40 Practical Finds On Amazon That Have Thousands Of Reviewers Obsessing Over Them

Shopping for items that seem innovative is always fun — but when you can combine those qualities with practicality, you know you're purchasing something special. These practical finds on Amazon that have thousands of reviewers obsessing over them are either upgraded versions of products you already own, or they represent something completely new and different — so don't be surprised if they become modern classics.

One thing all of these genius products that practical people love have in common is that they solve problems — possibly even problems that are so common you have gotten used to living with them. You may expect that your sponge, dishcloth, or bath towel will accumulate mold and mildew and get smelly not long after you use it. But the odor-resistant alternatives on this list ensure you get more use out of these items and, over time, you'll spend less money replacing them.

Other money-saving and space-saving practical products you'll find on this list include kitchen tools like a clip-on strainer that attached to pots and pans and will make your cumbersome colander obsolete, a device that cooks eggs in a flash, and a dashboard camera that can actually keep you safe while driving.

These products have unique features that help them stand on their own as practical and impressive — but add in the fact that they boast thousands of rave reviews, and you have even more of an excuse for why you need to start shopping ASAP.

1. The Dishcloths That Dry Fast And Won't Get Smelly

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

The majority of dishcloths share the exact same problem: after only a few uses, they begin to smell stale as they start to accumulate mold and mildew. These odor-free dishcloths dry much faster than traditional cloths, so they don't have time to get moldy. They can be used for both scouring and scraping food off of pots, pans, and plates, but they're also gentle enough to handle glassware. Choose among three colors: lemon, lime, and brown.


2. An iPad Screen Protector That Keeps Your Screen Safe

Sparin iPad Screen Protector, $10, Amazon

Is there anything sadder than finding your expensive iPad has suffered a crack at the hands of an accidental fall off the table? Take good care of your device by positioning this adhesive iPad protector over the glass, where it lays flat without creating annoying bubbles. Over 6,000 reviewers love this, and it works on a variety of different models.


3. A Healing Clay For DIY Masks That Unclog Pores

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $10, Amazon

Talk about bang for your buck: this is a huge jar of 100 percent natural bentonite clay — which is loose clay — that you can fashion into DIY masks or cleansing treatments for your face, body, and hair. The clay itself is amazing at absorbing excess sebum in your pores and making your skin clean and clear. And you won't find a single other additive like fragrance, chemicals, or animal products in this jar. One reviewer writes: "Best mask in the world! Hands down. I use 2x a month or more depending on how much damage I have done to my face (ex. Makeup). I always use it after washing off heavy makeup to pull out all off the dirt and oil."


4. An Easy-To-Use Water Flosser For Cleaner Gums And Teeth

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser, $30, Amazon

Dread flossing your teeth every day with string? Make this water dental flosser part of your routine, and flossing will become a pleasure instead of a (sometimes literal) pain. The device comes with 12 different tips that can be changed out and used as periodontal tips, tongue cleaners, and more. You can choose the water pressure setting that's right for you, but reviewers say even sensitive gums and teeth can handle this water flosser — it's that gentle and effective.


5. The Durable, Water-Resistant Packing Cubes For Clothing and Shoes

Shacke Pak, $25 (4 Cubes), Amazon

A vacation is a lot more relaxing when you don't have to fumble through your suitcase to find what you need. This set of four packing cubes come in different sizes, and make it simple to organize and pack for a vacation. They'll help you save space in your wardrobe and organizes everything from lingerie to T-shirts. The bags are made from nylon and are water-resistant and durable — and the set even comes with a laundry bag.


6. A Mattress Protector That's A Dream For Allergy Sufferers

SafeRest Mattress Protector, $25, Amazon

Mattresses are expensive investments that can and should last years — and this mattress protector will help do that. This cotton terry sheet protects against spills, bacteria, and dust mites, making it a must-own item for anyone with allergies — or, really, anyone who doesn't want to shell out another few hundred dollars on a mattress before its absolutely necessary. It also scores major points for being breathable, cool, and for not making annoying crinkly sounds as you shift positions during the night.


7. A Device That Can Cook Up To 6 Eggs In Minutes

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $23, Amazon

No matter how you love your eggs — hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled — this egg cooker whips them up and cooks them perfectly within minutes. It can boil up to six eggs at once, handle two poached eggs on a separate tray, or make a fast omelette. Push a button and the device does all of the work for you. Choose among five colors, including sunny yellow and red.


8. The Colorful Luggage Tags With Privacy Covers To Protect Your Info

Shacke Luggage Tags, $8 (Set of 2), Amazon

This set of two luggage tags are made of flexible rubber and have privacy covers that protect and conceal your personal information. They easily attach to your luggage with sturdy steel loops, and come in eight bright and fun colors. Reviewers love that they're sturdy and larger than typical luggage tags, so you'll know which bag is yours right away.


