, deftly weeding out people who aren't looking for the same things.

If all goes well, it'll result in Scorpio landing on someone who also wants to make a connection and see where things lead after the quarantine.