40 Absurdly Popular Products On Amazon Under-$20


Think you have to spend a bundle of money to own the very best of the best products? That isn't always the case. In fact, these absurdly popular products on Amazon under-$20 are proof that sometimes the most useful items you'll use every darn day don't have to break the bank.

These innovative products have a following for one very simple reason: they live up to your expectations each and every time. And, in many cases, these genius products go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a brand new way of tackling an old job.

For example: why not own a critter catcher with a telescoping pole that allows you to capture bugs way up high on your ceiling without ever having to make close contact with them? And, if you're going to purchase coffee anyway, is there a better bean to try than a super powerful organic one that boasts over 7,000 reviews?

On this list you'll also find multi-tasking products like sifting tools that can handle dry and wet ingredients, ice buckets that work as ice cube molds, and egg slicers that will make your life so much easier. But you'll also discover just plain functional tools you never suspected existed — like a lasso that keeps washing machine doors open to prevent mold and mildew.

If you have a need, chances are you'll find it fulfilled on this list — and for less than $20, which is the cherry on the top.


This Drying Rack For Bottles That Takes Up Little Counter Space

When you have a baby, it can quickly start to feel like baby gadgets and accessories fill up and take over your space. Here's one wildly useful tool that won't: a bottle drying rack with flexible holders that can fit up to eight bottles, as well as nursing accessories like breast pump parts and nipples. It has a detachable drip tray that keeps counters dry and clean.


A Miniature Tea Light Raclette Set That Heats Up Cheese

Heat up cheese for dipping and spreads using nothing more than tea lights. This mini raclette set includes a barbeclette, frame, spatula, and three tea lights. One reviewer writes: "I was a little leery trusting tea lights to heat up the cheese in a timely manner, but it actually does melt it really fast! The part where the cheese goes is super slick and I haven't encountered any problems with burning or sticking. This is a really great product."


The Spiralizer That Gives Vegetables Amazing Texture And Taste

Turn vegetables into noodles for alfredo or pesto with this five-blade spiralizer. The multi-functional gadget is made from quality Japanese stainless steel and includes five interchangeable blades that create loops and ribbons of various sizes — perfect for vegetarian "pasta" plates and other dishes.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Keep Hands Safe During DIY Projects

Your DIY projects just got a lot safer — these cut-resistant gloves are made from a tough type of food grade fibers that allows them to take an accidental stab or slice of a knife and keep ticking (while protecting your hands, even more importantly). The gloves, which are also perfect for food prep like grilling or hopping, come in four sizes and are long enough to shield your elbows as well.


An Infusion Water Bottle So You Can Add Fruit, Vegetables And Herbs To Plain Water

If plain water isn't your cup of tea and you struggle to get your daily hydration requirement, this infusion water bottle could be your ticket to better health. The bottle features a built-in, full-length infusion rod that you can fill up with the fruits, vegetables, and herbs of your choice. It's large enough to hold 32 ounces of water, has a sweat-proof insulated cover, and comes in 10 fun colors.


This Easy Egg Slicer For Perfect Portions

Cutting into eggs can be a messy ordeal — not to mention how difficult it is to get perfectly even portions. Take all of the work out of hard-boiled egg prep with this convenient egg slicer. The slicer boasts two separate compartments for slicing, wedging, and piercing eggs into 10 uniform slices or six equal wedges.


The Most Adorable And Functional Sink Strainer That Catches All Food And Debris

Aside from being the most adorable sink strainer you'll ever own, this little stainless steel winner is super functional. It effectively lets water through to prevent clogs, while capturing all food particles and debris. And, if yellow duckies aren't your thing, there are six more animal options for your choosing, including a frog, fish, or pig.


A Two-Piece Whisk And Sifter For Dry And Wet Ingredients

This two-piece whisk and sifter is unlike anything you've probably used before. At first, it's a stainless steel whisk that combines wet ingredients. But the minute you slide the mesh cylinder attachment over it, it becomes a sifter for dry ingredients. You'll get more use out of one tool that you'll use constantly when you're baking and prepping food.


