40 Clever Products On Amazon That Help You Solve Every Little Daily Crisis


The sink is clogged. You're about to walk into an interview for the job of your dreams and you spill coffee on your shirt. You can't find your keys and you're running late again. Sometimes it feels like life is filled with one small crisis after another, and so you just live every day waiting for the next (frustrating) shoe to drop. Okay, well, stop waiting for that shoe to drop — because life is about to get a lot less frustrating, thanks to these clever products on Amazon that solve just about every stressful situation you can think of.

In fact, there's a product on this list that fixes each one of those crises I mentioned above — like an easy-to-operate tool that unclogs drains instantly without you having to call a plumber. And moisture-absorbing pads that adhere to the inside of your clothes to ward off any unwanted sweat stains. Or magnets that attach to your light switch plate and hold your keys in place so you never lose track of them again.

All of these products will leave you more than prepared for any crisis life sends your way. Click through and get ready to seize the day feeling completely stress-free.

1.This Clever Multi-Tool That Fits Right Onto Your Keychain

Have everything you need to make small repairs right there in your pocket with this multi-tool keychain. Made from lightweight but durable titanium, the multi-tool performs an impressive number of actions — functioning as a screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, file, and scraper. And it's TSA-approved, so you don't have to take it off your keychain when you go through security.

These Guards That Protect Your Shirts From Sweat Stains

These underarm sweat guards are you best friends for those days when you sweat a little more than usual — and you'd prefer not to have sweat stains. (Think: the dog days of summer or a blind date.) The peel-and-stick pads attach to the inside of your shirt with adhesive, where they absorb sweat, prevent stains, and keep you dry. The pads are ultra-thin and noiseless when you move, too.

These Makeup Remover Pens That Erase Makeup Mistakes

You're rushing to finish your makeup before heading out of the house and at the last minute, you smudge your cat eye. That's when you put one of these makeup remover pens to work: Just run it along any makeup smears or mistakes to instantly remove the pigment, without having to reapply your makeup from scratch. (It even works on waterproof makeup.) The pens are infused with a moisturizing blend of vitamin E, cucumber, and chamomile, so they soothe skin while erasing smudges.

A Rechargeable Flashlight That Doubles As An Emergency Tool For Your Car

Keep this solar flashlight and emergency tool in your car's glove box for any urgent situations on the road. It has seven lighting modes, working as a headlight, lamp, or SOS light that flashes red or white at various speeds. Built-in magnets let you attach the flashlight to your car, so you can use it as a work light or as a signal to warn approaching cars of your presence. It also doubles as an emergency tool: use the blunt end to break through windows and the cutter to slice through seat belts.

A Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Developed by PhDs

The plant-based formula in this all-purpose cleaner was developed by honest-to-goodness PhDs who wanted to create an all-natural surface cleaner that wouldn't leave streaks or residue. A few spritzes of this cleaner will remove fingerprints, oil, lipstick, soap scum, and dirt from all sorts of surfaces. Try it on countertops, mirrors, windows, hardwood, chrome, porcelain, or stainless steel. Gently scented with green tea and lime, the cleaner is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.

This Moldable Glue That Won't Set Until You Get It Just Right

This moldable glue is a great option when you need to seal or bond larger areas. Just remove a stick, use your fingers to mold it around any item you're looking to bond, seal, or fix, and let it sit overnight. By morning, the glue will have set into a silicone rubber that's durable, flexible, temperature-resistant, and waterproof. It works with a variety of surfaces, like wood, ceramic, glass, metal, and plastic, and comes in both neutrals and bright, playful colors.

A Pet Hair Remover You Can Use Again And Again

Is your fuzzy friend leaving hair all over your clothes and furniture? Run this reusable pet hair remover along the fabric to instantly get rid of all that fur. To clean the remover, scrape the remover onto the base, then remove the bottom of the base and empty the pet hair into the trash. (There's even a scrubbing brush included to keep that base extra-clean and odor-free.) Use the remover on clothing, upholstery, and rugs.

This Extra-Strong Glue That Won't Run Like Other Versions

This glue gel is a little more viscous than other strong glues, so it won't run when you're applying it to vertical surfaces. The extra-strong adhesive dries fast — within 10 to 30 seconds — and there's no clamping required. It's safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, and paper — and the anti-clog cap keeps the applicator tip from drying, out so you can use the glue again and again.

