32 Women On The Most Ridiculous Things Doctors Have Told Them

Hannah Burton for Bustle

Sexism is not just damaging to women's mental health — it can hurt their physical health as well. Research has shown that doctors take women's pain less seriously. As just one example, women with abdominal pain are forced to wait longer than men when they go to the ER. And, unfortunately, many women receive judgmental, dismissive, and downright sexist comments from doctors.

If this sounds familiar to you, keep looking until you find a doctor who gives you nonjudgmental, compassionate care. They are out there. When you're looking for a doctor, you should consider their interpersonal skills as well as their medical qualifications, bariatric surgeon Peter LePort, MD, tells Bustle. "Can you talk to him openly and honestly? Does she listen attentively to your questions? Does he answer your questions thoroughly? Do you believe she cares about your well-being? If [they] do not check all of these boxes, it is time for you to find another doctor. These may seem like questions that belong in the 'warm and fuzzy' category, but they're no less important than those you have about a doctor's skill and outcomes."

To get an idea of what issues women are facing within the health care system, I asked women for the most ridiculous things doctors have told them. One tweet and one Facebook post about this got me over 500 responses, so clearly, this is a major problem. Here are just a few of the responses I got.