33 Photos From The Women's March That Will Make You So Damn Proud

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Jan. 20, 2017 marks a major anniversary in American political life. One year ago, President Donald Trump was inaugurated, months after narrowly winning the election. And Jan. 21 is the first anniversary of the Women's March on Washington, and it's being marked by yet another round of massive demonstrations, albeit one day early. (The organizers of last year's Women's March on Washington put together a rally this year on Jan. 21 in Las Vegas.) If you're curious to see what the marches across the country looked like, here are 33 photos from the 2018 Women's March on Saturday.

Just like last year, there are marches happening across the United States, with the main, flagship march taking place in the nation's capital. Thousands of people are currently marching in Washington, D.C. as a show of opposition and resistance, and it's made for some striking and inspiring images, all against the backdrop of a Republican-controlled government. Major marches are also going down in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and other cities throughout the country.

It's the kind of climactic day of public activism that tens of thousands will have memories of participating in for the rest of their lives, and the sights and sounds will be seen and celebrated by many. Here are 33 images from the huge day of marches.

1. The Streets Of Are Packed

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All around the country, there are reports of huge turnout for the Women's March, with hundreds of thousands of Americans taking to the streets.

2. Los Angeles Isn't Fooling Around

Tens of thousands of marchers in Los Angeles have reportedly packed into the streets surrounding City Hall.

3. New York City Is Ready

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers marched on Saturday, making a statement right in the president's hometown.

4. Together We Can Do Anything

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As with any protest, marchers arrived with tons of homemade signs.

5. The Missoula Women's March

It's not just major urban centers that are participating, either, as residents and indigenous people of Missoula, Montana showed.

6. The Cold Won't Keep Them Down

Marchers in Anchorage, Alaska braved frigid temperatures to make their message heard.

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights

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There's a whole lot of signage on display.

8. In Downtown Cincinnati

An estimated 10,000 marchers also turned out in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

9. Fired Up And Furious

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The election of Donald Trump has clearly been a galvanizing event in the lives of countless women.

10. The Hawaii State Capitol

Marchers also turned out in the Aloha State, surrounding the capitol building with signs in hand.

11. All Over The State Of Montana

Montanans are turning out in the streets to make their presence felt.

12. A Woman's Place Is In The House And Senate

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According to EMILY's List, a record-breaking number of women have inquired about running for office in the aftermath of Trump's election.

13. Me Too

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The Women's March is additionally taking place in the midst of the #MeToo movement, with increased national attention being paid to matters of sexual harassment and assault.

14. We Drown His Swamp

Many Democrats and progressives are clearly eager for the 2018 midterm elections to roll around.

15. The Future Is Female

Last year's women's march ranked as one of the biggest protests in U.S. history. The attendance estimates for this year remain to be seen.

16. So Many Signs

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The hand-drawn protest sign is about as consistent a mass activism tradition as it gets, and the Women's March is definitely no exception.

17. Taking To The Streets Of Austin

Austin is Texas' most politically liberal enclave, and a bunch of its residents came out for the Women's March.

18. The Handmaid's Tale

Sometimes, a simple picture really says it all.

19. Impeach Trump Now

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's probably fair to say that impeaching Trump is a pretty popular notion in the streets of Washington, D.C. right now.

20. Blotting Out His Name

Signs have reportedly been lined up outside Trump Tower to block the president's name from view.

21. At Today's Women's March

The march has brought whole families out into the streets, marching for feminist ideals.

22. Time's Up

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Time's Up movement drew clear support at various rallies across the country.

23. March On The Indiana Statehouse

The Hoosier State ― of which Vice President Mike Pence was formerly the governor ― also got in on the act.

24. Whatever Your Age

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The marches saw women of all ages walking through the streets, from children and teens to elders.

25. At The Washington Monument

Seeing the size of the crowd scaled against the Washington Monument is a sobering sight.

26. Tired Of All The Winning

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Trump repeatedly promised "winning," but based on his approval ratings, not so much.

27. North Of The Border

The city of Toronto came out in a big way.

28. Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Power

Reproductive rights have always been a foremost issue for progressive women in the United States, and given some of the administration's anti-abortion efforts, it's easy to see why.

29. Take The Nukes From The Kook

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Sounds like a pretty straightforward proposal.

30. This March Is Yooge

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If this year's turnout is anything like last year's, you'd be looking at millions of people hitting the streets.

31. Marching In Charlotte

North Carolinians also turned out to support the cause on Saturday.

32. Resist

Demonstrations in Chicago reportedly drew out between 200,000 and 300,000 people.

33. I Stand With Planned Parenthood

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With the Trump administration taking a very far-right tact on reproductive rights, it's no surprise how many marchers chose to show their support for Planned Parenthood.

It remains to be seen precisely how many people turned out for the marches nationwide on Saturday, although images and individual estimates suggest it drew a big response. This much, however, seems clear: going strong on its second year, and with enormous moral force, the Women's March has all the makings of an ongoing, annual event.