Funny Fathers Day Memes To Share On Social Media

If you want to make your dad laugh this Father's Day, check out the funniest Father's Day 2017 memes. June 18 is a time to celebrate the fathers — or those who are are like a father to you — in your life. Dads have been celebrated, and lovingly mocked, in pop culture, in comedy, as pet lovers, and just for simply being who they are.

Once my dad discovered email in the early 2000s he would send me a barrage of jokes every single day. He would even occasionally call me to make sure I was reading the "humor" he was sending my way. If you have a dad who fills your inbox with things he thinks are funny, now you can reciprocate by sending him these hilarious memes. Or, perhaps you and and your friends and family are always joking about dad. These memes are the perfect illustration to accompany your verbal comedy about life with dad.

All kidding aside, if you have a great father figure in your life, Father's Day is all about showing him how much you care, even if you say it with a joke. Here are 35 of the funniest memes to share for Father's Day 2017.

Pop Culture Father's Day Memes

1. While April Nardini was a thorn in the side of many Gilmore Girls fans, this Star Wars inspired meme is pretty on point.

2. And, Darth Vader from the actual Star Wars franchise always makes a good dad gag.

3. If your dad loves both Star Wars and snack food.

4. If your dad will go a long way around the bend to prove a point. Because, dads can be stubborn.

5. If your dad is a true Trekkie.

6. If your dad always lost the bedtime battle.

7. If you and your dad watched talk shows together.

8. Because, Breaking Bad was one of the most epic shows ever, and even though Walter White made a lot of mistakes, his original intentions were good.

9. If your dad loves Game of Thrones as much as you do.

10. If your dad is a no-nonsense man who just wants a little bit of "me time."

Father's Day Pet Memes

11. If your dad will do anything for the family dog, just like he did anything for you when you were a kid.

12. If your dad lets the cat run the household, because let's face it — cats are really the ones in charge.

13. If even the dog cringes when your dad tells a joke. Funny, not funny, dad.

14. If your interactions with you dad ever inspired this face.

15. If your dad has a really, really close relationship with the dog.

16. If your dad did double duty as a single parent.

Funny Father's Day Memes

17. If your dad is simply the best, and is always down for an impromptu dance party.

18. If no get together with your dad is complete without a six-pack.

19. If your dad is old school and prefers a phone call over a text.

20. If your dad is invading your digital life.

21. If you forgot that your dad hasn't invaded your digital life and he missed your Father's Day greeting.

22. If this was the norm at your house growing up.

23. If your day just gets you.

24. If this is your dad's idea of the perfect evening.

25. If your dad ever threw you a tea party, played dress up, or pretty much played any game you wanted.

26. If humor and sarcasm are how you showed love in your family.

27. If your dad ever told you the story about how when he was a kid he had to walk eleventy million miles to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways.

28. If your dad does silly things to amuse himself that are actually really, really funny.

29. If your dad never ever told you no.

30. If your dad knows there is no such thing as kid-proof anything.

31. If you spent all summer doing yard work with your dad.

32. If your dad lived to embarrass you.

33. If your dad got the job done no matter what.

34. If your dad set you up for success.