41 Clever Products That Have Become Extremely Popular In Spas & Fitness Studios


There are very few things I enjoy more than checking into a spa. Between the warm towels, face masks, and soothing massages, it’s the one thing I always look forward to at the end of a stressful month. The only downside? The cost quickly adds up — that’s why I’ve come up with this list of genius self-care products you can find on Amazon.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a professional massage, just use the foot massager I’ve made sure to include on this list. The nine rotating massage heads help soothe away soreness, and it’s even portable enough you can take it with you to the office. Or maybe you want to upgrade your bath into a jacuzzi? In that case, be sure to check out the bubbling bath mat. All you have to do is place it on the bottom of your tub, and it’ll create mountains of bubbles similar to the jets in a real jacuzzi.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — there are hydrating lotions infused with relaxing lavender, eye masks infused with real gold, and even a vibrating facial roller made from rose quartz. So what are you waiting for? Just add a few of these clever products to your shopping cart, then kick back and relax as your home turns into your own DIY spa.


This Bath Pillow That Adds Luxury To Any Tub

Unlike competing pillows that slip and slide, this bath pillow features six super-powerful suction cups on the back that help it remain stable while you soak. It also helps keep your shoulders, neck, and head supported, and it dries super-quickly in order to prevent bacterial growth.


This Bamboo Bath Tray That Holds Tablets, Books, And More

This luxuruious bath tray has a space for practically everything you could possibly want in the tub — tablets, books, laptops, and more all have their place. There are also cupholders for wine glasses and other drinks, plus the entire caddy is made from eco-friendly bamboo.


This Bubble Mat That Turns Your Bathtub Into A Jacuzzi

Turn your bathtub into a soothing jacuzzi with this bubble mat. Just place it at the bottom of your tub, then fill it up like as usual. The motorized air pump will release a stream of relaxing bubbles, and the pressure is adjustable depending on how vigorous of a jacuzzi you prefer.


This Acupressure Mat That Can Help Melt Away Stress

Just lay down on this acupressure mat, and the raised points can help soothe away stress and pain in sore muscles. Each order also comes with an acupressure pillow that can help release tension from your neck and head, plus you only need to lay on everything for about 30 minutes in order to experience the full benefits.


This Soothing Foot Bath That Brings The Spa To Your Home

It's super-easy to DIY your own pedicure when you snag this relaxing foot spa. The rollers on the bottom massage your feet while you soak, and you can even adjust the intensity by tapping your toes. The power cable is extra-long so that you're not confined to an outlet, plus you can grab it in two different colors: lavender or purple.


This Wearable Massager That You Can Use In The Car

It doesn't matter whether you're driving to work, or relaxing at home — you can still use this wearable massager to help soothe sore muscles. The multiple rolling heads knead your muscles from all directions, plus the temperature and intensity are both adjustable. Each order also comes with a car adapter, as well as a travel bag.


This Bath Bomb That Turns Your Water Into A Cosmic Galaxy

Turn your tub time into a cosmic creation with this glittery bath bomb. Just drop it into warm water, then watch as it dissolves, turning your water blue and black like the night sky. Unlike other bath bombs, this one won't stain your tub, plus the lightweight amber scent is relaxing.


This Sherpa Throw Blanket With 3 Different Heat Settings

Snuggle into this super-cozy throw blanket when temperatures dip low. It's made from a blend of thick sherpa fleece as well as faux mink, and there are multiple heat settings to choose from depending on how chilled you're feeling. Grab it in four different colors: honey, garnet, olive, and sable.


This Facial Steamer That Comes With A Set Of Blemish Tools

Loosen up dirt and debris in your pores with this facial steamer. It's able to run for up to 30 continuous minutes when the water tank is full, and you can even crank it up a notch to use as a humidifier. Each order also comes with a five-piece set of stainless steel blemish extraction tools.


This Essential Oil Kit That Can Help You Relax After A Long Day

For less than $15, you can grab this set of essential oils that comes with six relaxing scents: lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. The amber bottles help prevent UV light degradation, plus you can even mix the oils to create your own custom scent.


This Travel-Sized Hair Dryer That Helps Infuse Shine

For a super-sleek blowout while you're traveling, this powerful hair dryer is a must-have. It uses infrared heat to quickly dry your hair while simultaneously infusing shine, plus it can even help reduce frizz. Once you're done, it folds in half so that you can easily fit it into a suitcase or drawer.


