8 Crystals That’ll Help Prepare You For The November New Moon’s Power


As October winds down, we can all start looking forward to a different kind of energy in the air, something slightly more optimistic and encouraging. That's because a new moon is coming on Nov. 7, and it's going to bring with it the desire for change and new beginnings. The new moon is the first part of a new lunar cycle, and it's much less emotionally intense than the full moon cycle we just went through. Because the new moon signals a new lunar cycle, it also signals a fresh start in our lives as well. One of the best ways to get yourself in that frame of mind is to use the right crystals to take advantage of the energy. There are some crystals for the November new moon that are perfect for helping with new beginnings.

This month's new moon is rising in Scorpio, and this is one zodiac sign that is all about confidence and harnessing your own power. The fact that the new moon is happening in Scorpio means you'll really have the ability to focus on yourself, which includes both your strengths and weaknesses. This is the time to let go of the past, to forgive yourself for anything you've been holding onto, and to think about what you want out of your future. A new moon is always about setting intentions and goals, and the energy from Scorpio season will keep you super focused on only the best — there's no way you'll be settling here.

Use the below crystals to tap into this power even more:



Tumbled Bloodstone, $4.88, Amazon

According to Crystal Visions, bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that helps heighten intuition and increases creativity. That's exactly what you want to mix with the energy of the new moon. It also encourages courage and idealism, as well as works to calm the mind and help boost decision-making. On top of that, bloodstone is grounding and protecting, and will help with any irritability and impatience.



Labradorite Point, $4.50+, Etsy

Sage Goddess says that labradorite is "the traditional new moon stone of new beginnings and hidden magic. It helps you hold the vision of what is possible in your life." Labradorite will help you dream big, then assist in bridging the gap between your imagination and physical reality.



Tumbled Jade Stone, $4.49, Etsy

The new moon is the time to really tap into what you want and who you are, and jade will help you do exactly that. According to Crystal Visions, jade is a symbol of serenity and purity, as well as wisdom gathered in tranquility. They say it "stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency." It will also calm you down, help you get rid of negative thoughts, and aid in emotional release.


Clear Quartz

Raw Clear Quartz Cluster, $10.00+, Etsy

Clear quartz is often known as the "Master Healer." It is also perfect for the vibe that comes with the new moon — according to Energy Muse, "quartz properties like amplification and programmability are essential to manifesting intentions." When you hold the crystal in your hand and focus on what you want, the crystal's memory will help you manifest your goals — which is exactly what you want to be doing during this time.




Tumbled Black Obsidian Stone, $0.95, Amazon

Sage Goddess says that obsidian is a stone that protects by helping with insight and foresight, adding, "It helps you let go of what no longer serves you so that you can attract what you need and what is meant to be created." Crystals and Jewelry says that the stone can "answer your biggest questions about life and love.


Black Moonstone

Large Black Moonstone Palm Stone, $26, Etsy

Sage Goddess really encourages using Black Moonstone during any new moon ritual. The site calls it "a magical gem," saying that it helps you "summon the energy of the new moon, a time when all things are possible." This is one of the best crystal to use when manifesting dreams and setting intentions.



Raw Aquamarine Crystal, $2.00+, Etsy

The new moon should be a positive time, but you might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you do, reach for some aquamarine crystal. According to Energy Muse, it is very calming and can help you feel a lot happier and more relaxed.



Amethyst Crystal Cluster, $2.49+, Etsy

Amethyst is a great stone to use when you're trying to tap into your creative mind and come up with ways to better yourself. It's excellent for setting goals and intentions. It is also a healing stone, and according to Energy Muse, it is really useful for work-related stress.