This Citrus Juicer With A Built-In Measuring Cup That Thought Of Everything

Juice oranges, limes, and lemons in this manual citrus juicer, which has a domed lid that doubles as a useful measuring cup with measurements printed in tablespoons, cups, and millimeters. You can prep and pour fresh juice straight from this juicer, and it's dishwasher-friendly.


The Space-Saving Mountable Clothes Rack That Retracts

Short on closet space? This retractable clothes rack adds a full 10 inches of space to your closet — and can fit six hangers of clothing easily. Supporting up to 60 pounds of weight, you can mount it anywhere and then collapse it to save space when it's not in use.


An Anti-Mold and Mildew Laundry Lasso That Keeps Washing Machines Open

When front load washing machines are left to their own devices, their doors often close and leave machines susceptible to mild and mildew. That's why this laundry lasso is such a genius tool: it keeps doors open, can be adjusted, and works with all front load washers. One reviewer writes: "Its design is simple, easy, and just brilliant..Musty odors? Gone! Well done, Laundry Lasso!"


A Soothing Gel Wrap That Can Be Used Cold Or Hot

Whether you prefer icy cold or warm and soothing relief from any muscle aches and pains, this gel wrap will deliver. It's fully adjustable to fit your body, and is safe in both the microwave and freezer. It comes with two medical-grade gel packs.


The Bug Catcher That Keeps You From Making Contact With Critters

Is there anything worse than spotting a spider or another bug way up high on the ceiling or wall where it can't be reached? This bug catcher is designed with enough length to capture any little bug (safely) you find and then deposit it outside. It works on spiders, roaches, flies, and even scorpions and wasps. If you're squeamish or do not like killing the critters that end up in your house, this is the invention for you.


This Leak-Proof Bag That Protects Bottles Of Wine

If you're traveling with bottles of wine, or gifting one to a friend, the most important thing is getting is there in one piece. This wine protector sleeve gets the job done — it's made with sturdy plastic and boasts a double zip and Velcro seal. It's reusable and works just as well with fragile bottles of olive oil, vinegar, and other liquids.


An Organic Coffee That's So Strong It Comes A Warning

If you love your coffee strong — really, truly strong — this is the organic whole bean coffee you need in your life. The dark roast coffee is made with Fair Trade beans and boasts more than 7,000 amazing reviews. One reviewer writes: "I have always wanted to be able to just enjoy a cup of black coffee and go. This product is so incredibly smooth and great tasting that is exactly what I'm able to do now, enjoy it."


The Mop With Reusable Microfiber Pads That Lift Up Dirt

This is more than just a mop — it's an entire mop system, one that comes with two washable microfiber pads that can be washed and reused up to 100 times. The pads scrub and lift up dirt and stains without scratching hard floors (and are safe for wood) — and the mop itself features a 360-degree rotating head. The telescoping handle is adjustable from 35 to 60 inches.


A Set Of Cleaning Tablets That Removes The Stink From Dishwashers

Sure, dishwashers clean your plates, glasses, and cutlery, but that doesn't mean they don't get dirty and gross themselves. Remove the stink — as well as lime and mineral build-up —with these dishwasher cleaning tablets. Insert a tablet the way you would dishwashing detergent and run your empty dishwasher: doing this once a month will keep your dishwasher clean and fresh.


This Hanging Closet Bag With Pockets For Clothing And Accessories

With eight roomy mesh pockets on one side and seven mesh pockets on the other, you can easily store rolled-up T-shirts, scarves, boxers, lingerie, jewelry, and more in this space-saving hanging closet bag. The bag is made from sturdy Oxford fabric, and the removable metal hanger comes included. Store it in your closet and turn it into a travel-friendly piece by folding and slipping it into luggage.