These Eye Masks That Are Infused With Real 24-Karat Gold

Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory, which means these gold eye masks are great for helping reduce swollen, puffy eyes. Each mask is infused with real 24-karat gold, plus there's also vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and even grapeseed extract in the formula so that dry skin is left feeling hydrated.


This Body Brush That Helps Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

Don't rely on harsh serums to get rid of dead, flaky skin — just reach for this dry body brush. The bristles are made from soft, natural fibers that won't irritate your skin, and you can use it all over your body to exfoliate. Just rub it in small, circular motions to slough off flakes, plus using it can even help increase blood circulation.


This Soothing Rose Quartz Facial Roller That Also Vibrates

Unlike other facial rollers, this rose quartz one also vibrates in order to give it an extra boost when helping reduce tired, puffy eyes. Each order comes with an attachment that's designed specifically for helping to melt away dark circles, plus it's even safe for people with sensitive skin.


This Pore Vacuum That's Perfect For Stubborn Blackheads

Stubborn blackheads are no match for this pore vacuum. There are zero serums necessary in order for it to be effective, making it great for people with sensitive skin. The suction is adjustable depending on whether you're trying to unclog pores or exfoliate, plus the LED indicator screen lets you know when the battery needs to be recharged.


This Sleep Mask That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyes

Not only does this sleep mask contour to the shape of your face to block out all light, but it's also genuinely comfortable to wear. The 3-D design won't put unnecessary pressure on your eyes, and the memory foam filling ensures that it feels soft against your skin.


This Humidifier With More Than 14,000 Positive Reviews

More than 14,000 positive four- and five-star reviewers can't rave enough about this cool mist humidifier. The sleek design makes it look more like art than a regular humidifier, and it's able to run for up to 16 continuous hours before the water needs to be refilled. It'll automatically turn off when the reservoir runs dry, plus each order also comes with a convenient cleaning brush.


This Foot Massager With A Soothing Heat Function

Professional massages can be expensive, so save yourself some money by using this portable foot massager instead. It features nine rotating heads that help soothe away pain, and the infrared heat function is great for helping to alleviate soreness in your feet. The best part? It's lightweight enough that you can easily use it underneath your desk at work.


This Facial Cleansing Brush That's Completely Waterproof

Not only is it waterproof, but this facial cleansing brush also comes with seven different heads that let you exfoliate, melt away makeup, or even massage your face. The speed is adjustable for added comfort, and all it requires are two AA batteries.


This Foot Peel That Helps Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

If lotions and creams aren't helping your flaking, dry feet, make sure to give this peel a try. It's formulated with natural acids that penetrate deep into your skin, and you only need to wear the booties for about an hour. After one week your outer layer of skin will peel away, revealing fresh, soft feet that are super-smooth.


This Massage Stick That You Can Take Practically Anywhere

For those muscle knots that just won't quit, this massage stick is a must-have. The rollers are made from firm rubber that won't collapse when you apply pressure, and the two ergonomic handles help you maintain a tight grip as you roll it all over your body. It's compact enough that you can take it with you practically anywhere, plus the rollers move independently so that your hair doesn't get snagged.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That's Super-Absorbent

Made from super-absorbent microfiber, using this towel can help cut down on the time it takes to dry your hair. It also helps reduce frizz since it creates less friction against your hair than cotton, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "it definitely reduces frizz, and my curls come out much nicer after using this towel."


This Soothing Electric Heating Pad That's Extra-Large

No matter what part of your body feels sore, this extra-large heating pad has you covered. The microfiber cover feels incredibly soft against your skin, and there are three heat settings to choose from depending on what feels the most comfortable to you.


This Shower Head That Doesn't Require Tools For Installation

Made from rustproof ABS plastic, this high-pressure rain shower head is incredibly easy to install since there are zero tools required. The dozens of anti-clog silicone nozzles effortlessly wipe clean from limescale buildup, and the stylish chrome finish adds a touch of modern chic to any bathroom.


This Knee Pillow Filled With Plush Memory Foam

If you like to sleep on your side, try using this knee pillow to help keep your hips aligned while you snooze. It's filled with high-density memory foam that molds to the shape of your body, yet won't fall flat over time. Sleeping with it can help reduce back, hip, and joint pain, plus the cover is removable for easy cleaning.


This Body Pillow Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, this body pillow is extra-breathable so that you don't overheat with it at night. It's filled with shredded memory foam that contours to the shape of your body for added comfort, plus it's completely hypoallergenic as well as dust mite-resistant.


