33 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon That Solve Your Annoying Rain & Humidity Problems

I have a love-hate relationship with warm weather. While everyone is getting geared up for sunshine and ideal barbecue climates — two things I do love, don't get me wrong — I'm preparing myself to be hot, frizzy, and generally damp for five months. I'm just a little bit obsessive when it comes to controlling moisture and humidity, because I can't stand feeling like I emerged from a swamp whenever the forecast calls for rain or fog. Luckily, there are some weird but genius products on Amazon that keep you dry and fresh, and most of them are probably items you never even knew existed.

Much like stocking up on your winter essentials, this preparation is best done a little bit early. That way, when pseudo-monsoon weather hits your town, you won't be running out to the drug store to overpay for ponchos, waterproofing spray, and an umbrella that'll probably fall apart with the first real gust of wind. You can also stock up on products that help your skin stay matte, keep your hair from going limp, and stop your feet from getting swampy. Here are all your wet weather must-haves, so you can handle the rain and humidity with grace and comfort this spring.

1. These Heated Fan Inserts Dry Your Shoes Quickly And Safely

Dr. Dry Ultra Shoe Dryer, $30 (Set of 2), Amazon

This hybrid fan and heater is called the Dr. Dry ultra shoe dryer, and it zaps away moisture in less than four hours. It's silent, safe, and also has a built-in UV light to neutralize odors and bacteria, so whether you just finished hunting, hiking, camping, or walking in the rain, your shoes will be good as new by the next morning.


2. This Tube-Technology Mascara That Can Withstand Both Rain And Sweat

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection, $18, Amazon

"I've rubbed my eyes, been caught in a rain storm, and put in a serious workout at the gym without it running or flaking," one reviewer writes about this DHC Mascara, and over a hundred others agree. Lashes look fuller and longer while actually staying that way, thanks to its tubing formula that coats the follicles without smudging or smearing. At the end of the day, massage your eyes with warm water and the tubes slide right off.


3. A Shampoo That Encapsulates The Hair In A Protective Barrier To Stop Frizz

Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo, $42, Amazon

Using its advanced humidity shield complex, Ouidad Climate Control shampoo encapsulates the hair shaft in a protective barrier that limits exposure to heat and humidity. It's also gentle and sulfate-free for a weightless formula that maintains texture without stressing the hair, so you won't have to worry about frizz or flyaways, either.


4. These Notebooks That Can Get Wet, Muddy, And Beaten Up, But They'll Still Stay In Tact

Rite in the Rain Notebooks, $20 (Set of 3), Amazon

Whether you're going backpacking through the jungle or your basement apartment is just a little too damp, Rite in the Rain notebooks defy mother nature. They're made from waterproof and weatherproof materials that repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive your laundry cycles. Your notes stay in tact even when the paper is soaked, and the tough but flexible cover can withstand all sorts of bumps and bending.


5. A Serum That Controls Humidity, Split Ends, Dryness, Heat Damage, Flyaways, And Frizz

John Frieda Frizz Ease, $9, Amazon

Reviewers call John Frieda Frizz Ease the "best product [they've] found for frizz" because it protects and smooths without weighing hair down. Due to its silk proteins and seaweed extract, the extra-strength formula has six benefits: it eliminates puffiness associated with frizz, acts as a heat protectant, repels humidity, smooths split ends, hydrates dry hair, and tames flyaways, and it works whether it's used on wet or dry hair.


6. This Setting Spray That Defies Heat And Moisture — And It Has All-Natural Ingredients

ArtNaturals Natural Makeup Setting Spray, $9, Amazon

"I decided to give this product a try because my makeup kept melting off in the summer heat," one reviewer writes about this ArtNaturals setting spray. "I put it on at 6:30 AM; it is now 12:30 PM, and my makeup is still fresh-looking." The best part? It's made with natural ingredients like plant cells, aloe, sage extract, and minerals that lock in your look for a matte, clean face despite heat and humidity.


7. This Breathable Balm Stops Chafing Anywhere On The Body

BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm, $8, Amazon

Humidity often means an uncomfortable mix of sweat, friction, and chafing, and that's why there's BodyGlide. It's a plant-derived formula that coats the skin in a slick, protective barrier, so thighs, arms, or anything else can just glide. Despite how powerful it is, it's also breathable, gentle, and works well underneath (or against) clothing.


