4 Misunderstood Dog Breeds, According To Pet Experts

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People put a lot of weight into what a dog's breed says about the dog. The biggest issue with this habit is that breed-related generalities are often considered true when there's not an absolute value to the claim. We've all heard golden retrievers are friendly and pit bulls are aggressive. But if you ask any pit bull owner if their dog is aggressive, they'll be quick to tell you that they're sweeter than pie. And let's be real, there are crabby golden retrievers out there, too. The most misunderstood dog breeds are the result of misinformation that unfortunately spreads much faster and farther than the truth.

When we mischaracterize dog breeds and make sweeping generalities, we do more than judge an animal that can't speak up for itself, we endanger their lives. For example, there are over 3.6 million pit bulls in the U.S., and about half of them will end up in the shelter system, and even less will get a chance to be re-homed due to said defamatory misinformation. When we stigmatize dog breeds, we perpetuate a negativity that puts dogs at risk, not just people. Bustle talked to Erin Askeland, Camp Bow Wow’s Pet Expert (CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA) about the most misunderstood dog breeds that have been marginalized and shunned for no good reason. According to Askeland, these are the breeds that are totally deserving of your love and affection and beyond capable of be obedience and praise, despite what you've heard: