35 Photos Of Men Wearing Makeup Because Beauty Is For Everyone

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For decades, the makeup aisle and vanity mirror was only bookmarked for women. Now, things are beginning to change. With the help of social media, photos of men wearing makeup are starting to take over our feeds and timelines, bold red lips and sharp cat eyes becoming accentuated with trimmed beards and baseball hats.

The beauty industry is slowly becoming genderless, opening up its palettes and lipstick options to anyone who has the curiosity or interest to play with its supplies. In the past couple of years there's been a bigger push to make more room at the table, creating space for people other than women to feel included and welcome in avenues dedicated to beauty.

In the past, a man might have dabbled cautiously in concealers to hide a rogue pimple or wipe away tired under-eye circles. Now, more and more guys feel open enough to try on a poppy red lip or stick on some faux-eyelashes, a fact that only makes the beauty industry more exciting, interesting, and inclusive. With more people creating and experimenting with cosmetics, there are now more opportunities to learn, grow ideas, and create more amazing beauty trends. Below are 35 photos of men wearing makeup, because beauty is for everyone.

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