31 Things That Make Your Home Cozy AF For Less Than $40 On Amazon


Feeling better rested and more relaxed starts at home. And if you're on the search for a little extra comfort in your life, you'll find tons of genius products that make your home much cozier for less than $40 on Amazon. Whether you’re taking time for self-care with a soothing essential oil-infused bath bomb or curling up in a wearable fleece blanket with a good book, just a few of these items will seriously upgrade your home and turn the routine into a treat.

Self-pampering is easy and budget-friendly with the right products like a heated back massager or a cult-favorite foot roller with thousands of five-star reviews. For more peaceful sleep, try a memory foam mattress topper that makes an old mattress feel like new, a light-blocking eye mask, or a white noise machine that helps you drift off to the sounds of ocean waves and a fan whirring. For warmth, electric heated throw blankets, thermal socks, and mini space heaters instantly transform drafty into cozy. I've even included a mug warmer coaster so your drinks stay at the perfect temperature.

From relaxing essential oils to compression socks that finally give your feet the support they need, scroll on to find 31 things that make your home way more comfortable — and they're all less than $40.


A Wearable Blanket With Built-In Feet Pockets

The Catalonia wearable fleece blanket is a cozy plush blanket that stays on you for super easy lounging. It covers your entire body from shoulders to feet while keeping your hands free to read or grab the remote. The built-in pockets at the bottom of the blanket keep your feet cozy, and there’s even a front pouch for storing your remote or smartphone. It’s one size fits most and available in 13 shades and patterns.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That Feels Like You Stepped On A Cloud

Make stepping out of the bath so much nice with the Genteele memory foam bath mat covered in velvet microfiber which instantly conforms to the shape of your feet for total comfort. With its nonslip bottom, it stays securely in place. This mat is also machine washable and available in multiple shades.


A Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper That Keeps You Comfortable & Cool

This gel-infused memory foam mattress topper has thousands of five-star reviews for being comfortable, and, unlike many memory foam mattresses out there, cool, thanks to the gel beads. Plus, it’s two inches of contouring memory foam provide both support and ample pressure relief to aide in a comfortable night’s sleep.


These Pillowcases That Pamper Your Hair & Skin

To treat your hair and skin, the Bedsure satin pillowcase set is a silky dream to sleep on at an affordable price. The polyester satin feels luxurious on your locks, and unlike harsh cotton cases, they won’t absorb moisture from your hair, so you’ll wake up tangle and frizz free. The smooth texture of these pillowcases are also gentler on your skin.


An Orthopedic Knee Pillow To Keep Your Aligned

The ComfiLife orthopedic knee pillow helps align your body and provide maximum support for a comfortable night’s sleep. The high-density memory foam and ergonomic design contours to relieve pressure, and this pillow also includes an easy to clean breathable cover. Plus, it can be used in multiple positions to support your knees, hips, and thighs, or can even elevate your legs at night.


A Travel Pillow With An Eye Mask That Will Make You Feel At Home Wherever You Go

This fan-favorite travel pillow comes with a contoured eye mask to block out light without weighing on your face and earplugs to give you the full, relaxing package. The pillow itself is made of memory foam for total support, and it's easily adjustable to your neck size. The washable cover included is made of sweat-resistant fabric to keep you cool and comfortable.


This Back Cushion You Can Use On A Chair, Recliner, Or Even In The Car

The LoveHome memory foam lumbar support back cushion offers comfort and support to your lower back and because its straps are so versatile, you can add it to a chair, recliner, or even the car. It conforms to the curve of your back to properly align and improve posture, and it includes a removable breathable mesh cover that's easy to remove and wash.


This Heated Throw Blanket With A Remote & 5 Settings

Whether you’re in your bedroom or living room, this Serta electric heated throw can keep you nice and cozy. It has five heat settings and an auto shutoff for safety, so instead of turning on your heat higher at night, you can cut energy costs and stay warm with this heated throw. It features a 8.5-foot cord to allow your to easily adjust your heat settings. Plus, it’s available in six shades to match your home’s decor.