An Elegant Floral Clothes Clip That Cinches Clothing Together

Keep cardigans closed and clothes cinched together with this elegant handmade floral clothes clip, which maintains a strong hold on clothing that feels a little loose (it can take it in at the waist). One reviewer raves: "Every time I wear it, people ask about it. It is a beautiful piece as even the picture on the page does not do it justice! The best part is that I bought it for cardigans, but it works just as well on some of my loose fitting shirts and dresses."


The Two-In-One Ice Cube Mold And Bucket Made From Sturdy Silicone

Knock out two jobs with one tool: this silicone ice bucket also serves as an ice mold for making ice cubes. It comes with a tight, secure lid and is dishwasher-friendly. Perfect for indoor or outdoor parties, this is the multi-tasking ice tool that goes from freezer to table.


A One-Step Carpet Spot Remover For The Toughest Stains

If you have nasty stains on your carpet or rug, take a few minutes out of your day to do something simple: attack them with this carpet spot remover spray. This one-step treatment doesn't require vacuuming or rinsing — just spray, blot, and it provides instant results.


This Self-Inflating Seat Cushion That Transforms Hard Chairs Into Comfy Ones

You can't always swap out the dreadfully hard chairs in your office or home with new ones, but you can always make them more bearable — with this self-inflating seat cushion. This padded cushion weighs less than 1-pound and folds up into a compact, travel-size square that can be taken anywhere. It's also great for concerts or sports games.


These Bed Sheet Holders That Keep Sheets From Sliding All Over The Place

It's hard to get a good night's sleep when your bed sheets end up coiled around your legs in the middle of the night. These bed bands are fully adjustable and have a cord-lock button that puts you in control of how much tension they provide. They're simple to install and will keep fitted sheets secure to your mattress – but they're also easy to remove on laundry day.


The Pull-Out Drawer And Organizer For Your Fridge

Organize food in this pull-out fridge bin, which has extendable rails and comes in three models: small, medium, and egg drawer. This bin fits most standard fridge shelves and one reviewer says it turned a chaotic refrigerator into an organized one: "The fridge in my new apartment doesn't have a cheese drawer, and it's amazing how much chaos that can create. I installed this myself, a little confusing at first, but then easy peasy to install. Solid, well made, and works great."


An Absorbent Microfiber Towel For The Pool, Beach, Or Gym

Whenever you need a towel to quickly absorb water, whether you're at the beach, pool, or gym, this highly absorbent microfiber towel is outstandingly effective. The 24- by 48-inch towel has a loop and snap so you can hang it to dry and it comes with a carrying bag. It comes in six sizes and eight colors.


The Organic Gold And Rose Water Toner That Calms Irritated Skin

Gold, in your facial products? You bet — this unique organic gold and rose facial toner is designed to brighten your complexion, calm irritated skin, and reduce redness. It's free of alcohol and perfume, which also means it's safe for sensitive skin. You can use it on the scalp, too.


This Exfoliating Body Brush For Softer Skin

Exfoliate your skin and give your body a soothing, detoxing massage with this body brush, which boasts gentle natural bristles. The brush has a polished wooden back and a hook/hand strap that makes it simple to hold and maneuver. It's also great for bringing back circulation to the skin, which can help with lymphatic drainage.


A Derma Roller For DIY Microneedling Skin Treatments

Professional microneedling treatments can cost a bundle, but this DIY derma roller allows you to safely perform the skin treatment procedure in the privacy of your bathroom — for a fraction of the cost. The tool has 0.25mm needles and reviewers say it fades scars and makes skin clearer without pain. It's also a great weekly treatment to help get rid of dead skin — and to make sure serums and moisturizers are sinking in effectively.