This Weighted Organizer That Keeps All Your Cables Straight

A mess of cables on your desk or nightstand is any neatnik's worst nightmare. This cable organizer, though, has flexible pockets that keep cables of all sizes organized and tangle-free. The bottom of the cable organizer is weighted, so it'll stay put on your desk or nightstand instead of flopping around every time you insert or remove a cable. Choose from colors like pink, green, blue, or black.

These Bumper Pads That Cushion And Protect Everything In Your House

These adhesive bumper pads are great for protecting just about everything around your house. Apply them to drawers or cupboards to prevent slamming, stick them on the back of picture frames to protect walls, or put them on the bottoms of vases and other trinkets to keep tabletops scratch-free. The transparent pads are virtually unnoticeable — and each pack comes with a variety of circles, spheres, and squares in all kinds of sizes.

A Motion Sensor Light That Illuminates The Inside Of Your Purse

You keep everything in your bag — which is why you have to rummage through a hundred items before getting to that coveted tube of lip balm. Spend less time rummaging and more time finding with this purse light: When it detects the motion of your hand, it automatically lights up to illuminate the contents of your bag. It's small and lightweight, so it won't take up unnecessary space or make your bag heavy.

These Drain Snakes That Effortlessly Clear Up Clogged Sinks

Save money on plumber visits and use one of these drain snakes the next time your sink backs up. Just insert one of the flexible snakes into the clogged drain and pull up: The barbs on the snake will catch any hair or gunk that might be causing the back-up, so your sink drains efficiently again. They're easy to use — and a lot gentler on your pipes than chemical options.

A Splatter Guard That Still Gives You Access To The Frying Pan

Making stir fry, searing meat, or whipping up a marinara gets messy fast, but this splatter guard can keep your stove, walls, and counters clean. The guard fits 10-inch pans and — unlike splatter screens — gives you full access to the pan and allows steam to escape, which makes for better searing and faster sauce reduction. Made from BPA-free silicone, the dishwasher-safe guard can withstand heat up to 450 degrees.

These Shoe Cushions That Let You Wear Heels Comfortably All Day Long

Use these shoe pads and you'll never say "my feet are killing me" again. Made with a soft silica gel covered in velvet, the flexible pads adhere to the insides of your shoes, where they provide a cushion for your feet while preventing friction and blisters. Each set comes with a variety of shapes so you can use them in any part of the shoe that hurts — whether it's the heels, sides, or balls of your feet.

An Accordion-Like Plunger That Gets The Job Done

There's nothing more panic-inducing than a clogged toilet, especially if you have a one-bathroom house. This heavy-duty plunger, though, can clear up the toughest of clogs. The accordion-like design provides greater pressure and water displacement than traditional rubber cup plungers, so you can get your toilet up and running again fast. One reviewer calls it "the mother of all plungers," and another says that it provides "more suction than any other plunger on the market".

This Travel-Size Set Of Burt's Bees Skin Products

Keep your skin in tip-top shape using the natural products in this set of travel toiletries by Burt's Bees. The set comes with six miniature products: a hydrating cream cleanser with clary sage, a day lotion, a soap bark and chamomile cleansing cream, a milk and honey body lotion, a coconut foot cream, and a shea butter hand repair cream. Take these on your next trip or keep them in your desk at work.

A Fresh Breath Spray That Eliminates Odor-Causing Bacteria

This breath spray eliminates bad breath like no other. It's formulated with natural ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, and tea tree oil — all of which have antibacterial properties that kill the germs that cause bad breath in the first place. The spray nozzle extends and swivels so you can reach the back of the tongue and throat where all that bacteria thrives. The formula is vegan and gluten-free, too.

This Premium Leather Organizer For Your Earbud Cords

How many hours of our lives get spent untangling earbud cords? Use this cord organizer to keep everything straight. Made from premium leather, the square organizer features two notches that are perfect for securing your cords, and a snap closure to keep them in place. It's super compact, so it takes up next to no space in your purse or pocket.

These Clever Hangers That Maximize Closet Space

Squeezed for closet space? These clothes hangers are notched so you can hang your shirts and dresses in vertical, descending order, giving you tons more space to fit in the latest finds from your shopping spree. Each durable, reinforced hanger holds up to five items and 30 pounds — so they're even strong enough to hold heavy winter coats.