A Foot Soak That Heals, Softens & Soothes Tired Feet

Purely Northwest's tea tree oil foot soak moisturizes and soothes sore feet, leaving them clean, relaxed, and odor-free. Its 100% pure essential oils help to reduce nail fungus and odor while healing cracked heels and callus patches. And this relaxing epson salt foot soak is free of dyes.


A Swedish Acupressure Massage Mat & Neck Pillow

This clever back and neck pain relief mat provides a Swedish-style acupressure massage in the comfort of your home. The mat and pillow are designed to ease tension by stimulating specific points on your body and the manufacturer says that it can help improve sleep, circulation, relieve stress, and aide in relaxation. It comes with a removable cover that can be easily hand-washed.


A Pair of Compression Sleeves For Sore Feet

The SB Sox compression foot sleeves offer arch and heel support to increase blood flow and reduce pain. Wear them for daily to ease tired feet, especially after standing for long periods or intense workouts. These sleeves are made of a breathable fabric and are designed to fight odors. And thanks to the toeless design, they can be worn under socks, with sandals, shoes, boots, or slippers. Plus, they’re available in a variety of shades from black to pink.


A Comfortable Silk Sleep Mask For Deep Sleep Anywhere

The Sipwell Sleep Mask is 100% silk for a soft and comfortable night’s rest and has earned a 4.5-star rating after more than 4,500 reviews. It’s designed with adjustable straps to minimize eyelid and eyelash rubbing. Wear this lightweight, hypoallergenic sleep mask at home or while traveling.


This Spa-Like Mud Mask That Deep Cleans & Reduces Pore Size

For an at-home spa treatment, the New York Biology Dead Sea mud mask is a cult favorite with thousands of five-star reviews. This natural dead sea mask works for all skin types to clarify and cleanse your skin and reducing clogged pores. It’s enriched with ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, and calendula oil to soften and refresh skin.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Lasts All Day

This VicTsing essential oil diffuser provides a spa-like experience that lasts up to 14 hours. This diffuser has two mist modes and also features four timers, an auto-off function, and seven different LED lights to set the mood.


These Essential Oil-Infused Bath Bombs That Won't Leave Residue

The Gaea Miracle bath bombs set is made with essential oils to turn your bath into a spa-like experience without leaving a residue mess to clean up. These are made of natural minerals and botanical extracts to not only moisturize your skin but to completely dissolve without leaving sediment or dyes to stain your tub. Each set includes six relaxing scents with scents like lavender, honey, coconut, apricot, bamboo, and grapefruit.


An Essential Oil Roll-On That Helps You Relax

This Chill essential oil roll-on reduces stress with a blend of lavender, ylang-ylang, marjoram, clary sage, and palmarosa in a coconut oil base. It's safe to apply topically, and the convenient application method makes it easy to take anywhere you need it. All of the ingredients are vegan and kosher certified with no synthetic additives.


A Microwaveable Lavender Aromatherapy Neck Wrap That's So Soothing

This lavender-infused microwavable aromatherapy neck wrap uses both scent and heat to relieve stress and pain. It is filled with organic flaxseed and French lavender for an amazing scent. After microwaving, simply place it on your neck to provide instant soothing warmth that can help sore muscles and other little aches.


These Easy-To-Use Self-Massage Rollers For Relaxation

This set of two massage balls provide a deep kneading massage at home easy. They feature smooth, spinning balls made of resin that can be used over clothes or on dry skin. You can even add on a lotions or massage oil. "Love these. Easy to apply as much pressure as you want without your fingers getting tired," one fan wrote.


This White Noise Machine With 24 Sounds To Choose From

Whether you prefer fan whirring, nature sounds, or white noise, this sleep sound machine has got you covered with its 24 soothing sounds for both sleep and relaxation. There’s also a lullaby option for kids. It’s compact size and wood-grain finish make it nice to have on your nightstand and easy to move around.


