37 Cheap Products That Make Life Nowadays MUCH Better

When life begins to seem repetitive (i.e., you feel like like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day), there's no better kickstart than a (small) online shopping spree. And with these cheap products on Amazon, you can break up those everyday doldrums, without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest ways to make your day a little bit better is to treat yourself to some things that feel good, like an ultra-comfy bra that you actually won't want to take off, or these stretchy biker shorts that are comfortable enough to sleep in and then wear all day. (No judgment here.) And while we're at it, these Epsom salts infused with coconut and lime extracts are perhaps the fastest shortcut to eliminating muscle and emotional tension while making you feel like you've sailed away to the tropics.

I've also found plenty of products to make working from home better, like a laptop stand that keeps your neck in the optimal position while you type, and a 15-piece cocktail kit, so you can hit up happy hour in your living room the minute you shut down that aforementioned laptop.

All things considered, that's one item on this list that I can absolutely promise will make your life — and your neighbors' — better nowadays: a set of protective face masks.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

These Biker Shorts That Come In 21 Colors

Available in 21 colors, like lilac, hunter green, and basic black, these biker shorts are the versatile closet staple you need to carry you through errands, workouts, and at-home lounging. Made from a cool and comfortable blend of cotton and spandex, the shorts feature a high waist and hems that are guaranteed not to roll up.

  • Available sizes: Small - 3X-large

A Laptop Stand That'll Help Prevent Neck Tension

Nothing can tense up your neck faster than looking down at your laptop screen — but this monitor stand elevates your screen, so you don't have to hold your head at an uncomfortable angle while you type. Made from durable, lightweight aluminum alloy, it features six height and angle settings, and folds up flat for easy portability.

3.This Hilarious Game That's About To Become A Favorite

Great for anyone aged 8 to 98, this game is fast, fun, and easy to learn. Just keep these five words in your mind — cat, taco, goat, cheese, pizza — then slap down any matching card in your deck once that word is called. The first person to get rid of their deck of cards wins. It's a game of quick reflexes and much, much harder than you might think.

The Clip-On Ring Light That Makes Video Calls Look Way Better

This ring light will put an end to any weird lighting on your FaceTime conversations and Zoom calls, so it no longer looks like you're talking to your peers from a cave. The battery-operated light features three brightness settings and clips directly onto your phone, tablet, or laptop.

This Lumbar Pillow That Makes Any Chair Comfortable & Supportive

Made with memory foam, this ergonomically designed lumbar pillow supports the natural curve of your back to promote good posture and prevent any aches and pains that come from sitting too long. Equally great for work and road trips, the cushion features two straps, so you can attach it securely to your chair. Choose from seven colors.

These Comfortable Masks That Go With Any Outfit

Masks are a must these days, and this three-pack is made from breathable, two-ply cotton jersey fabric, in a classic black color that will go with whatever you're wearing. The stretchy ear loops upgrade the comfort factor, and — just as important — won't mess up your hair.

A Keychain That Makes Sure Your Hand Sanitizer Is Always Right There

These keychains come with travel size dispenser bottles, so you can pour in some hand sanitizer and have it at the ready, everywhere you go. The sanitizer bottles fit snugly into the pockets on the keychains, so they'll stay put. Each pack comes with three, and they're available in several different designs.

A Moisturizer To Keep Your Skin Smooth And Nourished

With its delicious scent of warm vanilla and calming lavender, you'll be applying this lotion even when your skin isn't dry. Made from plant extracts and pure essential oils, the lotion capitalizes on nourishing ingredients like rice protein, deeply hydrating aloe, and soothing calendula, for skin that's soft, moisturized, and smooth.

This Ingenious Way To Soften & Smooth Your Feet

Give yourself an at-home pedicure treatment right there in your shower with this two-in-one cleansing and exfoliating bar. One side of the bar is made with a moisturizing emollient soap infused with lemongrass and aloe, while the other features an exfoliating pumice stone so you can gently slough off calluses and rough skin, for soft, smooth feet.

This Smoothing Wire-Free Bra That Reviewers Are In Love With

With almost 3,000 five-star ratings, this wire-free bra is nearing cult status, and reviewers write that it's comfortable enough so sleep in but supportive enough for exercise. The straps are just slightly wider than most, and the extra side panels offer smoothing coverage. Plus you can choose from 13 colors, like black, butterscotch, and toasted almond.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

A Cocktail Kit That'll Upgrade Your Home Happy Hours

With this 14-piece cocktail kit, you'll have everything you need to feel like a real pro at happy hour: a shaker, jiggers, strainer, and stirrer, all crafted from stainless steel, plus six reusable liquor bottle pour spouts. All the items are dishwasher-safe, and the set comes with a recipe guide for basic cocktails. Old fashioned, anyone?

