5 Foolproof Signature Cocktails That Will Be A Hit…

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is setting later — and all those summer feels are starting to arrive. After a long and cruel winter, it’s finally time to start stowing away your cozy sweaters to make room for your warm-weather wardrobe. That's right — you finally get to break out your favorite sundresses, order some extra sunscreen, and prepare for sandal weather by (finally) getting that pedicure you’ve been putting off. It’s also time to start laying down some serious summer plans. Because as much as you love marathoning TV in your sweatpants every night, the increasingly balmy climate is basically begging you to spend some time outside with your friends. You know, the ones you’ve been ignoring these last couple of months?

One of the best ways to reconnect with your old pals is to host a summer party. So dust off your portable speakers and whip up some guacamole – you’re ready to host a summer bash your friends will never forget. To help you make your summer party a success, we’ve partnered with Smirnoff Sourced, which contains real fruit juice, making it one of the only ingredients you need to create all sorts of summer cocktails. Together, we've paired the most delicious signature cocktails with the best types of summer bashes because you and your friends will want to savor the season in style.

The Summer Poolside Party

Let’s be honest: The only thing better than being a kid with access to a pool is being an adult with access to a pool. This summer, we should all be putting on our shades and enjoying a cocktail while mingling by a pool.

To up your poolside game this season, make sure to mix up some Ruby Red Sodas, which couldn't be easier to make — just mix 2 oz. Smirnoff Sourced Ruby Red Grapefruit and 3 oz. soda and serve over plenty of ice. This beauty is exceptionally tasty, with a refreshing pink hue that is basically begging to be Instagrammed next to a cool blue pool.

The Summer Rooftop Party

Having rooftop access is basically like hitting the jackpot of city life. If you have access to a decent city rooftop and you’re not inviting friends over for some high-altitude hangouts on a regular basis, you’re doing something wrong.

But if you’d like to rectify your mistake and having an awesome rooftop bash, serve these Pineapple Soda cocktails. Not only are they deliciously refreshing, the pineapple garnish is very, very cute.

The Summer BBQ

If there’s anything more refreshing than a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a warmer summer night, it’s the addition of a splash of Strawberry Smirnoff Sourced. This easy-to-mix cocktail will not only pair beautifully with your favorite smoked meats and seasoned vegetables, but it’s extremely easy to make. Perfect for when you have to keep one eye on the grill.

The Summer Brunch

Everybody loves a good brunch, particularly in the summertime. And although the traditional mimosa is a brunch staple for a reason, it can also get a little boring — especially if you’re headed to your third brunch party this month. So next time you’re inviting your favorite people to your place for a little breakfast and booze action, make sure you have enough mason jar glasses for these Cran-Apple Sodas. The cranberry and apple pair perfectly with waffles and fresh fruit while delivering a yummy punch and some much-needed variety.

This article is sponsored by Smirnoff Sourced.

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