31 Magical 'Harry Potter' Christmas Gifts

Listen, y'all, you best appreciate this gift guide, because honesty hour: picking out the best Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans was basically like hitting my bank account with an Unforgivable Curse. Do I want everything on this list? Yes. But do I need everything on it? Yes, duh, absolutely. And while it might mean living for several months in the Shrieking Shack while I scrounge up all the money that was supposed to pay rent, it will be worth it when I end up being the smuggest Potterhead this holiday season.

If you're feeling extra benevolent this year, I suppose you could use this gift guide as a way to surprise your fellow Harry Potter fans. But if you, like me, are the Horace Slughorn of your friend group, then just consider this a guide of all the things you should buy yourself — after all, you've been hella thoughtful this year. And you're totally going to finish holiday shopping for other people at some point in time, and will deserve to be rewarded. What better way to do that than by buying yourself enough Potter swag to make your 11-year-old self cry from retroactive jealousy? No worries, guys, I've got your collective backs. Here are all the best Potter-themed gifts you can buy:

1. Hogwarts 3D Puzzle

Hogwarts 3D Puzzle, $43, Amazon

Well, somebody's gotta rebuild after the whole ... well ... (Too soon?)

2. Hogwarts Writing Quill

Hogwarts Writing Quill , $39, Amazon

It's no Spell-Checking Quill from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, but it's handsome enough that you can forgive it.

3. Gryffindor Journal

Gryffindor Journal , $14, Amazon

Just, y'know. Do a quick Horcrux check before you write anything too incriminating, K?

4. Minimalist Harry Potter Necklace

Minimalist Harry Potter Necklace , $6, Amazon

These are too classy for your eyes. Good thing now you'll have a second pair.

5. Harry Potter Alphabet Pillow Cover

Harry Potter Alphabet Pillow Cover , $7, Amazon

Why count sheep when you can count your faves instead?

6. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book , $11, Amazon

So you can pretend you have magic powers AND artistic talent at the SAME TIME!!

7. Hogwarts Print Leggings

Hogwarts Print Leggings , $45, Amazon

So you can accidentally burst into nostalgic tears every time you look into your lap, LIKE AN ADULT.

8. All I Want For Christmas Shirt

All I Want For Christmas Shirt , $31, Amazon

Keep your shiny new sedan and money to pay off our student loans, Santa. We have PRIORITIES.

9. Marauder's Map Scarf

Maurauder's Map Scarf , $28, Etsy

The solemn swear that you're up to no good is already implied.

10. Harry Potter Monopoly Pieces

Harry Potter Monopoly, $21, Etsy

A beautiful union of the the Magical and Muggle worlds, all in one endless game that is sure to end with your cousin hexing your hotel off the map.

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11. Hogwarts Christmas Mug

Hogwarts Christmas Mug, $15, Look Human

The Muggle world is great, but ... bye, y'all.

12. Holyhead Harpies iPhone Case

Holyhead Harpies iPhone Case, $25, Red Bubble

So when Arthur Weasley geeks out at your ~Muggle technology~, you can impress him by supporting his daughter's team. REPRESENT.

13. Yule Ball Sweater

Yule Ball Sweater, $26, Look Human

For every Hermione Granger in the world, there is a Ron Weasley to clap back at.

14. Dobby Wall Decor

Dobby Wall Decor, $11, Etsy

I think we'd all be hard-pressed to find a declaration of love more intense than this.

15. Merry Christmas Muggle Tank

Merry Christmas Muggle Tank, $20, Look Human

For the inevitable back-to-back Christmas Harry Potter and Home Alone marathons.

16. Hogwarts Staircase Bag

Hogwarts Staircase Bag, $23, Look Human


17. Harry Potter Shot Glasses

Harry Potter Shot Glasses, $21, Etsy

Time to get Potter turnt up in here.

18. Christmas In Hogsmeade Sweater

Christmas In Hogsmeade Sweater, $20, Look Human

Rosmerta's butterbeer brewing game is stronger than all of ours, let's be real.

19. S.P.E.W. Mug

S.P.E.W. Mug, $14, Etsy

Be the Hermione of everything you do, including and not limited to jacking yourself up with caffeine.

20. Luna Lovegood Studio Pouch

Luna Lovegood Studio Pouch, $25, Red Bubble

For the Crumpled Horn Snorkack fan in your life.

21. Firebolt Shirt

Firebolt Shirt, $28, Look Human

Harry James Potter as your BFF and Quidditch Captain not included.

22. Harry Potter Watercolor 2016 Calendar

Harry Potter Watercolor 2016 Calendar, $40, Etsy

Keep track of all the days that have passed since your Hogwarts letter was supposed to come!! (Help.)

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23. "Ugly" House Christmas Sweaters

"Ugly" House Christmas Sweaters, $28, Jesus Bday

Now all your fellow Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws can get their ugly sweater swag on together in the common room. Also, can we talk about how pleased Dobby would be to get this for Christmas? (Can we just talk about Dobby all the time? MY HEART.)

24. Harry Potter Cheeseboard

Harry Potter Cheeseboard , $24, Bee3DGifts

The union of the two holiest things on this planet: the Marauders, and lactose.

25. Gryffindor Themed Bath Set

Gryffindor Themed Bath Set , $35, Etsy

Gryffindors — brave of heart, sweet-smelling of butt.

26. Santa Is My Patronus Baseball Tee

Santa Is My Patronus Baseball Tee, $26, Look Human

They say your Patronus only changes in circumstances of true love ... and who wouldn't love a dude who is rolling in free candy?

27. Mischief Managed Underwear

Mischief Managed Underwear, $10, Etsy

For when you're in a blizzard with a wizard or snuggling a Muggle.

28. Harry Potter Cookie Cutter

Harry Potter Cookie Cutter , $8, Etsy

The only cookies Santa really wants this year, TBH.

29. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Thermal

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Thermal, $30, Hot Topic

Snug as a Muggle in a rug.

30. Very Harry Christmas Sweater

Very Harry Christmas Sweater, $30, Look Human


31. Wingardium Leviosa Feather Bracelet

Wingardium Leviosa Feather Bracelet, $9, Hot Topic

From Levi-OOHHH-saaa to levi-OTP. <3.

Images: Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle; Courtesy of Brands