37 Journalists Covering The Kavanaugh & Ford Hearing That You Should Follow

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The allegation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, has been the top story for days — and it will likely stay that way until he's voted in, out, or withdraws. Now, while you can't get away from the news about Kavanaugh, you can choose who you hear it from, especially during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. These are 37 journalists you should follow during the Kavanaugh and Ford hearing.

The people on the list are some of the top journalists in the nation, reporters covering the Supreme Court, Capitol Hill, and the White House — plus insightful editors who comment from back in the newsroom. There is also the reporter who interviewed Ford and one of the reporters who worked on the article on Deborah Ramirez, who was the second woman to accuse Kavanaugh. (A third woman, Julie Swetnick, came forward on Wednesday, and Kavanaugh denies all allegations made against him.)

The Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans — who are all men — will question Ford (unless they yield their time to Rachel Mitchell, an outside counsel the Republicans hired for questioning). Many people — including Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono — have spoken of men's role in perpetuating the inequality and victim shaming that leads women to stay silent about sexual misconduct. "I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up, and step up!" Hirono said last week.

Now — at least on your Twitter feed — they will, if you choose to follow these experts instead.

1) Nina Totenberg — @NinaTotenberg

You hear her on the radio, but you want to include Nina Totenberg, NPR's legal affairs correspondent — who broke the Anita Hill story in 1991 — in your Twitter feed, too.

2) Ariane de Vogue — @Arianadevogue

Ariane de Vogue covers the Supreme Court and legal issues for CNN. She has lots of the background info from before the hearing to add to the conversation.

3) Kimberly Atkins — @KimberlyEAtkins

As the Boston Herald's D.C. bureau chief, Kimberly Atkins brings you minute-by-minute updates from Capitol Hill, including informed insight on what those updates actually indiciate.

4) Zoe Tillman — @ZoeTillman

The same goes for Zoe Tillman of BuzzFeed News. She covers plenty of the court-related issues happening around the Kavanaugh and Ford hearing.

5) Amanda Becker — @AmandaBecker

Amanda Becker is a Reuters correspondent who understands the bigger societal issue at play here.

6) Rachael Bade — @rachaelmbade

Rachael Bade, a reporter for Politico on Capitol Hill, has some great interactions with potential swing votes from the halls of Congress.

7) Amanda Terkel — @aterkel

8) Lisa Mascaro — @LisaMascaro

Anything that the AP is reporting first, their chief congressional correspondent Lisa Mascaro will be tweeting your way.

9) Abby D. Phillip — @abbydphillip

White House correspondent for CNN Abby D. Phillip offers both sides of specific arguments to evaluate them thoroughly.

10) Irin Carmon — @irin

New York magazine senior correspondent Irin Carmon — who literally wrote the book on RBG — will share what she sees as most "revealing" — and you might agree.

11) Kelsey Snell — @kelsey_snell

As a congressional reporter for NPR, Kelsey Snell has lots of experience covering D.C. — and not just on the radio. She's worked at The Washington Post and Politico, too.

12) Versha Sharma — @versharma

NowThis News managing editor Versha Sharma brings new angles to the debate. Not to mention, given her position at NowThis, she'll likely key you in to video clips of the highlight moments of the hearing.

13) Erica Werner — @ericawerner

14) Laura Barrón-López — @lbarronlopez

If you're looking for a focus on the Democrats' role in the hearing, look no further than Laura Barrón-López. She covers them for the Washington Examiner.

15) Lisa Desjardins — @LisaDNews

16) Marcia Coyle — @MarciaCoyle

Chief Washington correspondent for The National Law Journal, Marcia Coyle, covers the Supreme Court and tells it like she sees it.

17) Seung Min Kim — @seungminkim

Seung Min Kim, aWashington Post White House reporter based on Capitol Hill, tweets the details down to the seating in the room where the hearing will happen. And much, much more.

18) Jennifer Bendery — @jbendery

Senior politics reporter at The Huffington Post Jennifer Bendery highlights details related to the Kavanaugh allegations.

19) Maggie Haberman — @maggieNYT

The New York Times' White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, regularly offers up interesting context you might not have noticed and is famously keyed into Trump's inner circle.

20) Alice Crites — @alice_crites

Alice Crites describes herself as a researcher, librarian, and journalist at The Washington Post. You won't want to miss what she finds.

21) Laura Jarrett — @LauraAJarrett

CNN correspondent Laura Jarrett covers the Justice Department, and she's got an eye out on what's going on with the Kavanaugh hearing. Her feed — including her comprehensive retweets — is worth following for regular updates.

22) Tarini Parti — @tparti

BuzzFeed News White House reporter Tarini Parti is talking with Capitol Hill aides who are working out the details of the hearing itself.

23) Nancy Cordes — @nancycordes

24) Laura Litvan — @LauraLitvan

Laura Litvan's beat is the U.S. Senate for Bloomberg News. And she's ready to point out just what this moment looks like.

25) Elham Khatami — @ekhatami

ThinkProgress's Elham Khatami what people outside of the room are saying too.

26) Frida Garza — @fffffrida

Jezebel senior writer Frida Garza will make it relatable to your life.

27) Andrea González-Ramírez — @andreagonram

Andrea González-Ramírez, who writes news and politics at Refinery29,will make sure to share the latest facts, as well as observations on what those facts mean in a larger sense.

28) Katie Baker — @katiejmbaker

BuzzFeed News investigative reporter Katie Baker, who has done a substantial amount of reporting around sexual assault, is dishing out facts on women coming forward and what that means in this context.

29) Jia Tolentino — @jiatolentino

New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino might bum you out (see above), but she will keep you thinking on your toes with her cultural analysis.

30) Liz Plank — @feministabulous

Liz Plank of Vox is watching the other coverage with her own signature commentary so you don't have to.

31) Jessica Mason Pieklo — @Hegemommy

Jessica Mason Pieklo covers the courts and civil rights for Rewire.News and is a self-described "POTUS whisperer." Don't miss her podcast Boom! Lawyered or tweets like this one.

32) Josie Duffy Rice — @jduffyrice

Josie Duffy Rice writes for The Appeal, hosts the Justice in America podcast, and is an expert on prosecutorial power — not to mention an excellent fighter of mansplaining.

33) Michelle Ruiz — @michelleruiz

34) Kasie Hunt — @kasie

NBC News' Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt made a name for herself throughout the last two presidential elections for having her ear to the ground and gaining valuable insights into the campaigns, earning her her own titular show, Kasie DC. Hunt continues to be on the frontlines and will be sure to provide quick updates and news breaks throughout the hearing.

35) Rebecca Traister — @rtraister

New York magazine writer Rebecca Traister — who wrote a book on the female rage that gained attention with #MeToo — has some suggestions for the senators' line of questioning.

36) Emma Brown — @emmersbrown

The Washington Post reporter Emma Brown penned the piece in which Ford introduced herself to the country. And she hasn't stopped covering the story since.

37) Jane Mayer — @JaneMayerNYer

Last but far from least is New Yorker's Jane Mayer. Ronan Farrow shares the byline in the piece on Ramirez's allegations with her — as many on Twitter have pointed out. She's also tweeting follow-ups to her stellar reporting.

These 37 journalists are just some of those that you can follow to gain insight on Thursday. They have knowledge from sources, years of experience, and are the best way to follow an event like this on Twitter.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit