15 Beauty Products The Internet Loved In 2016

There's no doubt 2016 has been a year of many beauty product milestones. From the internet craze of different Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit announcements to Glossier's coveted super serums, there have been so many new and innovative beauty products in 2016 that have made people freak out on the internet.

Of course, it's easy to get swept into trends that circulate the internet, but when they are actually good products, they are totally worth the buy. Sometimes the best way to find interesting products is via Instagram, so following some of the biggest beauty brands like MAC, Glossier, Urban Decay, and Sephora can often provide the best beauty inspo and reviews of new products. Beauty brands often take to Instagram first to get fans excited by teasing photos of new products, and it sure did work this year!

Some of the best products this year feature amazing (and sometimes limited-edition) products from MAC, Pat McGrath, Glossier, Kylie Cosmetics, Lush, Urban Decay, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you missed out on some of these products, keep checking back for restocks in the future or even better, updated versions of the products.

As a tribute to these new beauty product launches, I rounded up a list of the best beauty products 2016 gave us.

1. Kylie Cosmetics

With Kylie Cosmetics' recent one year anniversary, there's a lot to celebrate. From the creation of the infamous Kylie Lip Kit with matte liquid lipstick to limited birthday and holiday edition collections to a pop-up shop coming soon, Kylie Jenner's beauty brand has made its mark on 2016.

2. Glossier's Serums

As a brand that is known for putting skincare first and makeup second, the three Glossier Super serums target specific skin needs, from dullness to redness to dehydration.

3. Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Lip Kit

If you love the glitter lip trend, Pat McGrath's Lip Kit was one of the most-coveted items of 2016. The Lust 004 line featured a full kit comprised of 11 pieces, some of which were sold as singles and as part of three-piece color kits/stories, which obviously sold out the day it was released.

4. Urban Decay's NAKED Ultimate Basics Palette

What made this palette so great compared to Urban Decay's other NAKED palettes was that the colors of this palette were all crowd-sourced. The Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics Palette shades were chosen based on diehard customers' emails and social media comments, which makes the palette even more special.

5. MAC's Liptensity Lipsticks

The MAC Liptensity Collection that launched in September features 24 shades of an innovative new lipstick formula with highly pigmented, intense hues. What makes the collection so awesome is the fact that the colors were specially formulated by tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg who can apparently see millions of hues, 100 million to be exact.

6. Dyson's Hair Dryer

A hair dryer that is quiet and doesn't damage your hair actually exists, thanks to vacuum company Dyson who worked on building the hair dryer for five years. It does cost $399, but this dryer went viral on the internet probably

7. Living Proof's Dry Shampoo

If you've tried a million dry shampoos and haven't found one you love, Living Proof's Dry Shampoo might be your best pick. Living Proof's OFMPA molecule, soaks up oil and sweat and then brushes off easily, so it doesn't leave telltale powdery white residue — definitely a must-try.

8. Urban Decay's Long-Lasting Makeup Setter Spray

To make sure your makeup stays smudge-free all night long, this Urban Decay's Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is one of the best and most helpful products of 2016.

9. Molly Cosmetics' SiliSponge

This weird-looking Molly Cosmetics silicone sponge apparently only requires half the amount of foundation, so it would definitely be worth the wait as the product is in its sixth restock.

10. OUAI Haircare

One of the most influential celebrity hair stylists, Jen Atkin, released her OUAI haircare product line that debuted on Feb. 1. The product line took two years to develop and features a dry shampoo, texturing spray, a hair mask, and a wave spray.

11. Lush Shower Jellies

Because of a Facebook video that went viral, these Lush Shower jellies took over users' feeds on Instagram. What makes the jellies so awesome is that they are made out of seaweed particles that makes them giggle like jello.

12. Sigma's Holographic Lipstick

To take part in one of 2016's biggest trends, Sigma's Holographic Lipstick was one of the best products to use to create a holographic lip.

13. Nail Inc.'s Spray Nail Polish

The way to apply this 2016 beauty trend is really easy as 1-2-3! Nail Inc.'s Spray Nail polish only takes three steps to apply, and you are left with a mess-free manicure that requires little to no dry time!

14. Kailijumei Jelly Lipstick

These clear, flower-infused lipsticks went viral after fans continued to post about them on Instagram. The clear lipsticks were hard to purchase, but they were definitely worth it as they are not only infused with a formula of flowers and tiny gold flakes but then changes color based on your body's temperature.

15. Anastasia Beverly Hills' Stick Foundation

With more than 20 shades of foundation colors, the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundations were made for many different skin types and colors.

Images: sephora/Instagram