An Herb Growing Kit That'll Give Your Cocktails A Luxe Touch

In keeping with the happy hour theme, check out this cocktail garden kit that lets you grown mixology-level accents for all your drinks, like basil, mint, and cucamelon — a teeny tiny watermelon with notes of cucumber. The luxe kit comes with a selection of original drink recipes created by an award-winning mixologist as well as 100% non-GMO seeds, biodegradable pots, and peat.

A Grow Kit So You Can Make Your Own Herbal Tea

This uncomplicated and fun grow kit, provides you with everything you need to start your own herbal garden. It comes with 12 herbal tea seed packets, two growing trays, two drip trays, 24 soil discs, and two humidity domes. Grab this kit and soon enough you will be drinking your very own, fresh home grown tea.

These Versatile Razors That Are Great For Keeping Your Eyebrows Tidy

Between salon appointments, you can shape your brows at home with these ingenious eyebrow razors. But they do more than just brow work — they can also be used as dermaplaning tools to remove any unwatned peach fuzz or to slough away the top layer of dead skin, leaving your complexion bright and glowing.

The Tiny Waffle Maker That Makes Every Meal More Fun

Not only does this waffle maker whip up adorable 4-inch waffles for breakfast, it also makes paninis, crispy hash browns, and more. Great for small spaces like galley kitchens, dorms, and RVs, the waffle maker is non-stick, easy to clean, and available in 18 fun colors.

This Tropical Epsom Salt That'll Make You Feel Like You're In Bali

Enjoy the scent of the tropics right in your own bathtub with this Epsom salt blend that's infused with coconut and lime extracts. The salts will do wonders to relieve muscle tension, and even better, the addition of deeply moisturizing shea butter will guarantee that you get out of the bath with softer skin than you went in with.

The Mascara That Gives You Lush Lashes For Less

Whether you're having a virtual happy hour with the girls or Skyping with your biggest client, you can brighten up your eyes with this false lash effect mascara that adds volume and length. The cruelty-free formula is super wallet-friendly but has earned thousands of loyal fans and five-star reviews, thanks to its clump-free, non-flaking formula.

Get All The Benefits Of Prebiotics From This Moisturizing Hand Soap

With all of the hand washing we do these days, it's important to keep hands properly moisturized and in good condition. This hand soap from Tom's of Maine is formulated with prebiotics to encourage the growth of good bacteria while pH balancing the skin, so it can naturally retain moisture. Choose from five scents, like lavender, peppermint, and fresh apple.

A Cuticle Oil That'll Nourish Dry Nails

Reviewers rave about this cuticle oil that hydrates nails while promoting strength and growth. It's lightweight and highly absorbent, so you don't have to wait around for it to dry, and as a bonus, you'll enjoy the comforting scent of honey and milk while you use it.

A Foot File That'll Finally Do Away With Rough Heels

Remove calluses and put an end to dry, cracked heels with this foot file that quickly, gently, and efficiently exfoliates dead skin and restores feet to their original soft and smooth condition. Suitable for use both wet and dry use, the file is made with surgical-grade stainless steel head and features a durable handle that makes it easy to use.

These Wrist Rests That Supports You While You Work

Made from memory foam, these wrist rests are designed to prevent fatigue and repetitive stress injuries while you're working at the computer. Available in three colors, they have non-skid bases that prevent them from moving around, and are extra-durable to guarantee years of use. The set comes with two cushions: one for when you're using the keyboard and one for when you're using the a mouse.

A Knife Sharpener That Features Dual Blades For Precise Touch-Ups

Keep your knives in top shape with this knife sharpener that features two blades — a coarse grind for dull knives that need intense sharpening and a fine blade for knives that require more precise tuning. Available in three colors, it features a patented design that fits right over the edge to keep it in place while you sharpen.

These Unique Socks That Deeply Hydrate Your Heels

These heel sleeves feature gel pads enriched with a blend of vitamins, shea butter, and aloe vera to deeply moisturize dry, cracked skin while you sleep. The breathable, reusable socks can be worn for seven nights for intense therapy, and then a few nights a week to maintain hydration.

