31 Innovative AF Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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It's always nice to add some innovation into your life. When an inventive new product can make a common task a million times easier or add some new technology into your life, it'll change it for the better. And you can get plenty of those genius products on Amazon.

If you're ever curious about what inventive new things are coming out, check out Amazon's Most Wished For page. It's a list of products that are most often put onto wish lists or registries, which means it's not just about what sells the best — it's full of some of the most interesting gadgets people are excited to try. (Pro tip: bookmark this page for holiday shopping season and it will seriously up your gift-giving game.)

Now, you probably don't have time to click through every category of Amazon's gargantuan selection. But shopping online is literally my job, so I did a little digging and found some of the most genius items on Amazon that are about to become huge. Whether it's a pack of chewable coffee cubes or a portable, plug-less, smoothie maker, you'll find these fascinating new items might need to skip the wish list and go straight to your cart.

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