33 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon That Solve Your Annoying Rain & Humidity Problems

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I have a love-hate relationship with warm weather. While everyone is getting geared up for sunshine and ideal barbecue climates — two things I do love, don't get me wrong — I'm preparing myself to be hot, frizzy, and generally damp for five months. I'm just a little bit obsessive when it comes to controlling moisture and humidity, because I can't stand feeling like I emerged from a swamp whenever the forecast calls for rain or fog. Luckily, there are some weird but genius products on Amazon that keep you dry and fresh, and most of them are probably items you never even knew existed.

Much like stocking up on your winter essentials, this preparation is best done a little bit early. That way, when pseudo-monsoon weather hits your town, you won't be running out to the drug store to overpay for ponchos, waterproofing spray, and an umbrella that'll probably fall apart with the first real gust of wind. You can also stock up on products that help your skin stay matte, keep your hair from going limp, and stop your feet from getting swampy. Here are all your wet weather must-haves, so you can handle the rain and humidity with grace and comfort this spring.

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