34 Summer 2019 Movies That You Need To Know About, From A New ‘MIB’ To ‘Midsommar’

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The summer of 2019 is just around the corner, which means it's time to start filling up your calendar. You may want to rethink any major plans to take a vacation to a secluded location, though, because you won't want to be far from a movie theater at any time. That's because these 34 summer 2019 movies are worth canceling plans to go see.

As usual, the docket of upcoming releases includes a lot of titles that might seem familiar, as many of them are reboots and sequels. Before you hem and haw over the lack of original ideas, though, you might want to take a look at what these reboots entail — a lot of them are probably much more exciting and fresher than you would expect, like with Men in Black: International, out June 14. In this reboot, you'll get to watch a new team of special agents, which includes Tessa Thompson as Agent M. It's about time that a woman join the elite team of suit-wearing alien-seekers, wouldn't you say?

And there's much more coming over the next three months too: mega monster movies, a chilling new Child's Play, a live-action take on an animated adventure series, and Awkwafina's dramatic debut, just to name a few.

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