Stars Hallow Has A Website, 'Gilmore Girls' Fans

I don't know how it is possible, but the Gilmore Girls birthday celebration just got even better. In addition to Luke's Diner becoming an actual place you could visit for a day, a loving look back at Gilmore Girls' beginnings from the cast, and all those Gilmore Girls birthday wishes, Netflix has launched a brand new website devoted entirely to Stars Hollow. The website is insanely detailed, which makes sense since it is said to be curated by none other than Taylor Doose himself.

The Stars Hollow website includes an informative blog detailing some of Stars Hollow's most memorable events like the dance marathon, the impromptu after Easter egg hunt, and the installation of the town's crosswalk. It also features a page devoted entirely to beautiful art made by Gilmore Girls fans (and links to where you can purchase the pieces for your own living room) and the site includes an email address for Stars Hollow's one and only Kirk, who will offer up any life advice you may need.

With a site as well planned out as Stars Hollow's, you are bound to find out all kinds of surprising facts about the town. After doing a bit of poking around, here are 13 things you will learn about Stars Hollow when you peruse the town's state of the art website.

1. Kirk Lost The Site's Password In 2007

The reason the site is just now being updated is due to Kirk losing the password. Luckily, he found it just in time to celebrate the Gilmore Girls' sweet 16 birthday.

2. Taylor Announced The Special Kick Jess Out Of Town Meeting Online

During Jess' rebellious days of chalk outline drawing and gnome stealing, Taylor took advantage of Luke's complete obliviousness to the website to call a secret town meeting about Jess' behavior.

3. Taylor Also Knew About The Baking Soda

Taylor's blog post on shoplifting is definitely about Rory and her sticky-fingered baking soda getaway.

4. Bootsy Takes His Feud With Luke Seriously

In the town directory, it is noted that Bootsy asked specifically not to have his business listed near Luke's. He clearly takes his feud with Luke more seriously than Luke does since Luke asked that his diner not be listed at all (Taylor ignored him, of course).

5. Stars Hollow Has A Hamilton Connection

Without the brave Stars Hollow woman wooing/distracting a British general, Lafayette would never have been able to ambush the British troops. I guess that song just didn't make it into the final cut of Hamilton for some reason.

6. Andrew Is Definitely A Jess/Rory Shipper

"Brooding book worms" and "dictionary enthusiasts" are the best code names for Jess and Rory I have ever heard. Good job, Andrew.

7. Cat Kirk Has Been Permanently Banned From Le Chat

Personally, I think Cat Kirk is just misunderstood.

8. Miss Patty & Taylor Still Can't Agree On Stars Hollow's Origin Story

Miss Patty's romantic story about Stars Hollow's origins has always been strongly contested by Taylor, but it still made it to the landing page. Elsewhere on the site, Taylor insists the town originated during the Revolutionary War. Perhaps he gave in to Miss Patty because her story is better for tourism?

9. Residents Are Advised To Avoid The Gazebo At Night

Kirk's night terrors make the gazebo a bit dicey in the evening.

10. The Town's Shared Place Of Worship Has A Special Name

Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Barans have agreed on the name Churchogogue for their shared place of worship.

11. Even Taylor Hated The Bells

This may be the only time Taylor has ever tolerated such a brazen act of vandalism in Stars Hollow.

12. Kirk's Latest Job Is Advice Columnist

Kirk has continued to explore all avenues of the job market, and his latest venture appears to be advice columnist. Send him an email and see for yourself what kind of words of wisdom Kirk has to offer.

13. Town Meetings Have Gone Digital

Don't fret, Stars Hollow residents still gather for weekly meetings, but now they can submit their concerns and questions to Taylor through the website.

These are just a few of the fun facts about Stars Hollow you will discover on the website. I recommend daily visits until November 25 to stay up to date on the latest happenings in your favorite Connecticut town.

Images: Netflix (14)