32 Gifts For Someone Who Doesn't Want Anything

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We all know and love them: the people who have everything, and need and want nothing. Finding gifts for someone who doesn't want anything is the greatest challenge of all, and despite their insistence that they'd be just as happy with just a card, well, we know we can do much better that that. These tantalizing gifts on Amazon will please every person you want to spoil this season — even people who have everything and never ask you to spend a dime on them.

Finding the perfect gift for difficult-to-shop-for relatives and friends requires a bit of thinking-outside-the-box creativity. They may frown at an expensive watch or a pair of earrings, but introduce them to the sunlight lamp or sous vide cooker they never knew they needed but won't be able to live without, and you've added something super cool to their lives.

These presents don't have to cost a million dollars, either. They can be weird, but genius gifts for people who are hard to please or cheap gifts ideas under $50 that solve a common dilemma (I'm looking right at you, electric callus remover). So don't lose sleep trying to come up with the perfect gift or loved ones who want absolutely nothing — here are 32 ideas they'll love.

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