9. An iPad Stand And Mount That Reduces Clutter

iKross Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand, $33, Amazon

If you're constantly using your iPad to follow recipes or are simply tired of leaving it on your desk, where it gets lost under piles of papers and books, this metal table mount stand provides a solution that saves you space. You can use it as a stand-alone piece on your desk, or mount it on the wall or under kitchen cabinets. It has a 360-degree adjustable holder, which makes it a cinch to view your iPad from any angle.


10. A 10-Piece, Oval-Shaped Makeup Brush Set

Yoseng Makeup Brush Set, $11, Amazon

At first glance, these oval makeup brushes resemble odd-looking toothbrushes. But if you try them and experience how smoothly they blend foundation, concealer, and powders onto your skin, reviewers say you'll never go back to traditional brushes. This affordable set includes 10 brushes made from synthetic fiber — and more than 2,500 reviewers rave about how they manage to stand the test of time.


11. A Carpet Cleaner For Stubborn And Scary Stains

Folex Carpet Spot Remover, $11, Amazon

We're not saying that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you watch a glass of red wine spill on your carpet will go away completely if you have this spot remover in your cabinet, but it will definitely feel a lot less intense. And that has everything to do with this cleaner's success rate at removing the most stubborn stains from carpet, upholstery, and even clothing — think chocolate, blood, grease, and, yep, red wine. Dampen your carpet with water, apply this cleaner, and don't worry about rinsing or vacuuming up the mess.


12. A Thermal Hair Protector Made From Argan Oil

ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray, $11. Amazon

If you use a straightening iron, curling wand, or blow dryer on a regular basis — or even if you spend time out in the sun — you need this thermal hair protector spray to keep heat from causing split ends, frizz, and other damage. The spray is formulated with moisturizing, highly absorbent argan oil and other natural, herbal botanicals like sage and green tea — with not a nasty chemical in the mix. It also works as a natural detangler, too.


13. The Micellar Water That Gently Cleanses Your Face And Removes Makeup

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, $14, Amazon

This super popular two-in-one cleanser and makeup remover is made from pure micellar water — which is soothing and not at all drying. It's safe and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, doesn't contain oils or harsh chemicals, and can be used everywhere, including on and around eyes.


14. A Spinning Makeup Organizer With Seven Adjustable Layers

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer, $20, Amazon

Fit every cosmetic and skincare product you own on this seven-layer makeup organizer — and then actually be able to find everything, thanks to its 360-degree rotation. You can store up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare bottles, and other cosmetics like lipsticks and nail polish on this stand. And each layer is adjustable, which is great because products come in all shapes and sizes — and this organizer makes room for them all.


15. A Fog-Free Shower Mirror That's Great For A Shower Wall

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror, $24, Amazon

Grooming in the shower is a lot easier when you don't have to keep wiping down a foggy mirror. This totally fog-less shower mirror can withstand the heat and stays crystal clear the entire time. It has a simple suction cup design, 360-degree rotation, and a convenient razor holder positioned right in the mirror frame. It's also great to attach to a mirror if you're trying to do your makeup in a foggy bathroom.


15. The Sturdiest Backpack For Travel And Camping

Venture Pal Backpack, $21, Amazon

This backpack is everything you need in a travel bag: it weighs less than 1 pound, has a roomy main compartment and several smaller zippered pockets, and its water-resistant and sturdy nylon material keeps your electronics, clothing, and other important items protected. It comes in nine colors and has a really strong bottom layer that can withstand heavy loads, so don't be afraid when it comes to packing everything you need to take with you. When you're done, it folds right up into a pouch.


16. A Defrosting Tray That Cooks Perfect Bacon In The Microwave

Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster, $13, Amazon

Whip up perfectly crisp bacon in your microwave without making a royal mess with this bacon tray and food defroster. This slanted tray has ridges that hold several strips of bacon in place and contain its grease, as well. When you're ready to clean it, pop it into the dishwasher. It's also great for defrosting frozen food safely and quickly in the microwave.


17. The Reusable, Eco-Friendly Glass Straws

Hummingbird Glass Straws, $24 (4 Pack), Amazon

With plastic straw bans seemingly being ruled out for their excessive use of plastic, it seems like everyone is scrambling to find the next best, eco-friendly straw alternative. Consider this one way up there: a handmade glass straw that is free of lead and BPAs, and as indestructible as Pyrex glass. The set of four glass straws comes with a cleaning brush and a quick rinse with water will do the trick, but they're also dishwasher-safe.


