30 Strange Products People Are Buying On Amazon That Are Pure Genius

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People are always telling me I have an affinity for the bizarre, and I like to think that translates over to the kinds of things I love to buy online. Whether it's a butter spreader or a funky wrist rest, I always try to see if there are some strange but genius Amazon products to get the job done.

The reason for that is simple: weird products are just more fun. And some of the best kitschy but practical items that people are buying online aren't just weird — in fact, they’re weird because they work so well. They help to simplify everyday tasks, from tossing out the trash to getting rid of lint buildup. Because many of these products are also multifunctional, there's a good chance that with a little trial and error, you can find interesting and innovative ways to use them outside of what they were originally designed for.

Why settle for something average when you can have a product that's full of personality and also delivers a super-clever solution to a major household problem? These are some of the most useful products trending on Amazon now that could completely revolutionize your life — in surprisingly bizarre ways, of course.

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