These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel The Effects Of This Month’s New Moon The Most


If you're ready for something new, then you're in luck: the November new moon rises on Nov. 7, and it brings with it a time of growth and change. Each new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and so it is always about transformation, taking on something new, and manifesting your goals. This new moon, which falls in Scorpio, is also about empathy and forgiveness. And, like any other part of the lunar cycle, it will affect everyone, but some signs will feel it more than others. There are some zodiac signs that the Nov. new moon will affect the most, and you should want to know if your sign is one of them.

According to Astrology King, "this is a good new moon to say sorry for past mistakes so you can follow your dreams free of guilt and shame." This is the time for a fresh start, to do things differently, to get rid of what isn't working for you anymore, and to move towards your future. This new moon in particular will make you "more sensitive and compassionate." You might feel like you want to help others, but you'll also feel a better understanding of the world, and you'll want to let go of anything you've been holding onto, and forgive those who you've been angry with. You'll also find that your relationships are probably going to benefit from this new moon thanks to a feeling of spiritual closeness and bonding.

Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who explained which zodiac signs are going to be affected the most:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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This could be a good time for relationships in general, but for you, Taurus, it could really go either way. Stardust says, "Relationships may either take flight or go bust — it’s up to you to decide what road you want to go down, depending on how you feel about the partnership deep inside."

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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As a Leo, you're normally quite social and outgoing, always surrounding yourself with loved ones. But for this new moon, Scorpio's vibes are rubbing off on you. Stardust says, "Right now, you need to spend time alone, to heal and grow. This private time away from the limelight will serve to transform and blossom new dreams and ideas."

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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This is your time, Scorpio, and so of course you're going to be affected by the energy of this new moon. Stardust says, "This luminary puts you in the spotlight - making you the center of attention, which is nice considering you could use a extra lovin’ from others right now."

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19)

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This is a good time for your job, Aquarius. Stardust says, "The new moon falls in the career sector of your chart, bringing more work opportunities and a career boost to you — and even a possible promotion." If you plan on setting goals or trying something new at work, this is the time to go for it.