35 Sleek Versions Of Useful Everyday Products On Amazon That Minimalists Will Love

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The older I get, the more I find myself subscribing to the idea that less is more. I enjoy carrying a smaller purse and I avoid clutter in my apartment like the plague — but that doesn't mean that I like being unprepared. Sleek Amazon products for the aspiring minimalist have become my saving grace in this department. I've learned that shopping for the minimalist doesn't necessarily mean talking yourself out of every purchase you want to make — it means choosing the right product that takes up less space while simultaneously doing more to improve your life.

These compact versions of everyday Amazon products are skyrocketing into popularity for a solid reason: they're a smarter choice for the person looking to simplify or redesign their space so that it's modern and practical. They also tackle the job much more efficiently than the original design ever could.

So if you think that alarm clocks, beauty products, and laptop accessories don't have any more room for improvement, think again. These sleek and functional items will have your space looking like a minimalist Pinterest board in no time — plus they're all surprisingly affordable, so you don't have to downsize your bank account in the process.

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