These Zodiac Signs Will Need To Take Extra Steps To Destress This Month

The Best Way To Relax, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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OK, ya'll, we've officially got Labor Day under our belts, which means that despite the current warm temperatures, we have to accept that summer's coming to an end. I can practically smell the pumpkin spice in the air already! But astrologically speaking, we've got one more major luminary of the summer that will give us a chance to emerge into autumn with a new perspective, and that's the September 2019 full moon that's coming up on Sept. 3 in dreamy water sign Pisces. But don't be fooled: There's a lot going on with this full moon, and dreamy as Pisces energy may be, we're going to have some friction. That said, there are some zodiac signs the September full moon will affect least — so it's important to know where your sign stands.

"This luminary is very intense," warns astrologer Lisa Stardust, who chatted with Bustle about what September's full moon has in store. "We will be experiencing a ton of frenetic energy that will make us extremely anxious." This anxious uneasiness can be attributed to some hard planetary aspects that are bombarding the already-intense full moon energy: The moon will be in close quarters with Neptune (Pisces' modern ruler), which is the planet of dreams and illusions — and this can make us feel confused, suspicious, and overall hazy in our vision of things. The moon will also be in a square with Jupiter and an opposition with Mars, which combined, can make us impulsive and hot-tempered.

But remember: Just because there's a little astro turbulence doesn't mean it's going to be a rough time for everyone — it simply means we should be sure to up the self-care and put aside time to acknowledge and honor our feelings. "Take time to unwind and relax before letting the moon’s energy get the best of you," advises Stardust. Call on Virgo season's knack for identifying areas that need improvement and pair it will the Piscean moon's compassionate spiritual understanding to help work with the energy of this luminary.

All signs will benefit from a lil' full moon self-care, but there are a few signs who are overall more likely to have an easier time working with the upcoming lunar vibes. Check out the zodiac signs the September full moon will affect the least — and then sit back, relax, and go with the flow if you happen to be one of them.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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You've been gritting your teeth and working through the pain lately, and while that's both noble and impressive of you, it's pertinent that you remember to put energy toward you time. "Give yourself the day off to destress from work and other anxieties," advises Stardust. You deserve a chill pill today, Aries, and this full moon wants to feed it to you.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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There's been no shortage of stress and unexpected curve balls in life recently, but thankfully, this full moon should bring you the opposite of more chaos. Instead, carve out time for only the most relaxing of activities. "Take a meditation class to flow with the moon and decompress your worries," advises Stardust. You'll come out of it feeling supremely refreshed.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Chatty Mercury and lovely Venus will have just moved into your sign as of this full moon, Libra — and your solar return is just around the corner! That said, this full moon is a gentle celebration of change: A coming home party of sorts. "Take a rest now to reinvigorate yourself for your upcoming birthday celebrations," shares Stardust. Center yourself so you can re-emerge with balance.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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As hard as you've worked to get your own affairs in order lately, Cap, you know you have no control over the affairs or actions of others. That said, under this full moon, call on your communication skills to rectify any drama stemming from sources outside of yourself. "Shut down the gossip and the false info that’s spreading with a simple text," advises Stardust. "Your words can remedy any matter."