Twitter Is Pretty Enthusiastic About "Oprah 2020"

by Alex Gladu
Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Republicans' landslide victories in November, the future of the Democratic Party has remained unclear. Does it rest in the hands of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or even an unexpected Steve Beshear? Consider this: The party's future could rest in Oprah Winfrey's hands, as "Oprah 2020" tweets and memes have gained traction online after Winfrey herself lent some credibility to the rumors.

In a Bloomberg segment that aired Wednesday, Winfrey did not deny the possibility of a 2020 presidential campaign. She seemed surprised by the question, but ready to answer, albeit vaguely. When asked if she would consider running for the White House, Winfrey's response was somewhere between a "yes" and a jab at President Trump's lack of government experience.

I thought, 'Oh gee, I don't have the experience, I don't know enough.' And now, I'm thinking, 'Oh.'

The thought of Winfrey's potential candidacy set the Twittersphere immediately abuzz. While plenty of supporters are ready to join the ranks of her campaign, some still see the media mogul's vague answer about the presidency as a joke. It may very well be a joke, but what if it's not? If the last year taught the country nothing else, let's remember to take powerful celebrities who want to run for president seriously.


This is no joking matter.

I'm With Her

What are the chances Winfrey can snag the rights to that slogan?

Best American Life

Just in case "I'm with her" is off-limits.

Here For It

The campaign starts now.


Winfrey would likely have no trouble finding top-tier inauguration performers.

President Oprah

President Winfrey isn't too bad either.


Can #Poprah be a thing?

Not Another Celebrity

Granted, Winfrey and George Clooney would probably run the country very differently from Trump.

Kid Rock 2018

Yes, that is a real thing.


America: *cringes because it's true*

You Get A Car

TBH, I would not mind a presidential round of "Oprah's favorite things."


Welcome to Oprahcare.

Free Stuff

Winfrey may win on the premise of free stuff alone.

End Homelessness And Poverty

It seems like Winfrey's platform is ready to go.

Secretary Of Bread

Winfrey will love you, because she loves bread.

Stimulus Packages

What's going to be under my seat at the inauguration?

Please Please Please

Let Oprah lead the way.

Michelle Obama/Oprah

Believe it or not, they may have had this conversation before.



Breath Of Fresh Air

Winfrey could have some damage control to do if she makes it to the Oval Office.

Whatever's Left

Just hang on four more years.


But who will be the running mates??

One-Way Ticket

Canada is so much closer.

Crazy Tom Cruise

The Oval Office will need a new couch.

Any Job You Need

I can feel the energy through my computer screen.

Oprah Book Club

Let's be real: She's already educating Americans.

How I Feel

That seems like an appropriate response.

The Best Revenge

In other words, we all should have seen this coming.


Finally, a leader who will save the bees!

March 2017

It's a crowded club.

Change Channels

What is the world becoming?


Well, this is awkward ...

Fortunately for the current administration, those awkward encounters — if they ever come to fruition — are four years away. Winfrey's talk of running for president wasn't necessarily convincing, but it was exciting. As the Democratic Party faces an unclear future, anything could happen.