4 Personality Disorders That Women Are More Likely To Have Than Men

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Just like there are certain physical illnesses that are more common in women, there are different psychiatric health disorders that tend to affect women more as well. If you've wondered who do personality disorders affect, there are a number of personality disorders that women are more likely to have than men, although the reasons can sometimes be unclear. Just because you are a women doesn't necessarily mean you will have one of these disorders, but being aware of the increased risk can help you pay attention to signs and symptoms of a potential personality disorder in you or someone you love.

There are ten different personality disorders noted in the DSM-5, the manual that lists the criteria of mental conditions and illnesses, and there tends to be an overlap between many of them, neuropsychologist Rhonda Freeman tells Bustle. Most of these disorders happen equally in men and women, but some tend to occur more in women. However, it is still unclear whether they actually occur more frequently or if they just appear more in the data because women are more likely to seek treatment for mental health issues.

Although researchers are still unsure of the reasons, these are the four personality disorders that are sometimes found to affect women more than men, according to experts.