These 4 Signs Will Have The Most Challenging Time This March, According To Astrologists

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March's first full moon (there will be two) is called the worm moon and it is here to kick off your spring cleaning... but unfortunately, that spring cleaning will be happening within you as opposed to in your home. More like, your whole soul. It might be uncomfortable to face the hoarded, tangled mess of ~feelings~, but it must be sorted through, friends. That's what full moons are for! Even though the worm moon is expected to bring some good vibes to the zodiac, there are some signs that will have a challenging March 2018 thanks to the full worm moon and there's a reason why. It's all in the vibes. But don't worry, even if the month is rough you'll spring into the rest of the season stronger than ever.

We await spring for the budding blooms and days that require no jacket. And yet with all that incoming glory, there is a mess of tissues and snot. Lest we forget the dreaded spring allergies! Like allergies, March's full worm moon on March 1 will affect some people more than others. This full moon will be in Virgo, considered the most organized of the zodiac, and it will beg that of all of us. It's a tedious task to clean up but ultimately it's for the best. And then you can enjoy the rest of the season for all the new flowers.


The AstroTwins at AstroStyle know what they're talking about when it comes to the zodiac. The Mar. 1 worm moon will keep Taurus wondering what change needs to be made and how to go about it. Analyzation can get the best of you though. AstroStyle advises, "talking it through with your tribe could be the perfect prescription. The Sun is in Pisces and your eleventh house of groups, networking and technology until Mar. 20. Whether you're hopping into a lively Facebook group chat, trying out a new social scene or discussing every topic under the sun over tapas, Pisces season is prime time for connecting with kindred spirits and exploring new perspectives. Get out of your head and into the world." Even if March seems full of questions, it seems to lead to a lot of clarity.


My fellow Geminis, are you not also feeling the weight of ~all the feels~. You might be tempted to fling your head back and dramatically howl at the moon, "WHY." There's a reason. According to the stars, or rather the moon, feelings are a-stirring under the light of the full moon. AstroStyle says, "This could unleash a deeply personal response to something you've gone through in the past six months — and a long overdue one at that. You tend to process with your head before your heart, but that analytical brain of yours (clever though it may be) can only take you so far." If you're dealing with any fears or particular anxieties, take a brave look at them and get a ~feel~ for what is best for you. You're going to be tougher and more vibrant for it all.


Don't worry dear Libras who find themselves included in this list! March will be busy, but tamer than you might expect too. But as is common with full moons, you will be asked to ~let something go~. Face what's holding you back. AstroStyle asks, "What's holding you back—and what are you still holding onto? If you've been clinging to a painful situation that's past its prime, this full moon can help break the pattern. With this potent lunar light in your transitional 12th house, it's better not to try to control the outcome. The universe may reveal its plan—and a method to the seeming madness." It might be uncomfortable to part at first, but roll with it.


There's a lot going in March. While things seem like they're leveling out, thanks to retrogrades there's also a swirl of chaos. AstroStyle predicts, "This penetrating and private full moon could bring an outpouring of pent-up feelings — a volcanic eruption that takes even you by surprise. Let it out, Aquarius, but be careful where you direct all that raw energy!" There are a lot of possible positive outcomes from this festive lunar month, so it might be best to channel all the feels into a healing session or a non judgmental journal.