18. A Hydrocortisone Cream That Takes The Itch Away

CeraVe Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, $8, Amazon

Itchy, dry, flaky skin caused by eczema can be torturous — and there are so few non-prescription creams that actually address the problem in an effective way. But this hydrocortisone cream is an exception: it has maximum strength hydrocortisone, ceramides that lock in moisture and protect your skin's barrier, and absolutely no irritating fragrances that only make matters worse. One reviewer writes: "This stuff actually dries and works exactly as advertised. It's got some topical analgesic like lidocaine in it's ingredients, so any dry burning skin that you have is immediately eliminated the moment this touches your skin. You will love this stuff, I have it in my home and my office."


19. A Travel-Ready Microfiber Towel That Dries Fast

Sunland Microfiber Towel, $9, Amazon

Take this moisture-absorbing microfiber towel to the gym, on camping trips, or just keep one in your bathroom when you want a towel that you know is going to dry super fast and is resistant to mold and mildew. This towel comes with its own mesh carrying bag and hook to hang it, and you have the option of choosing among 10 colors and prints — and a variety of sizes.


20. An Insulated Lunch Bag With A Ton Of Space

InsigniaX Insulated Lunch Box, $14, Amazon

If the perfect insulated lunchbox in your world doesn't just mean a box that will fit a sandwich, but one with room for snacks, salad, and drinks (plural), this is the bag for you. The main compartment is roomy, and it has a front pocket and two side pockets. It comes in five colors, has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, and is made from a durable, insulating combo of polyester and PE foam.


21. A Travel Pillow That Fully Supports Your Neck

BCOZZY Chin-Supporting Travel Neck Pillow, $30, Amazon

This flexible travel neck pillow can be moved around and maneuvered so that it completely supports your chin and neck, preventing your head from falling while you try to snooze — and keeping you from waking up with neck strain. It comes in 12 colors, is machine-washable, and has a strap that hooks onto your carryon luggage so you can easily take it anywhere.


22. A Lettuce Saver That Keeps Green From Wilting

Prep Solutions By Progressive Lettuce Keeper, $11, Amazon

You aren't the only one wasting tons of money on lettuce that seems to wilt the second after you get it home from the grocery store. This unique lettuce saver will help: It has air vents that are adjustable so you can control the amount of airflow, which keeps lettuce and other greens from going bad before you get to it. It holds up to 2 cups of veggies, can also be used as a colander, and is safe in the dishwasher.


23. A Dashboard Camera To Help Prevent Accidents

Yi Dashboard Camera, $50, Amazon

You may not have eyes in the back of your head, but this dashboard camera helps keep you safer in your car by providing a wide-angle view of your blind spots, including lane departures. It's a great tool to use at night as well, thanks to its high sensitivity night vision sensors. The device also records video and is good to have in emergency situations.


24. A Headache-Relieving Eye Mask

IMAX Compression Pain Relief Mask, $12, Amazon

Before you pop a pill for your headache, migraine, or sinus pressure and pain, try on this pain relief eye mask, which has cooling properties and blocks out all light. The mask was designed with beads that provide a soft, soothing, and effective massage for your head and eyes, all of which can alleviate pain and discomfort.


25. A Device That Keeps Ear Bud Wires From Getting Tangled

Digital Innovations The Nest, $12, Amazon

Imagine never having to untangle your earbud wires again — this is the nest, an earphone and earbud case that ensures your wires stay knot- and tangle-free, and it's compact enough to pop into your purse or bag and carry around. It even comes in different colors: black, blue, green, and pink.


26. An Organizer That Stores And Charges Up To Four Devices

Simicore Charging Station Dock & Organizer, $30, Amazon

The only thing better than an organizing system for tech gadgets is one that charges your devices while keeping them stable — and this one fits the bill. This charging station dock and organizer provides one place to store up to four devices at the same time — along with four USB ports that can be used simultaneously, so there's no need to worry about blowing a fuse. The system even comes with two lightning cables for Apple products and two USB cables for Android.


27. A Mini Hair Straightener For Travel

HSI Professional Mini Ceramic Flat Iron, $15, Amazon

Get silky, straight hair wherever you roam — because this mini ceramic flat iron is a portable dream that fits in your luggage or carry-on suitcase. But just because it's smaller than most irons doesn't mean it flakes out when it comes to features: it heats up fast and boasts ionic ceramic tourmaline plates that keep static and frizz at bay, all while protecting hair against heat damage.


28. The Non-Stick Oven Liners That Make Cleaning Up A Breeze

FitFabHome Non-Stick Oven Liners, $17 (3 Pack), Amazon

The worst part about owning an oven is cleaning an oven — and all of those food particles and grease that spill out of pans never seem to go away completely, no matter how hard you scrub. These non-stick oven liners make cleaning a breeze instead of a chore: Place them at the bottom of your oven, beneath the racks, and they'll catch any and all messes and spills. They wipe clean and are dishwasher-safe and reusable.