8. The Reliable Inverted Umbrella With Tons Of Brilliant Features

NewSight Inverted Umbrella, $22, Amazon

This umbrella from NewSight is genius for so many reasons, including its inverted easy-dry design and self-standing shape. It also has dual layers for rain, wind, and UV-protection, and a C-shaped handle so you can text while holding it. Hundreds of reviewers have given it a 4.4-star rating because it's durable, practical, and comes in over 40 gorgeous colors and designs.


9. An Accurate Tool To Track Temperature And Humidity Patterns In Your Home

AcuRite Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor, $13, Amazon

Track the temperature and humidity in your home with this AcuRite indoor monitor. It delivers reliable, precise readings over a surprisingly broad range, and can provide you with info like relative humidity, high and low stats, and trend patterns. Attach it to the wall, stick it to the fridge, or put it on a tabletop so you always know exactly how to shift your environment so it's ideal for your health.


10. These Bamboo Socks That Glide Against Your Feet, Wick Moisture, And Fight Bacteria

MD Antibacterial Bamboo Socks (Sizes 9-15), $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Made from 80 percent bamboo rayon, these MD socks are extremely soft, really great at wicking sweat and moisture, and naturally antibacterial. They can hold up to three times their weight in water and effectively pull it away from your skin, so your feet stay comfortable no matter what you're doing. One reviewer says they're the "the best socks [they've] ever had."


11. A Portable Fan That Plugs Into Your iPhone To Keep You Cool Anywhere

Portable iPhone Fan, $14, Amazon

Plug this portable fan directly into your iPhone's charging port to get a cool, refreshing breeze wherever you are. Its high-end aluminum shell is not easily scratched or bent, and it's lightweight and pocket-sized for easy portability. It's available in rose gold or silver, and people say it "actually generates good cooling/ventilation."


12. A Durable Nylon Cover That Keeps Your Backpack Dry, Clean, And Safe

Joy Walker Backpack Cover (Sizes S-XXL), $8-$16, Amazon

Select the best size for your bag and the best color for your personality, and the Joy Walker backpack cover will keep all your essentials safe and dry. It's made from extremely durable nylon fabric that resists tears, dirt, sand, wear, fog, and snow, and the reinforced elastic rim ensures a tight fit whether you're commuting or camping.


13. These Drawstring Ponchos Should Go In Your Purse For A Rainy Day

Clear Harbour Rain Ponchos, $11 (5 Pack), Amazon

Keep these Clear Harbour ponchos in your purse or glove compartment, and you'll be ready for whatever weather the summer throws at you. They're lightweight, compact, and breathable, but reviewers say they're "quite durable as well." The best part? The adjustable drawstring, so you can pull the hood close around your face when the wind kicks up.


14. An Ultra-Lightweight Anti-Humidity Hair Spray For All Types — But It's Especially Great For Thin Hair

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray, $15, Amazon

As someone with thin hair, I know my strands are going limp the second the humidity touches them. Even though it dries quickly and offers a flexible hold, this Bamboo Smooth hair spray blocks out frizz while locking in your style, all without the excess weight. It acts as a barrier to humidity using its color-safe formula, and pretty much all reviewers — whether they have thick, thin, curly, or straight hair — say that this stuff is a "holy grail for humidity... Holds well, is not sticky, doesn't make hair hard, at the end of the day brushes out."


15. A Natural Deodorant That Reviewers Say "Actually Works As Well As Brands With Aluminum"

Don't Sweat It All Natural Bergamot Blend Deodorant, $14, Amazon

Even though it's made using totally natural ingredients like arrowroot, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, Don't Sweat It Bergamot Blend nullifies odor-causing bacteria to keep you smelling great. It also absorbs sweat, keeps skin hydrated, and has a gorgeous scent that buyers love — plus, according to reviewers, it's one of the only natural deodorants that works.


16. This Antiperspirant Lotion Made Specifically For Sweaty Hands

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion, $14, Amazon

If you can't stand that clammy, wet-hand feeling, you need to try out this Carpe antiperspirant hand lotion. It uses the highest-quality ingredients in a non-irritating formula that manages sweaty hands and the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Just rub a pea-sized amount into your skin, let it soak in, and go about your day for dry, clean-feeling palms.