A Set Of Travel-Size Dry Shampoos So You Can Be Extra Lazy On Your Vacation

Vacation is no time to be spending time and effort on your hair, so bring along one of these travel-sized dry shampoos instead. The quick-spray shampoos soak up excess oil and restore life and body to hair that hasn't been washed in a few days. Each set comes with four fragrances: tropical, blush, cherry, and original.

These Magnets That Turn Your Light Switch Plate Into A Key Hook

Transform your light switch plate into a key holder with this magnetic key rack. Simply remove the bottom screws from the plate, replace with the magnets et voilà — a place to hang your keys. The neodymium magnets are powerful enough to hold up to 3 pounds of weight, but won't interfere with your remote car keys.

A Super Powerful Portable Charger

This portable charger is great for powering up your phone or tablet on-the-go, but you just might find yourself using it at home, too — because it charges twice as fast as a standard iPhone charger. It features built-in USB and lightning cables, and it's pass-through charge enabled, which means you can even charge your devices while the charger itself is plugged into the wall. Oh, and, there's even a built-in flashlight — because why not?

A Complete Tool Set For Repairing Electronics

This screwdriver set is designed specifically to make repairs on electronics — like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and game consoles — but it's also perfect for making small and intricate repairs on eyeglasses and watches. There are 56-bit options, so you'll be equipped for any type of screw, and the flexible screwdriver shaft extensions are great for working on stereos or other electronics where the screws are not on the surface.

This Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream To Heal Dry, Rough Skin

When your hands need a major moisture intervention, this Eucerin hand cream is the way to go. The non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula repairs even the driest of skin — and helps relieve irritation caused by eczema The addition of alpha-hydroxy works to exfoliate rough skin: leaving you with soft, smooth hands. This set comes with three travel-size creams so you can have one on hand no matter where you are. This reviewer says that the cream "has replenished my hands very quickly and really soaks into the skin. Doesn’t leave a greasy residue like a lot of creams and body butters".

An Umbrella With A Built-In LED Flashlight

Be prepared for any storm — or walk down a dark street with a clear path — if you have this combination umbrella and flashlight. The umbrella features flexible, wind-proof ribs and automatically opens and closes with the touch of a button. The extra-large canopy can cover two people, but the umbrella collapses to a compact length of 12 inches. The reflective edges of the umbrella make you visible to drivers at night, and the LED flashlight at the base of the umbrella helps you see in the dark.

This Gentle Yet Effective Jewelry Cleaning Solution

This non-toxic, biodegradable jewelry cleaner foregoes the use of abrasive chemicals in favor of a gentler formula that breaks down tarnish and restores the shine to your favorite jewelry. The cleaner works on all kinds of precious metals and gems, including — gold, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, enamel, diamonds, cubic zirconia, pearls, porous stones, and treated gemstone. Use the included brush cleaner to tackle extra-tough jobs.

An Ultra-Powerful Car Vacuum With Three Attachments

The suction on this car vacuum is so powerful that it could vacuum up three smartphones. The vacuum comes with a few attachments: a brush head for cleaning out car vents, an angled head for the cracks between your seats, and a flexible hose for reaching under car seats. A 16-foot cord lets you reach to the way back of your car, and it plugs right into your car outlet. The two included HEPA filters are washable, too, so you don't have to spend money on filter refills.

A Homeopathic Stress Remedy Made With Floral Essences

Originally formulated over 80 years ago, this homeopathic stress relief remedy has stood the test of time. The flower-derived drops are made with a blend of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem, and cherry plum — essences which are known to promote feelings of calm and tranquility. Just place a few drops on your tongue or add to a glass of water. The drops are vegan, gluten-free, and non-habit forming. One reviewer writes: "Game-changer for anxiety, panic, and fear. Give it 2-3 weeks to see noticeable impact. I am so pleasantly surprised by the results!" Of course, talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements.

This Wrinkle Release Spray So You Don't Have To Haul Out The Ironing Board

Who has the motivation to iron? No one — which is why this wrinkle release spray is so brilliant. Just mist your clothes with the spray, and smooth out the wrinkles, being sure to tug a little harder on more stubborn creases. Let dry and you'll you'll be left with a wrinkle-free outfit that makes it look like you have your life together (even if you don't). The mojito citrus-mint scent will leave your clothes with a delicate fragrance that won't overwhelm.

