These Lucky 4 Zodiac Signs Won’t Feel The Effects Of This Month’s Full Moon

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This month’s full moon will grace the skies on October 24, at 11:45 a.m. ET, so if it’s a clear day, you just might get a chance to see its chalky opaque and spook-tastic appearance before nightfall. As this full moon rises, we will just be officially shifting into Scorpio season, so you’re probably wondering how this powerful zodiac house will affect your full moon experience. You’re also probably wondering which zodiac signs will be least affected by October’s full moon, because let’s be real, we’ve got enough on our plates.

We’re all hoping for a smooth and simple full moon experience, especially this month as October is already enriched with a lot of spook, the last thing we need is a horoscope that scares the crap out of us. The zodiac isn’t connected to our holiday programming, so the full moon in Scorpio isn’t effected by the night of the walking dead. That said, we are connected to both events, so it’s understandable that we might be concerned there’s something grim or grave in store.

Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about which signs literally have nothing to worry about. Not that the signs that will be affected by the full moon have anything sinister in store, it’s just that the signs that won’t be affected might actually have an opposite and extra positive experience. That said, according to Stardust, there are some experiences that we’ll all have access to together, as “ the full moon will create transformation and revolution within relationships, as well as altering our personal beliefs.” This full moon is a great time to strategize and reflect on the past in order to know how to go forward and effectively and wisely revamp current situations, so we should all focus on that, first and foremost.


According to Stardust, the full moon is going to be so uneventful for you, you’ll actually be able to check out and take a break. “The Full Moon will force you to take some much needed time off from the daily grind, allowing you to use the lunar energy to relax and unwind at home.” So draw a bath, bring out your sweats and lean into the nothingness, you deserve it.


Stardust tells Bustle that Virgo will be having a totally Virgo experience this full moon as it will “pique your worldly pursuits —giving you the motivation to research past events, travel, or even cozy up with a book.” Stardusts says that this full moon will open your mind and make you hungry for information and grow, so absorb all you can while you can!


The full moon will have a pretty low-key affect on you according to Stardust, but a lasting and important one, nonetheless. “A change in your day-to-day life is happening, perhaps a coworker or your local barista are switching jobs—leaving you with the urge to switch up your daily vibe.”


Get ready to do a whole lot of nothing this full moon. Stardust predicts that you’ll be turning your attentions inward and pulling your head out of the screen for once. “A phone detox will allow you to focus on your needs — with the world on mute there’s nothing you can’t do! Take this time for yourself — without having to answer to anyone.”