39 Things That Make Your Home A Lot Safer For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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Not to sound like my mother after she just finished a 1000 Ways To Die marathon, but potential dangers could be lurking anywhere — even in your own home. Luckily, thanks to some brilliant innovations, minimizing said dangers has never been easier. There are countless products that make your home a lot safer, and they're way more affordable than you might think. (Read: no one here expects you to drop $400 on a smart doorbell, so you can exhale.)

The first step, according to experts, is to narrow down your home's biggest hypothetical hazards. Were your window locks installed sometime around the turn of the century? Does your shower leak, leaving a miniature swimming pool on the bathroom floor? Maybe you have a bad habit of leaving your hair straightener plugged in, or maybe you have a small child who (for some reason) loves to open up every single cabinet in your kitchen.

My advice? Incessant worrying never did anyone any good, but nipping potential dangers in the bud could help to put your mind at ease moving forward. These 40 genius inventions fix all of those risks and more — and those who are accident-proofing on a budget will be happy to hear: They all cost less than $35 on Amazon.

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