37 Clever Products On Amazon That Make Your Grooming Routine Faster & Twice As Effective

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A quick search of ancient grooming practices will make you happy you live in the present age. Thankfully, things have come a long way, and these grooming products on Amazon are evidence of that.

Some examples: the ancient Greeks supposedly slathered lead onto their faces in efforts to improve the texture of their skin and mask blemishes. And if you wanted to brush your teeth in medieval times? Well, get ready to crush up herbs with a mortar and pestle (time consuming!) that you'll apply to your teeth with a cloth — a practice that probably didn't work that well as they hoped it did.

But all of these modern products are big time-savers — so no mortars and pestles here. They'll streamline your morning routine, so you can get out the door faster in the morning, and they'll streamline your evening routine, so you can actually get to bed when you said you would.

Second, all these efficient Amazon products are at the top of their game. They solve common shortcomings found in similar hygiene products or they find ways to improve upon them. Plus, they've got the ratings and reviews to back them up, and (drum roll) they're all lead-free.

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