This Foot Massager That Provides A Shiatsu-Style Massage At Home

With a standout 4.6-star rating after more than 4,500 reviews, the TheraFlow dual foot massager roller is a customer favorite that gives you a shiatsu-style massage in the comfort of your home. All you have to do to ease foot pain and stress is roll your feet on the wooden nubs smartly designed to target pressure points, no batteries or plugging in required.


A Lightweight Eye Mask That Blocks Out All The Light

The Bucky 40 Blinks eye mask is an ultra-lightweight contoured mask that allows you to blink without pressure while still blocking out light from the street, airplane, and more. It’s made of 100% polyester with foam inside. Choose from 34 vibrant shades and patterns to match your style.


These Toasty Gloves That Are Touch-Screen Compatible

Alepo's winter wool gloves make it easy to stay cozy and connected at the same time. These gloves are touch-screen compatible, so you can use your smartphone without taking them off. They also have faux suede palm patches to ensure you have a firm grip when you’re holding your phone or driving. These fleece wool gloves also come in an assortment of colors.


A Pillow Massager That Has Deep-Kneading Nodes Plus Heat

Relieve back discomfort with the MaxKare back massager pillow with heat which features four kneading massage nodes to help relax overworked and tight muscles. There's an optional heating setting for further pain relief and relaxation, and it can be easily fastened on any chair or even your car seat.


A Plush Heating Pad For Full-Body Relief

This Pure Enrichment PureRelief heating pad is extra large and made of ultra-soft micro-plush fibers so it's a great choice that works across your body for sore muscles, aches, and even cramps. Choose from six temperature settings and even a moist heat option. It also has an auto-shutoff function for safety.


These Cozy Slippers That Can Be Worn Indoors & Outdoors

This cozy memory foam slippers are ideal for wearing around the house and since they have anti-skid rubber soles, you don't have to take them off to wear them to get the mail or other short trips outside. They have a soft fleece lining and are available in five different shades.


A Pair Of Thermal Socks That Are Way Warmer Than Cotton Ones

Sunew's thermal socks are designed with high-tech fibers to keep your feet warmer than traditional cotton socks. These socks offer light compression and have a fuzzy lining for comfort. According to the manufacturer, they're able to trap seven times more heat than cotton ones. Choose from dozens of colors and two sizes.


A Cup Holder That's Soft Like A Pillow

The Cup Cozy Pillow is a plush cup holder you can take with you anywhere while keeping your drinks insulated, so they stay hot or colder longer. It fits most cups and mugs and can be used to hold other items like snacks, TV remotes, and even gaming controllers, too. The velvety cover is removable and washable if you ever spill, too.


A Mini Space Heater With A Reading Light & USB Charging

If you want to stay warm and cozy while reading a good book, consider the Myonaz mini space heater that doesn't just heat up your space, but also features an LED reading light, fast USB port for charging your smartphone or devices, and a fan. Its compact size makes it ideal for your bedside table or desk, and it's available in black or white.


A Mug Warmer So Your Drinks Stay Cozy Warm

The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is a lightweight, portable warmer you can easily move from room to room to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. There’s a light indicator that lets you know when it’s on for safety, and it comes with a power cord that's about 5 feet long so you don't have to be right next to an outlet.


A Handy Wrap Towel Made From 100% Turkish Cotton

Get a spa-like experience at home with TowelSelections wrap made from high-quality 100% Turkish cotton for soft comfort and maximum absorbency. It has a hook fastener for a secure hold and even has a front pocket. Reviewers loved it for pre- and post-bath prep like masking, applying makeup, and more. Plus, it's available in 16 shades and patterns from bright red to soothing blue.


A Head & Neck Massager That Vibrates

Massage away stress and tension with the resin fingers of the Tezam head massager which stimulates your head with vibrating pulses. With the quick click of a button, this massager sends 8,500 micro-vibrations per minute to soothe and relax. A few reviewers even noted that it helps with headaches. "I love it! This device has helped my headaches so much," one customer wrote.

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