If You’re One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, This Month’s Full Moon Is Gonna Be A Doozy

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If you're into astronomical events, you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for Aug. 26: that's the night a full moon will be rising. Full moons are not only amazing to look at (as long as it's a clear night), but they also come with energy and vibes that can affect everyone. A full moon can be an emotional time for everyone, so the energy can be either positive or negative, depending on how you use it. If you're in a calm state of mind, yon can expect positive energy, but if you're not... things might get a little hairy. Of course, the full moon affects everyone differently, even according to your horoscope. There are actually some zodiac signs that the August full moon will affect more than others.

The August full moon is known as the "Sturgeon Moon," according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, because sturgeon fish are more easily caught in late August/early September. Bustle spoke with astrologer Cindy Mckean, who said that after all of the planetary retrogrades we dealt with this summer, "this upcoming full moon is a welcome mild relief from the dizzying dances of the stellar bodies above our heads." Mckean adds that a full moon "is a time for completions, endings, harvesting, and closure." She said that this is the time when you should get closure on anything that's been bothering you.

According to Forever Conscious, this Pisces full moon is "one of the most beautiful full moons of the year and has wonderful prosperous, romantic, and creative energy that we all get to enjoy." That certainly sounds like something to look forward to! This full moon will give us all the energy and drive we need to get moving on the goals we made during the positive energy we got from the partial solar eclipse this month. Overall, it's a time for positive experiences and changes.

But if you want to know what is specifically in store for you, check out which zodiac signs will be most affected by the full moon:

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

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Mckean tells Bustle, "Pisces is a sensitive, empathetic, and emotional sign. The Moon in astrology rules emotions, among other things. Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces in astrology, will be close to the Moon from the Earth's perspective. Of all the signs, Pisces will feel this full moon the most - but it's going to be a very good thing for you fish. Any of the past memories, regrets, or wrong turns that have been plaguing you in the past six months will finally start to lift.

"With six planets in retrograde, including your own ruling planet, the key advice during this time is to retrace your steps back to where things turned upside down for you and draw out a new path to take. Meditation and mindfulness will be an extremely helpful asset to use, launching from this upcoming full moon. Come the end of November, when Neptune goes direct, you too will also be moving forward. New love, opportunities, and financial options will be on the horizon so long you use this full moon to wrap up issues that belong in the far past."

Virgo (August 23 - September 23)

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According to Mckean, "The Sun will be in the sign of Virgo exactly 180 degrees away from full moon when you see the moon set. Virgo is represented by a maiden harvesting the crops. She diligently gathers and stores enough harvest until spring. When the Sun opposes the Moon in astrology, there is a contradiction between what one wants and what one needs. What this full moon means for Virgos this August is for you not to get caught up in what you perceive as shortcomings, shortages, or austerity.

"Since 'minimalism' is your middle name, use the day of the full moon to plan on how to do more with less. In regards to friendships and relationships, take a step back. With the moon opposing the sun, you might lose your characteristic Virgoan objectivity and find yourself a little more anxious than usual. It's a time to call on patience. Mercury would have moved direct by August 19 and that will help you with precise planning and strategies. Always remember that time is on your side."

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19)

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Mckean says, "The same positive connections made by the sun and moon to Saturn will also occur with Uranus, the sign that rules Aquarius. This past season of eclipses, starting from August 2017 with the full solar eclipse, until the most recent partial solar eclipse this past August 2018, probably still have you in a tizzy — a state of mind that is out of character for you. The series of eclipses involving your sign wraps up at the end of year in December 2018.

"If you use this full moon as a stepping stone for personal evolution, you will have less of an emotional burden to deal with come 2019.The key for you, Aquarius, is to be in touch with your emotional side and synthesize it with your signature mental detachment that has allowed you to see things so objectively. If you can successfully wrap up old wounds this upcoming full moon, it will help to attract the right partner and place you on the correct life path with your humanitarian goals."