A Liquid "Bandage" That Protects Your Skin While It Heals

Use this liquid bandage instead of fabric bandages that you have to replace every few hours (or every time you wash your hands). Just apply a little of the liquid solution onto small cuts to provide a flexible, glue-like barrier that'll let your wound heal. The waterproof solution stays put, and the added benefit of antiseptic properties protect your healing skin from germs or contamination that might cause infection.

This Detangling Comb Infused With Coconut Oil And Keratin

Boost the health of your hair while you detangle it with the help of this detangling comb infused with coconut oil and keratin protein. The coconut oil adds major hydration, prevents frizz, and promotes shine — while the keratin works to boost strength and decrease the risk of breakage. The teeth of the comb are pointed to target tough knots, but spaced widely enough to reduce the risk of snagging.

These Waterproof Shoe Covers That Keep Your Sneakers Dry On Rainy Days

Tired of dragging along a pair of rain boots? Slip these waterproof shoe covers on and you can keep wearing your regular kicks no matter how stormy it gets. The elastic covers zip up the front of your shoes and close snugly at the top with a drawstring cord. Rubber soles on the bottoms of the covers give your feet a firm grip when you're walking down slippery streets, too.

This Wrench That Fits Nuts And Bolts Of All Sizes

This multi-functional wrench features an adjustable screw knob in the center that allows you to work with nuts and bolts of all sizes, ranging anywhere from 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch. Plated in rust-proof chrome, the wrench displays numeric etchings so you know which end of the wrench to use with each nut or bolt, and the smaller end also enables you to work in tight spaces.

A Sonic Alarm Clock That Shakes You Awake

If you're notorious for oversleeping, this shaking alarm clock just might be your lifesaver. The extra-loud alarm features pulsating lights and comes with a corresponding disc — just place it under your pillow or mattress, and when it's time to get up, the disc will literally shake you awake as the alarm rings and flashes. The alarm's volume can be adjusted, and if you prefer to wake up silently, you can opt for just a shake to wake you up.

This Phone Grip That Collapses When You're Not Using It

Constantly dropping your phone or tablet? Keep it firmly in your hands with this best-selling phone grip. It attaches to the back side of your device and pops out anytime you want to slip it through your fingers, then collapses to lay flat against your device when not in use. It also doubles as a phone stand — just pop it out and set it on the table to watch videos hands-free.

These Wipes That Freshen Up Your Teeth Without Water

Freshen up your breath and shine your pearly whites on-the-go with the help of these teeth wipes. Each wipe is infused with peppermint oil and menthol, a blend that'll leave your mouth feeling minty clean. Just slip a wipe on your finger and run across teeth several times — no water needed.

These Bungee Cords In Every Size Imaginable

You walk out of IKEA fully confident you can fit that bookshelf in your trunk but your trunk won't shut. That's when one of these bungee cords comes in handy — just use it to keep your trunk as snugly closed as possible while you make your way home. This set comes with bungees of all sizes, ranging from 10 to 40 inches in length. Use them to secure tarps, canopies, and luggage too — and reviewers also say they're great to assist in covering things up if a big storm is coming.

A Heat-Resistant Silicone Sleeve For Pan Handles

Slip this holder over the handle of your sauté pan when you're ready to take it off the stove. The silicone sleeve protects your hand from heat and — unlike traditional cloth mitts — it's dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The handle holder comes with an accompanying grip for the side of your pan, which is a huge help for extra-heavy skillets. Use it the next time you make fajitas or stir fry.

An Adhesive Door Stopper That Keeps Dust And Drafts At Bay

That little gap between the bottom of your door and the floor can be exceptionally bothersome since dust, noise, and cold drafts always manage to sneak through. You can keep that from happening with this door draft stopper. The stopper features an adhesive backing that attaches to all kinds of doors, including wood, glass, metal, and plastic. Apply this to any doors with gaps for a cleaner, quieter, more energy-efficient house.

A Patching Tape That Repairs Almost Anything

You can repair holes, cracks, and tears on just about anything with this patch and seal tape. The flexible tape can be used on all sorts of materials, including plastic, metal, aluminum, rubber, wood, vinyl, glass, steel, and acrylic and creates a permanent bond that's resistant to water, moisture, air, and UV-degradation. This reviewer writes, "I bought as a quick fix for leaking gutter ... it worked perfectly." Other reviewers say they've used it on pipes, rain boots, hot tubs, and air mattresses.

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