A Drain Clog Remover That's Pre-Measured For Easy Use

With this drain clog remover, there's no guesswork involved when it comes clearing out a backed up pipe. The two bottles give you a pre-measured dose of the formula, so you get it right the first time. And it works, too: The dissolver cuts through hair, soap, paper, and even grease to liquefy and flush away anything blocking your drain.

This Easy Way To Get Rid Of Water Rings On Furniture

Get rid of marks and rings caused by water, alcohol, or heat with this unique polishing cloth that'll make wood furniture look brand new. This genius little thing will also remove latex paint and permanent marker, while helping to conceal scratches and other tiny blemishes.

An Adult Coloring Book That'll Help You Calm The F*ck Down

When you need to blow off some steam and take yourself a little less seriously, this irreverent coloring book has you covered. It features 21 single-sided pages with all kinds of designs for coloring, along with not-so-serious sayings, like "Home is where the vodka is" and "Dance like no one attractive is watching." Open a bottle of wine, break out the crayons, and enjoy.

An Anti-Chafing Balm That Keeps Skin Calm & Happy

Eliminate uncomfortable rubbing with this anti-chafing balm made with plant-derived ingredients and enriched with skin-nourishing vitamins. Safe to apply to just about any part of your body, the hypoallergenic balm is the perfect way to prevent redness and skin irritation during workouts and hot weather days.

These Garment Weights That Keep Your Hem In Place

You won't have to worry about your dress or your skirt flying up on a windy day, thanks to these clever garment weights that adhere to the inside of your skirt. And they don't require any sewing, ironing, or glue — simply peel off the backing and stick onto the seam.

These Smart Plugs That Let You Voice Control Your Appliances

With these smart plugs, you can control your lights and other appliances (TV and fans, for example) from anywhere in the world with the accompanying app on your phone — perfect for when you want the house lights on by the time you get back from the store. You can also set them on schedules, or use your Alexa or Google Home assistant to voice control them.

This Kimono That's Just What You Need For Lounging At Home

If you're looking for a little something to spice up your loungewear game, this easy, breezy kimono is just the ticket. Available in a range of 17 colors and styles, it's the perfect thing to slip on in the morning or wear to the pool, but you can even pair with a tank top and denim for a flowy, bohemian look.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large

31.The Phone Holder That Makes Video Calls So Much Easier

Thanks to this around-the-neck phone holder, you can now take on epically long video calls without tiring out your arm. The flexible gooseneck design is designed to fit comfortably around your neck, and features a mount that's compatible with most phones. It adjusts for easy screen viewing and can even be configured as a tabletop stand as well.

A Heavy-Duty Jump Rope That Makes For An Intense Cardio Workout

Squeeze in an effective cardio session with this jump rope that features ball bearings in the handles for a smoother, weighted performance. The rope itself is also ultra-durable, with an integrated braided steel wire, and the length is adjustable, so it's perfect for users of all heights.

A Vegetable Chopper That Makes Food Prep So Much Easier

Take tons of time off of your food prep routine withthis veggie chopper that powers through onions, potatoes, zucchini, and more. It comes with four interchangeable stainless steel blades for a variety of chopping, slicing, dicing, and spiralizing tasks, and the 1.2-liter tray has space to collect it all.

This Surge Protector That Swivels For Easy Plugging In

This surge protector gives you tons more space for plugging in, since it features six AC outlets and two USB charging ports. Even better, each side swivels out 90 degrees, so you can angle it in the optimal position to prevent cable bending and fraying. Also available in black, this is a great way to surge-protect all your devices while freeing up outlet space.

These Smart Bulbs That Give You A Rainbow Of Lighting Options

Enjoy a full spectrum of color possibilities — including warm and cool white — with these smart bulbs that you can control using an app on your smartphone or through voice commands via your smart home assistant. Set schedules and scenes, or just cycle through the 16 million-plus color shades to see what floats your boat the most.

A Wine Tumbler That's Perfect For Backyard Sipping

Enjoy a nice, glass of vino in the great outdoors, without worrying about spills or breaks, thanks to this durable wine tumbler with a splash-proof lid. Made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel, it'll keep whites and rosés chilled for hours. Choose from four whimsical, glittery colors, like rose, aqua, and emerald.

These Perennial Amazon Favorite Sheets Will Make Your Bed Luxe

These brushed microfiber sheets are a perennial reviewer favorite, having earned more than 70,000 (!) five-star reviews. They have a silky soft feel that you associate with hotel-quality sheets, but for a fraction of the price, and they're available in more than three dozen colors and styles, including deep pocket versions for tall mattresses. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king