4 Signs Dany Isn't Going To Kill Tyrion In The 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale


With the end of the series on the horizon, Game of Thrones is holding no punches when it comes to killing off main characters. Just last week alone we lost a handful of people who have been around since the very beginning of the series, including both Jaime and Cersei Lannister. However, there's one member of their family that remains and despite the bleak ending of Episode 5, there are some definite signs that Tyrion survives the Game of Thrones series finale, hinting that maybe not all hope is lost for Westeros.

Tyrion has arguably not been as clever as he's been known to be in the past. The fact that he ever thought Cersei would agree to a surrender seemed to undercut everything we thought he knew about her. For example, how about the fact that she's tried to have him killed multiple times? So you'd think if anyone wasn't going to underestimate her, it would've been him. But alas, he let the love he had for his family cloud his judgment. However, now that his family is gone, perhaps this Hand of the Queen will finally come around and start thinking more strategically. Tyrion still has a fighting chance to make it out of this season alive and these signs prove it...

1. He Could Still Be A Targaryen

Jon Snow's reveal as being part Targaryen has been a long time coming, however, he isn't the only one who is thought to have the blood of the dragon running through his veins. Many fans have wondered whether Tyrion is also part-Targaryen, believing that Mad King Aerys may have raped Tyrion's mother, who became pregnant with him. It would explain Tywin's hatred toward him and also why he shared that connection with Dany's dragons in Season 6 when he visited them in the dungeons and didn't end up getting burned alive.

Granted, it seems unlikely this would get revealed with so little time left in the season, but hey, you never know. It would give him a solid claim to the throne and be a good reason to keep him around.

2. He's Escaped Death Before

Tyrion's found himself in some pretty dire situations before this — remember when he was on trial for Joffrey's murder back in Season 4? And yet he's always managed to find his way out of trouble. If this pattern persists, he may just be able to survive Dany's wrath. She did end up getting what she wanted, so maybe his betrayal of setting his brother free will be enough to get him locked up but not killed.

3. He's The Last Lannister

With Tywin, Joffrey, Myrcella, Tommen, Cersei, and Jaime now all dead, Tyrion is quite literally the last Lannister left standing. Would the show really wipe such a prominent Westeros family completely off the map? It seems unlikely.

4. His Conversation With Bran

There's a theory going around about the conversation Bran and Tyrion had before the Battle of Winterfell. We never actually hear what was said, but some fans like Reddit user AegonStarkgaryen believe Bran provided Tyrion with information about the future and he's been trying to change what will happen ever since. It's why he was so certain that the city would fall and that Cersei would die if she remained in King's Landing. It could also be why Tyrion stressed to Dany that she should call off the attack once she heard the bells ring. Perhaps he knew what would happen if she didn't. With useful knowledge of the future at his disposal, Tyrion may know exactly what to do in order to keep his own death from happening.

Tyrion's already been through so much and lost so many people he cares about. Let's hope he doesn't end up sharing their fate.