31 Empowering Ways To Celebrate Women's History This Month

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March is Women’s History Month. If it seems absurd to try to cram the accomplishments of all women throughout recordable history into 31 days, that’s because it is. It goes without saying that women’s historical achievements should be celebrated every month. Until the day comes where that goes without saying, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Women’s History Month. So, go ahead and take this month to revel extra hard in the glory that is... well, you.

There are plenty of reasons why Women’s History Month is important — the first and foremost being that women’s history is human history, both of which are important (duh). The second is that women are killin’ it and that deserves to be celebrated (double duh). Last year, women accounted for the majority of college students in the United States. Slowly, but surely we’re closing the gender gap in U.S. State Legislature. The number of women of color in the U.S. Senate quadrupled from one to four in the last election (I mean, yes, that's still only four, but an upward trend is better than a downward one). Across the board, people are continuing to recognize the importance of gender representation, and women across the world are continuing to do things worth celebrating.

There are 31 days in Women’s History Month. So, here are 31 little ways to empower yourself and the women around you this month.

Also, check out the “Feminism” stream in the Bustle App throughout the month of March for more inspiring ways to celebrate Women's History Month.

1. Thank a woman who inspires you. Write her a letter. Send her a message on Facebook. Send her a gif of appreciation.


2. Platonically compliment someone. Every time I get a genuine compliment from a woman just looking to tell me she likes my hair, it’s welcome change.

3. Read about women throughout history who’ve done badass things. This list of books about the women you didn't learn about in history class is a good place to start.

4. Rewatch speeches from the Women’s March or check out some you might have missed. Like Jessica Williams at the Women's March in Park City, Utah.

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5. Take an exercise class that makes you feel strong. Whether you barre or box or Zumba, grab some friends and make an afternoon of feeling fit together.

6. Learn a new skill. Download Duolingo and start learning a language. Take up knitting. Make vegan cheese for the first time. The possibilities are virtually endless.

7. Share your story through a creative outlet. Women's stories need to be heard. Submit a piece to your favorite publication. Start a blog. Launch a YouTube channel.

8. Find your new favorite motivational quote. Check out this list of feminist quotes if you need a place to start.

9. Take your favorite ladies out to lunch. Side note: can I be one of your favorite ladies? I am very good at eating lunch.


10. Be good to your body. This is an every-month kind of thing, but this month is as good as any to remind yourself to be good to yourself. Drink more water. Eat well; food can affect how you feel. Take a 15 minute break to walk outside. You know your body best. Do what more of what makes it happy and healthy.

11. Be nice to yourself. This is another every-month kind of thing. While you're feeding your body good things, remember to feed your brain nice things, too. Try mediating or one of these positive morning mantras.

12. Have good sex. Speaking of treating your mind and body well, there are health benefits to having sex. Try something new. Or do a lot of the thing you know works. To each her own orgasm.

13. Listen to your favorite feminist anthems. I've yet to find a problem that can't be at least temporarily solved by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's "Feeling Myself."

14. Watch a documentary on a history-making woman. If you haven't already watched Iris on Netflix, this is month you grace your life with the fashion icon that is Iris Apfel.

15. Educate yourself with some facts about feminism. You can start with any of these videos on you can watch in the time it takes to eat a doughnut.

16. Take yourself on a date. Take yourself to a movie. Make yourself a delicious dinner. Get comfortable and get reconnected with yourself.


18. Mentor a young woman. Start by checking out your local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters or find a local school reading program.

19. Become a Planned Parenthood escort.

20. Donate to your favorite organization that supports women.

21. Host a donation party for makeup or menstrual products. Your local domestic violence and women's shelters can use both.

22. Speak up and speak out, whether that means advocating for women's rights on a bigger scale or in your day-to-day conversation. Call out sexist bullsh*t when you see it and back up other people who are calling it out as well.

23. Partake in the A Day Without A Woman protest on March 8.

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24. Travel. Visit somewhere new. Visit somewhere or someone you love.

25. Subscribe to your favorite feminist publication. A few great options: BUST, Bitch Media, and Rookie.

26. Be intentional about your beauty routine. Wear less makeup. Wear more makeup. Whatever you like. But please, for the love of god, remember to moisturize.

27. Stay informed. Read up on reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, and other laws and proposed policy that affect women.


28. Get smart about your birth control. If you haven't already, figure out your birth control method of choice and read up on some birth control facts you should know.

29. Make sure you are registered TF to vote.

30. Play Monopoly. Did you know Monopoly was invented by a woman? Also, read up on women inventors who shaped our past and women inventors who are shaping our future.

31. Lift up the women around you. Because we are stronger when we all work together.