32 Five-Star Amazon Products That Are Just Plain Brilliant

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There are a lot of products out there that are just — fine. They may do what they claim, but aren't anything you're going to rave about to friends or take time out to review online. However, that's never the case with these five-star Amazon products that are just plain brilliant. They're useful, of course, affordable, and even clever. But they're also so good that people took time out of their busy days to rate them perfectly and provide amazing reviews and feedback.

Online reviewers rarely hold back when it comes to saying what they think about items they've deemed worthy of their money and attention, so a flawless review is gold. Whether you're searching for better reusable straws, a more innovative version of the detangling hair brush you've been using for years, or a stand for that knife set that isn't the same old wooden block that has sat on your kitchen counter for a decade, you'll find it on this list. And you can be sure it enjoys a stellar reputation.

Aside from perfect reviews, all of these smart and practical products share something special in common: a unique feature that makes them stand out from the pack. From a pre-seasoned cast iron pan to a rotating utensil holder with removable dividers, they give you a little extra something to get you excited. And they're so interesting and well made that you might be tempted to stop everything and add your own five-star review.

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