4 Crystals You Should Use To Protect Yourself During Venus Retrograde

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Venus officially goes into retrograde on Oct. 5, and will stay there for 40 days, ending on Nov. 16. When we think of retrograde, we usually think of Murphy's Law: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. But while other planets might have a stronger hold over our work lives and day-to-day function, Venus controls a different wheelhouse. As the goddess of love, Venus keeps our love lives moving forward, so while in retrograde, it's our personal relationships that might be tested. To protect you and your relationships, you'll want to get a hold of some crystals for Venus retrograde.

Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, you can't deny that sometimes looking at something beautiful makes us feel good. When it comes to stress regarding our love lives, taking the time focus on an inanimate object outside of the relationship can help to redirect positive energy. And if you do believe that crystals hold alternative medicinal qualities, you'll want to make sure you get the right crystals for the right occasion. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust speaking with Bustle, "money, love, and self esteem will be affected the most during Venus' retrograde" — so here I've put together a list of crystals that are known to help with those issues.

Rose Quartz

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According to Stardust, rose quartz can help to open up the heart chakra. If you're having trouble leading with your heart in your relationships, this stone can help you to stay vulnerable and open. Holding rose quartz or keeping it in the bedroom can also help you to feel romantic and relaxed — you can't deny how beautiful this natural stone is, just looking at it brings on the loving feels.


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Due the the affect that Venus' retrograde might have on your emotional state, you might be vulnerable to impulsive spending. Stardusts suggests keeping emerald around as it can help inspire you to be wise and cautious about money. Emerald is also said to provide good luck in the finance department, so why not?! Every time you look at your emerald stone, you can remind yourself that you can't afford to be financially reckless and this retrograde will pass.


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Stardusts suggests that we surround ourselves with stones that offer an influx of positivity like jade. This stone is also said to create a calming feeling, especially when you hold one of these polished tumblestones in your hand, the smooth surface healing in itself.


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While there's a lot of focus on romantic relationships and their trials and tribulations during Venus' retrograde, you should also put energy towards your own relationship with yourself. Prasiolite can help to increase inward positivity that can help with self-esteem and self love — which might soon be tested. Keep one of these crystals in your pocket throughout the day and hold it when you need to direct some loving energy at your own heart.