17. An Essential Oil Spray To Keep Your Shoes And Feet Smelling Clean

Rocket Pure Mint Shoe Deodorizer, $13, Amazon

This shoe deodorizer spray effectively freshens feet, rejuvenates sneakers, and even keeps germs under control. It's made from a blend of essential oils like mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and thyme, all of which are gentle on skin but tough on bacteria and fungus. People have used it to get their gym sneakers fresh or revive cleats they've worn in the rain, and more often than not, the spray works to "deodorize and not just cover up the smell."


18. This Sturdy Boot Scraper To Keep Your House Free Of Mud

Rubber-Cal Boot-Scraper Brush, $17, Amazon

Keep dirt, mud, and moisture out of your home with the Rubber-Cal brush. It has a herringbone coir-fiber construction to remove everything from the bottom of your shoes, and it's durable enough that you can shake, brush, or vacuum the entire thing for easy clean-up. Best of all, its compact design is subtle in your entryway, laundry room, or garage.


19. This Nourishing Clay Mask That Helps Control Oil Without Over-Drying Skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clay Face Mask, $19, Amazon

The extra absorbent and skin-nourishing clay in La Roche-Posay's Effaclar mask soaks up oil and impurities to keep skin matte and clear — which can really come in handy when it's hot or humid out. It only takes five minutes to do its thing, and it was developed in partnership with real dermatologists to create a formula that's safe for even the most sensitive faces. "Leaves my skin softer-feeling than any other mask ever has," one reviewer raves.


20. This Durable Travel Umbrella That Fits In A 7-Inch Case

Vumos Travel Umbrella, $13, Amazon

Even though it weighs next to nothing, the Vumos travel umbrella has a coated fabric that repels water and fiberglass ribs that stand up to wind. It includes a seven-inch travel case that fits in the palm of your hand and is totally waterproof, so you don't have to worry about making a mess in your car, purse, or backpack. According to buyers, it's the lightest and smallest one around — with the best reviews.


21. This Comfortable Tee That Actually Wicks Moisture And Controls Odor

Goodsport Moisture-Wicking Long Sleeve Tee (Sizes XS-XXXL), $17-$20, Amazon

With its four-way stretch polyester, this Goodsport long sleeve tee is designed to wick moisture and control odor. Its comfortable cut is fuss-free and chafe-resistant whether you're working out or running errands, and it's available in four colors and seven sizes.


22. The Sweat-Proof Sunscreen That Goes On Smooth, Dries Fast, And Stays Matte

Zealios Sun Barrier Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, $15, Amazon

Even though it offers water-resistant SPF 45 protection, Zealios Sun Barrier doesn't have that sticky, oily feel like normal sunscreens. Instead, it uses a zinc base to guard skin while you're jogging, biking, swimming, or surfing, and reviewers say it "goes on smooth," "actually soaks in," and that their "face stayed matte almost all day."


23. This Comfy Thermal Cap That Locks In Moisture And Controls Frizz

GlamCap Thermal Hair Repair Conditioning Cap, $22, Amazon

To get the most out of your hot oil treatments and hair masks, try out a GlamCap. It has a double thermal lining to deeply treat and condition hair using the heat from your own body, and it's great for serums, conditioners, and creams. It's comfortable enough for overnight wear and can be washed, so taming frizz and flyaways doesn't have to be a hassle.


24. These Bra Liners That Keep You Sweat- And Chafe-Free

Antibacterial Bamboo And Cotton Bra Liner (S-XXL), $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

Made from 100 percent natural fibers like bamboo and cotton, these bra liners are both antibacterial and anti-microbial to keep you dry throughout the day, no matter how hot and humid it is. They're also great for sensitive skin that gets chafed easily, they'll keep you extra cool, and one reviewer writes: "Love these! They are lightly padded, soft fabric liners to absorb perspiration under and between the breasts, and they do the job."


