38 Items Essential To A 'Harry Potter' Christmas

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It's coming on Christmas, and you know what that means — time to marathon all seven Harry Potter books and eight movies in one sitting and pretend we're all at Hogwarts noshing on butterbeer and pumpkin pasties instead of our usual Muggle fare. It just so happens, though, that you can separate yourself further from your No-Maj reality by collecting a slew of items essential to having a Harry Potter Christmas. Now you can have your dissociative witch or wizarding experience in style.

On this list, you will find many a magical item that will transport you to Hogwarts for their famed picturesque Christmases. Imagine yourself frolicking through the snow by the lake, sipping on tea and Madam Puddifoot's, or anxiously anticipating the famed Christmas dinners at the Great Hall — you may have missed out on that Hogwarts letter, but that's no reason to miss out on Hogwarts during the holidays! But first, you must properly adorn yourself with Harry Potter sweaters, ornaments, holiday cards, and festive decorations galore. Then you will finally have the properly nerdy holiday season that you deserve. So here, everyone — please enjoy all of these Harry Potter Christmas essentials, from the bottom of my Hufflepuff heart.

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