Events From 'Gilmore Girls' You Wish You Got An Invite To

There ain't no party like a Stars Hollow party, because a Stars Hollow party is... fictional. Let's face it, when you're marathoning Gilmore Girls for the millionth time, you wish desperately you could join in on the episodes' festivities. That's because a Gilmore Girls event is always tinged with excitement, drama, and more than a heaping of absurdity.

OK, I'll cop to the fact that you'll get the occasional snooze-fest. Richard and Emily's get-togethers can get so yawn-inducing that most people would rather keel over than attend. But beyond their button-up (and still occasionally amusing) shindigs, Lorelai and Rory end up at plenty of great events. There are the seasonal Stars Hollow festivals, the bizarro weddings, the Yale costume parties, the holidays that get celebrated in multiples — the list goes on and on. It's seven seasons of quirky event after quirky event, and by the time you get to the end of the series, you may even start getting resentful that your invite got lost in the mail.

So, just because we'll never formally get to go to these festivities, I guess that doesn't mean we can't just revisit them another way. I've rounded up all the Gilmore Girls events you'll wish you could've gone to.


Cinnamon's Wake

The impromptu memorial for the late, great Cinnamon definitely captures the essence of Stars Hollow's weirdness.


Rory's 16th Birthday (Part 1)

Emily and Richard spared no expenses on Rory's (first) Sweet 16. They even got Chad Michael Murray! (Well, technically Tristan. But same thing.)


Rory's 16th Birthday (Part 2)

She got an Apple computer. Where is Lorelai getting the money for an Apple computer?


Rory's First Chilton Dance

Paris having her cousin as her escort was a fun reveal.


Donna Reed Night

Not really a jamboree, but never forget Rory in pearls and full '50s garb.


Lorelai & Max's Engagement Party

Look how unabashedly feminine everything is. Max seems thrilled.


Lorelai's Drag Club Bachelorette Party

OK, you can book this bachelorette party easily in my area, but there's just something magical about Emily saying, "I ordered it from that nice fellow dressed as Joan Crawford."


The DAR Fashion Show

You can also get awkward charity fashion shows anywhere, but where can you find a dude to play a horrible, rude, annoying frenchman?


The Bracebridge Dinner

They really went heavy on that Olde English.


Kirk's Movie Screening

Giving off serious David Lynch vibes. And is that the waitress from It's Always Sunny, or am I just losing my mind?


The End Of Summer Madness Festival

Perfect for those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, and also for catching your crush playing tonsil hockey with some bimbo.


The Annual Stars Hollow Picnic Basket Auction

Oh my god, I wish Jess Mariano would bid on my basket


Stars Hollow Dance Marathon

Perfect for having your boyfriend break up with you in front of the whole town.


The Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

The other three Thanksgivings were cool too, but they didn't have tofurkey and Seth Cohen.


That Droll Edgar Allen Poe Play

Didn't they double up on Poes?


The Dorm Fast Food Party

Leave it to Lorelai to save Rory's first day at Yale.


The Festival Of The Living Art

It at least looked pretty, for all its complications.


Liz & T.J.'s Renaissance Wedding

Utterly ridiculous and romantic all at the same time.


Jackson's Election Rally

And, of course, Hep Alien was hired to play. With Lane going full Hot Topic on stage, it would seem.


The Life & Death Brigade Shindig

There are obscure games! 1930s formalwear! Life-threatening leaps off of scaffolding!


Richard & Emily's "Alumni" Party

Literally it's Rory in a tiara getting sloshed and being paraded around to her grandparents' friend's grandsons. I love it.


Emily & Richard's Vow Renewals

All fun and games until Christopher and Luke start brawling in the hallway.


That Quentin Tarantino Party

Dude, Yale really goes hard with its theme nights.


The World War II DAR Party

Rory's god-awful stab at vintage hair (it's more 1982 than 1942) is really something to behold.


The Stars Hollow Annual Winter Carnival

With the Amazing Doggy Swami. How can you turn down a fortune-telling pup?


Lane's Wedding(s)

They all have something special to them, but I'm partial to the one with the White Stripes cake.


Logan's England Going Away Party

Rory did a splendid job of Britian-ing the place up before Logan headed across the pond.


The Old Muddy River Bridge Knitathon

Where did they even get those giant yarn balls, though?


The 2002-Themed Birthday Party

I haven't seen that many Uggs at the same time since... well, 2002.


The Spring Fling Festival

You have to check out the hay bale maze, it's great.


Rory's Going Away Party

It's a hell of a way to say "Bon Voyage" to our girl (and the show)... despite Taylor's gross speech about birthing Rory out into the real world. That's worth fastfowarding.