37 Birthday Party Ideas That Don't Involve Alcohol

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It seems like in adulthood most parties revolve around one thing and one thing only: alcohol. And because it's relatively easy to pack your friends into a bar, this seems to be the default birthday party option for people nowadays. But your options for venues aren't nearly as limited as they seem, and there are plenty of birthday party ideas that don't involve alcohol at all — in fact, there are some so far removed from the idea of alcohol that nobody attending would except it or miss its presence.

So the problem isn't so much finding a party idea that doesn't involve alcohol, but finding the one that's going to suit your friend group and your interests best. Luckily, you have a ton of options — from tasty cake decorating classes to old school laser tag to spooky ghost tours in your neighborhood, there are plenty of ways to skip the booze and have a party that is uniquely ~you~. If you're at a loss for ideas off the top of your head, check out this list of 37 party ideas. Some are traditional and some are a little wacky, but all of them will get your friends pumped to celebrate your big day!

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