38 Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

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You've heard the old saying "Actions speak louder than words" more times than you can count, but the truth of it cannot be denied. If telling someone you love them out loud is a thesis statement, then your actions make up every other part of your argument. There are so many ways to show someone you love them that add up to mean so much more than the physical words, ways that add a permanence and a depth that simply saying it out loud never can.

These actions don't have to be grand, sweeping gestures. They don't have to cost a lot of money, or require a lot of work. Sometimes love is as simple as squeezing someone's hand when you think they're nervous, or remembering the little details, or simply just being there. But if you need a nudge in the right direction, there are plenty of ways to show someone you love them. Odds are you're doing most of them already, but it never hurts to scroll through a list like this — it is truly the littlest, most simple actions that can speak multitudes, and set the tone for your love in a way the words will never be able to on their own.

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