These Vegan Gummies That Are Chock-Full Of Hyaluronic Acid

These vegan gummies not only feature a delicious tangerine flavor, but they're also chock-full of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Taking these gummies can help moisturize your skin as well as stimulate collagen production in your complexion, plus they're also gluten-free and non-GMO.


This Spa Headband That Keeps Hair Out Of Your Face

Made from soft, stretchy terrycloth, these spa headbands make it easy to keep hair out of your face while you apply masks and serums. Each order comes with one black, white, and pink headband, plus they're also breathable so that your skin doesn't feel suffocated.


This Foaming Bath Soap Made With Hydrating Shea Butter

A few drops of this foaming bath soap does wonders for helping to soothe dry, cracked skin. It's formulated from milk proteins, shea butter, and other fatty acids that help moisturize skin, plus it's completely cruelty-free. The aloe vera in the formula gives your bathwater a refreshing scent to help you relax, plus every bottle is made in the United States.


This Derma Roller That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

It only takes a few strokes with this derma roller to help stimulate blood flow in your complexion. It features hundreds of super-small needles that painlessly "puncture" your skin as you roll it over your face and neck, allowing lotions and serums to penetrate deeper. It's safe for all types of skin, plus each order also comes with a convenient storage case.


This Foam Roller That Can Hold Up To 500 Pounds

Not all foam rollers are created equal, and this high-density one is proof. There are dozens of raised nodules that target the tense trigger points in your muscles, and it's so sturdy that it's able to support up to 500 pounds. The compact size makes it great for travel, plus you can grab it in more than 10 fun colors.


This Odor Eliminator That You Can Use On Practically Anything

If you want to freshen up post-sauna or workout, give this odor eliminator spray a try. It neutralizes unwanted odors in the air, trapped on your workout clothes, towels, or practically anywhere else. Many reviewers wrote about how a few spritzes go a long way, which helps you save money over time.


This Hydrating Body Cream Formulated With Eucalyptus

Infused with pure eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils, the scent of this body cream can help ease your mind after a long, stressful day. Many reviewers raved about how it "smells great," plus you can even use it as a bug repellent during the hot summer months.


This Yoga Kit That Comes With A Towel, Mat, Strap, And More

If you're in the market for yoga equipment, this kit has everything you need to get started. It comes with a non-slip yoga mat, a stretching strap, two microfiber towels, as well as two blocks. Grab it in eight different colors, including red, teal, blue, purple, green, and more.


This Bag That Makes It Easy To Transport Your Yoga Mat

Don't clutter up your hands carrying around your yoga mat — just use this bag to transport it wherever you go. The pattern on the outside is super-cute, plus there are several zippered pockets on the inside where you can securely stash your phone, keys, wallet, and more.


This Bottle That Lets You Infuse Fruity Flavors Into Your Water

Give plain, boring water a refreshing fruit flavor with this infusion water bottle. The infusion core inserts from the bottom to help keep your fresh fruit submerged longer, giving your water a stronger flavor. It also filters out seeds so that all you taste is delicious water when you sip, and the entire bottle is made from sturdy, BPA-free Tritan plastic.


This Lavender Candle That Doubles As Massage Lotion

This lavender candle is pure genius. Not only does it work as a relaxing candle, but you can also use the wax as a soothing massage lotion all over your body. It's formulated with moisturizing shea butter as well as avocado oil, and each tin is handmade in the United States.


These Body Wipes That Freshen You Up When You Can't Shower

Perfect for airports, camping, or even just busy mornings, these body wipes help you cleanse your body when you're unable to shower. Each wipe is infused with antibacterial tea tree and lavender oils that leave you smelling fresh, plus they're also completely biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic.


These Toe Socks That Can Help Moisturize Dry, Flaky Feet

Just slip on these gel toe socks at the end of a long day, sit back, then relax as they help moisturize flaky, dry feet. They're infused with ultra-nourishing botanicals, vitamins, and minerals that work to naturally soften your skin, and they're even hypoallergenic so that people with sensitive skin can wear them.

  • Available sizes: small — large


This Herbal Tea That Can Help You Drift Off To Sleep

Help calm your mind before bedtime with this blend of herbal tea. It's made from organic oat as well as sweet lime flowers, plus the added lavender can help you relax. There is zero caffeine in this blend of tea, and each order comes with 60 individually sealed bags.


This Scalp Massager That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

Made with curved, rust-resistant stainless steel spindles, this tool makes it easy to give your head an all-over massage. The rounded tips help prevent any accidental snags in your hair, plus it's an easy way to help stimulate blood flow in your scalp — one Amazon reviewer even wrote that they were "impressed" by how durable it is.

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