29. The Reusable Grocery Bags That Are Extra Large And Sturdy

Planet E Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, $25 (3 Pack), Amazon

More and more stores are beginning to charge an extra fee for plastic bags, and the world has become even more aware of the downsides of non-biodegradable plastic in the environment — so the demand for reusable grocery shopping bags like these is higher than ever. These bags are made from recycled plastic bags and are extra-large and perfect for major trips to the grocery store. They also fold flat, come in an assortment of colors and designs, and are simple to store.


30. A Clip-On Cup Holder For Two Drinks

Robocup, $25, Amazon

Stay hydrated when you're busy grilling or hanging out at the beach with this robocup system, which is a cup caddy with a clip-on holder that provides space for two cups, cans, or bottles. It'll work everywhere you need it to — on your grill, on beach chairs, and more. It comes in 13 colors and its grip is solid and strong, according to reviewers.


31. A Heat-Resistant Storage Solution For Hair Styling Tools

Polder Style Station, $16, Amazon

Hang this hair styling storage organizer to a towel rack in your bathroom and fill it with the heated styling tools you need — it can accommodate a hair dryer, flat iron, and more. The mesh and silicone design is resistant to heat, so you don't have to wait for tools to cool down completely before storing them in the organizer, and the heat won't warp the station.


32. A Tool To Keep Cables Neat And Organized

Quirky Desktop Cable Management, $17, Amazon

Keep cables neat and in one place with this desktop cable organizer. It fits compactly on your desk or nightstand and has five rubber grips and four slots — but you can easily stack cables on top of one another if you have more than a few that need organizing.


33. A Space-Saving Clip-On Strainer For Pots & Pans

Kitchen Gizmo Snap 'N Strain, $12, Amazon

Save space in your kitchen by swapping a full colander for this clip-on strainer. This gadget is made from BPA-free silicone, fits all pots and pans, and comes in lime and red. It works great when you're washing produce, but it's also excellent for draining hot pasta.


34. A Detangling Brush That Glides Through Knots

Crave Glide Thru Detangling Brush, $11, Amazon

Trying to detangle knots usually results in hair shedding and damage when using a traditional comb or brush. But this detangling brush is designed specifically for tangles and has gentle, sturdy, cone-shaped bristles that separate hair instead of pulling down on knots. As a result, thousands of reviewers agree you'll experience a whole lot less (and usually no) damage or pain.


35. A Purse Organizer That Makes It Possible To Find Everything You Need

Vercord Purse Organizer, $8, Amazon

Insert this purse organizer into your purse or tote bag and never again will you find yourself rummaging through your handbag in search of keys, your wallet, and every other item you need. The organizer has 30 pockets and comes in three sizes to fit every style of purse. It's made with water-resistant nylon, and comes in 30 colors.


36. A Vitamin C Skincare Serum With A Cult Following

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum, $20, Amazon

Of all of the many facial serums on the market, vitamin C serums are prized for their antioxidant benefits — because they help destroy cell-damaging free radicals and promote a smoother, brighter, more even complexion. But you don't have to spend more than $100 for a serum — this cult favorite contains moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and vitamin E and boasts close to 10,000 reviews, making it an excellent (and affordable) choice.


37. The No-Show Socks That Won't Slip

Eedor No Show Socks, $9, Amazon

There's usually a trade-off when it comes to no-show socks: they won't ruin your look and stay tucked away under sneakers and shoes, but you may have to deal with a whole lot of slipping and sliding around in your shoe. Kick slippery socks to the curb and invest in these no-show socks, which are thin and moisture-wicking, come three to eight in a pack, are made in neutral shades that go with everything, and — most importantly — won't slip.


38. A Wooden Foot Massager That Relieves Pressure And Pain

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller, $7, Amazon

This foot massager relieves foot pain and soreness, and also help with chronic foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Rub the bottoms of your feet on the wooden roller and allow the kneading effect to release pressure and tension all over your body. The roller is also compact and easy to pack on trips.


39. The Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil For Your Hair, Skin & Nails

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil, $14, Amazon

This isn't just another bottle of jojoba oil. This is high-quality cold-pressed jojoba oil without any additives or parabens — plus it has anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin and can strengthen your hair and nails. It comes in a dark amber bottle that extends the life of this oil, and the glass dropper makes it even easier to apply. One reviewer writes: "I love this stuff!!! I put it on every day after my shower with a small mix of frankincense essential oil. My skin is usually dry and flakey on my face and now it's perfect! No breakouts at all and smooth soft skin!"


40. These Plastic Bag Holders For Mess-Free Food Prep And Storage

Jokari Baggy Rack, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

This baggy rack manages to do the impossible: it holds plastic bags upright and in place, so you can pour and add liquid and solid ingredients to them without making a mess. The rack has a non-slip base and is adjustable to fit plastic bags of all sizes. Use it for both food prep and as a plastic bag storage solution.

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