These 4 Zodiac Signs Won’t Feel The Roller Coaster Effects Of The August Full Moon

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While the sky may be done with eclipses for a while, full moons are still set to happen once a month as they always do — and they're still just as powerful as ever. August’s full moon will be no exception. Also known as the “Sturgeon moon,” it falls on Sunday, August 26, and will be in the watery sign of Pisces. Full moons are often a time of abundance and fulfillment, bringing with them all the energy that has built up since the new moon two weeks prior, and they can often shed light on things that were formerly in the shadows (literally and metaphorically!). It's been a wild month, so August's full moon happening in the gentle and introspective sign of Pisces feels like a super-cute and relatively chill change of pace.

This full moon is actually a pretty auspicious one — especially compared to the chaos that the astrological events of the past month so kindly graced us with (ahem, lookin' at you, retrogrades). There will be a feel-good grand trine happening with this full moon, which means that astrologically it'll be a time of high creativity, and a perfect opportunity to embrace your skills, hone in on your talents, and start making your dreams a reality.

But there's some tough stuff, too: August's full moon falls directly opposite to the sun, which can be a difficult transit to say the least. The sun and the moon are considered equals and are arguably the two most important forces in the sky, so having them in opposition to one another creates some conflict. So while the full moon will be in dreamy, emotionally-driven Pisces, the sun will be in Virgo — which is, in contrast, ultra-grounded, orderly, and well-organized. Pisces, being so free-flowing, isn't the best at boundaries, while Virgos are much more orderly, so now's a good time to re-evaluate (and then maintain) your own boundaries, especially in the workplace.

Overall though, what this full moon is bringing us is truth, truth, and more truth. As astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "[this] Pisces Full Moon serves as a time to unmask truths and honor our spiritual side, focusing on our inner self." So, if there's unspoken tension brewing beneath the surface in your relationships, prepare for that to come out into the open. Stardust also notes that many people will "emotionally separate from the outside noise [and] avoid drama of others, focusing only on themselves and their needs," and advises that this is a time to be extra soft on yourself and other people. In other words, skip the full moon party in favor of some full moon self-care instead. This is the perfect time to self-reflect and pamper yourself with some good ol' TLC (think a long, hot, soothing bath — Pisces is the sign of the fish, after all!).

While no one can fully escape the energy of a full moon (we're all kinda stuck here on planet earth, after all), here are a few signs that will actually sail through this one with relative chillness.


This full moon is definitely bringing hidden truths into the light, for better or worse — but for you, Aries, it's definitely for the better, so you can sit back and relax. "While others are scrambling around, trying to find the right words to say to mask their clandestine actions, you are rather happy that the truth has come out, as you have known the truth all along," says Stardust. Aries are all about speaking their truth, so you'll be feeling the positive effects of all the honesty this moon is bringing about.


Cancers are no stranger to the deep emotions that full moons can bring to the surface — the sign is ruled by the moon, after all — so you're likely to have a smooth ride through this lunar cycle. Stardust tells Bustle that for all you Cancers, this full moon "acts as an opportunity to understand your emotions in a new light ... which may cause you to see the big picture and to simply let go of underlying issues you have with others and positively move forward in relationships, with a deeper understanding of yourself and others." Take a deep breath and keep on movin'!


This moon is definitely sparing Libras from any overly-heavy vibes — nothing more than some minor inconveniences, and perhaps a little change in your daily routine. Stardust expands on that, telling Bustle, "[All] this means is you may have to take a new route to work, the hot barista may have switched shifts which will hinder your ability to get your daily flirt on, you may change workout routines, or simply change your eating habits temporarily." Nothing too stressful going on here — after all, a little change can be a good thing!


Oh, Capricorns, your all-work-no-play stereotype has probably felt all-too-accurate lately! If people have been blowing you up non-stop this week and leaving you exhausted, use this full moon as an excuse to focus on you. According to Stardust, "You have cosmic permission to turn your phone off, take a bath, and watch a fun movie to unwind and clear your head. The world can wait a day for a response from you, while you recharge your batteries." Full moon and chill, Capricorn. You've earned it!