These Anti-Moisture Liners That Extend The Life Of Produce

Spread these liners along the bottoms of fridge produce drawers and shelves and prepare to be amazed: they extend the life of vegetables and fruits and can save you a ton of money in the long run. The liners, which comes four in a pack, are made with material that absorbs moisture and prevents mold and mildew from forming and spoiling produce. You can trim the liners to fit your fridge, too.


An Eco-Friendly, Reusable Notebook That Lets You Blast Notes To the Cloud

This eco-friendly smart notebook alternative to paper has 32 reusable pages that can be written on and then wiped clean with a damp rag. Even better: you can blast your notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Slack, and more. Each book comes with one compatible Pilot Frixion pen.


The Simple Pad That Keeps Mattresses And Beds From Slipping

Keep mattresses and bed skirts perfectly in place by sliding this non-slip mattress pad beneath them. The simple pad comes in four mattress sizes and can be trimmed to fit perfectly. It also doubles as a pad for rugs that prevents them from slipping underfoot.


These No-Tie Shoelaces So You Never Have To Stop What You're Doing

Whether you're running a marathon or running a few errands in town, life is easier when you don't have to stop and tie your shoelaces every few minutes. These no-tie shoelaces are made from elastic, fit all sneakers, are simple to install, and come in 44 colors.


A Set Of Sweet Tea Infusers With Drip Trays For Less Mess

Make tea without making a royal mess with the help of this four-pack of tea infusers, which are made from food-grade silicone and come with drip trays to capture liquid. The set consists of colorful floral infusers made from stainless steel fine mesh that support all varieties of loose tea.


These Reusable Grocery Bags That Help Kick Plastic To The Curb

This set of three reusable grocery bags helps save the environment by serving as a replacement for disposable plastic bags. The extra-large bags have recycled cardboard walls that keep them sturdy, with shoulder straps and side strap handles — and they fold up flat for simple storage.


The Chemical-Free Cloth That Cleans Glass Without Leaving Streaks

Put away all of that newspaper — these glass cleaning microfiber towels get rid of smudge marks and will dust and polish glass surfaces without leaving streaks behind. The set of two cloths require nothing more than water to activate them (which means no toxic chemicals from cleaning agents), and they can be tossed in the washing machine and reused.


This Rechargeable Wind-Proof Lighter

There's so much to love about this safe rechargeable lighter, starting with the fact that no strong wind will take it down and it's 100 percent flameless (so no more burning your fingers). The lighter comes with a USB charging cable, has a child-resistant safety button, and can be stored via its built-in hook.


An Interactive Cat Toy That Gives Cats Plenty Of Fun Exercise

This interactive cat toy gives active cats a way to play and burn off energy. The battery-operated toys gives off a rotating pattern laser beam that cats will love chasing. It also has a 15-minute automatic timer to prevent burn out and three adjustable speed modes.


This Rapid Ramen Cooker For Three-Minute Noodles

Just when you thought Ramen noodles couldn't get any more convenient, along comes this rapid Ramen noodle cooker that whips up noodles in just three minutes. The microwave bowl, which was featured on Shark Tank, is perfect for quick meals, dorm rooms, and small kitchens — and is dishwasher-safe. One reviewer writes: "This product offers faster cooking time (~3 mins depending on your desired consistency), is microwave-safe, doubles as a bowl (halving the dishes), and uses only the exact amount of water one needs to make perfect ramen - no more overfilling the bowl with water or accidentally diluting the taste of the seasonings."


A Fun Bottle Opener That Can Launch Caps Into The Air

Why not have a little fun as you're going around the party opening everyone's bottles with this spinning hat bottle opener? The tool doubles as a cap launcher that can propel caps 16 feet into the distance — which is sure to amuse everyone around you.


The Ultimate Self-Defense Pen With A Built-In Flashlight

Its shaped like a pen, fits in your pocket, and can actually be used as a pen, but this is no ordinary pen — it's a self-defense pen tool. The multi-tasking pen has a built-in LED flashlights, a glass breaker, bottle opener, and it comes in five colors.

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