These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel The Effects Of January’s Partial Solar Eclipse The Most

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Having a new moon take place within the first week of the new year feels like straight-up astrological magic as far as new beginnings go. But wait, it gets better: There will also be a partial solar eclipse on Jan. 5 in the mega-focused and goal-oriented sign of Capricorn, and it happens to kick off a brand-new phase of eclipses. This means we're all being served an extra side of motivation when it comes to go-getting and fresh starts, and I don't know about you, but that's exactly the 2019 vibe I'm trying to embrace. Serve it up.

Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who gave us her input on the upcoming eclipse. "The solar eclipse will be in austere Capricorn, implementing growth and structure into our lives — good or bad," she explains. "[W]e are all headed towards major shifts and transformations." This eclipse aims to whip us into shape and launch us off into goals-turned-reality land, assuming we're willing to put in the work to make it happen. Consider this a major astrological support system when it comes to helping us stick to our New Year's goals.

Speaking of work, our public lives and career goals are going to be majorly on the table as far as this partial eclipse's themes go. "This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting or growing a business," wrote Astrology King on its site. "It is ideal for creative, musical and artistic projects and encourages acts of kindness and charity." Seize the energy of this eclipse for any and all business and/or creativity-related goals, because Capricorn's disciplined and ambitious energy can help you achieve them.

Of course, you can't reach your goals if your path is full of self-imposed roadblocks, can you? It's a new year, and this eclipse is definitely asking us to clean up our messes. "[De-clutter] your life and remove the dead wood to make your goals less complicated and easier to achieve," advised Astrology King. Again, call on Capricorn's no-bullsh*t attitude to help you get yourself and your affairs in order.

Everyone is going to feel the energy of this lunar/solar power event, but the handful of zodiac signs most affected by January 2019's partial solar eclipse should expect an even more intense first week of the year. Get ready to chase your goals and make the most of your 2019 with the upcoming new moon and partial solar eclipse energy on your side.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Your drive for leadership combined with Capricorn's intense work ethic is a match made in goal-achieving heaven, and the stars are aligning for it — but try not to get overzealous and take on too much too fast. "A new opportunity at work may present itself to you," shares Stardust. "[H]owever, think twice before agreeing to the project, as it may take up more time than you thought." Now is indeed the time to focus on work goals, Aries, but it's also time to clear out the crap that's in your way — so only take on new projects that align with your greater ambition.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Power struggles in partnerships are definitely peaking during this transit, and with Neptune's head-in-the-clouds influence, it may be hard to see things clearly. "Issues within partnerships may come to a head right now, as you are both trying to assert power and control over the other," warns Stardust. The good news is that identifying these issues is an important part of purging the old and ushering in the new, Cancer, so embrace the discomfort and focus on coming to a resolution using both your water-influenced intuition and Capricorn's down-to-earth reason.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

Now's the time to focus on your public life, career, and reputation — but revising and tweaking these paths isn't always easy if you're caught up in other people's opinions. "You may be caught up in an existential dilemma right now, as your fundamental beliefs are shifting due to your public or professional persona," Stardust explains. Follow your intuition, and allow your values to shift and recenter so that your truest self can shine! Work yourself out of the downward spiral that comes from trying to view yourself through the eyes of others — the only thing you should consider when planting seeds for the future, Libra, is being true to you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

With the eclipse taking place in your sign, it's no surprise that you're going to be feeling this energy with more intensity — after all, it's Capricorn energy that is going to be driving everyone as they embark on both the new moon cycle and eclipse phase. "You’re taking control of situations and are the authority others will look to for insight," explains Stardust. "[U]se your words and voice wisely, as others are listening." You have a lot of power to influence right now — not only your own future, but other people's, too. Keep that in mind as you make your power moves, and don't be afraid to step fully into your confidence during this transit. You're in your element.