25. This Cooling Pillow That's Super Comfortable Without Trapping Heat And Sweat

Comfort & Relax Memory Foam Gel Pillow, $37, Amazon

Your favorite pillow might be comfortable beyond all belief, but all that cushioning and fabric also traps heat and moisture. The Comfort & Relax gel pillow is filled with premium memory foam that conforms to your neck and spine, but it also has a cooling gel pad that evenly disperses a comfortable temperature. It's even naturally anti-microbial, resistant to allergens, and moisture-wicking so you can feel fresh in the morning.


26. A Professional Mini Flat Iron To Help You Tackle Frizz Anywhere

MHU Professional Travel Iron, $10, Amazon

Tackle that sudden onset of humidity or rain wherever you are with the MHU professional travel iron. Its .5-inch plates effortlessly fit in your bag or car, but the floating ceramic tourmaline creates a silky texture that also limits damage. It heats up to 356 degrees in seconds, and it has a non-slip grip designed for comfortable use. Some reviewers love it so much, they use it every day, even at home.


27. A Soothing Ice Mask To Cool Your Body Down On Hot NIghts

FOMI Care Gel Bead Ice Mask, $11, Amazon

The FOMI Care gel mask is awesome for facials, headaches, and soothing puffy eyes, but it's also a quick and easy way to ease hot flashes and over-heating. It's filled with a flexible gel pack that you can store in the freezer, and the dual sides allow for comfortable direct-skin use without stinging. There are three available designs, and people say "it's great for hot nights."


28. This Conditioning Spray That Protects All Types Of Materials From Rain, Oil, And Sweat

Apple Brand Rain & Stain Water Repellent Conditioner, $9, Amazon

It won't leave a residue or discolor your favorite items, but it will protect leather, suede, and fabrics against damage. Apple Brand Rain & Stain conditioner repels water, oil, grease, and sweat, so you can wear those delicate shoes and that designer bag even when it's pouring rain outside.


29. These Waterproof Covers Go Over Your Shoes To Preserve Your Outfit

HaloVa Waterproof Shoe Covers (Sizes 5-12), $9, Amazon

Galoshes can be really cute, but they don't always mesh with wedding attire. These HaloVa shoe covers allow you to wear your sneakers, wedges, or flats without getting them soaked. The zipper and wide-mouth design allow you to put them on and take them off without hassle, while the waterproof elastic PVC stays strong against moisture.


30. This Lightweight Mineral Powder To Set Makeup Or Blot Away Oil

Virginic Mineral Face Powder, $19, Amazon

Use it as a setting powder or throughout the day to blot oil, but either way, this Virginic face powder uses lightweight minerals and clay to make your skin silkier and smoother. It has a translucent color that also helps with a bit of coverage, but according to those who use it all the time, it won't settle into lines or look cakey after a few hours. It simply absorbs excess sebum for a matte complexion.


31. This Bamboo Umbrella Stand With A Smart, Easy-Clean Dripping Tray

SONGMICS Natural Bamboo Umbrella Stand, $23, Amazon

This isn't your average umbrella stand. SONGMICS natural bamboo is made from — you guessed it — natural bamboo, so it's extremely absorbent and good at wicking moisture. It's also ventilated, practical, and has a removable plastic dripping tray for easy clean-up after an intense storm. It also won't tip over easily, and makes a gorgeous addition to your entryway.


32. The Brilliant Accessories To Prevent Chafing That Reviewers Love The Look Of

Bandelettes Thigh Bands (Sizes A-F), $13-$19, Amazon

Grease-free, chemical-free Bandelettes are an awesome way to prevent leg-chafing under your skirts, dresses, and loose pants once the humidity ramps up. They're made from comfortable, stretchy lace that stays put with non-slip silicone piping, so the fabric glides against itself instead of your skin. They come in multiple sizes, colors, and different patterns, and in addition to their functionality, people absolutely love the way they look.


33. These Bags With Two Separate Sections So You Can Carry Both Wet And Dry Stuff

Angel Love Wet Bags, $11 (Set of 2), Amazon

Carry your wet and dry items simultaneously with these brilliant Angel Love bags. They're eco-friendly, washable, reusable, and have two zippered sections: a wet section that is sewn and sealed to prevent leaking, and a dry section for everything else. It's great for beach days, workouts, baby items, or travel, and this set comes with two.

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