41 Genius Things On Amazon That Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

I’m always working on my home, renovating rooms and improving little spaces so that they look better and more cohesive. But there are a few unavoidable flaws that are difficult to conceal — but this list of 42 genius things that hide eyesores in your home can help.

Messy cords and clutter can make the whole house feel like it needs a serious makeover. You aren’t going to unplug everything or stop living your life, so finding solutions that look good while solving a problem are key. And innovative products like a wooden cable management box and under-shelf organizers are game-changers. Or perhaps you'd love nothing more than to paint your walls or appliances or change your windows, but these big fixes aren't in your budget. No worries — a peel and stick wallpaper and static-cling window privacy sheets spruce up your space without breaking the bank.

Some genius products are just better-looking versions of things you probably already have. Dressing up your appliances or cleaning tools can make a home feel more organized and intentional. This list offers products that toe the line between practicality and style, solve minor and even major problems, and are affordable. Check out this list and prepare to add them to your cart.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This Small Box Organizer That Hides All Your Cords

Hide all your cords, including the surge protector with this box organizer. It’s made of ABS fireproof material and has the look of real wood, disguising bulky cables and cords or even gaming consoles. You won’t have to worry about tripping over wires or accidentally unplugging your device and your living space will look less cluttered. The box has four cutouts for cords and a curved top that’s easy to remove.

2. These Macrame Hangings That Add Boho Charm

Hide imperfections in the walls or less than ideal paint jobs by simply hanging one of these macrame wall decorations. This two-pack features styles that are made of 100% pure cotton cord, which is light enough to hang with a push pin. They add a bohemian touch to your home wherever you hang them.

3. A Pleated Bed Skirt That Conceals Under-Bed Storage

This pleated bed skirt will hide anything you store under your bed. It’s made of polyester and has a crisp and modern corner pleat. The fabric is resistant to stains and fading and is machine washable. It comes in 11 colors like dark grey, burgundy, and navy.

4. This Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper That Looks Like Stainless Steel

Say goodbye to mismatched appliances or appliances with significant wear. This removable wallpaper looks like stainless steel and is easy to apply. It has a self-adhesive film that effortlessly sticks to surfaces and doesn't require a drop a glue. Simply measure, cut to size, and peel and stick to any smooth surface to transform the look of appliances or surfaces.

5. The Wood Polish That's Made With Beeswax And Orange Oil

Give wooden furniture a major facelift with this wood polish. The formula is made with beeswax, carnauba wax, orange oil, and more to help renew the appearance of wooden surfaces. But that's not all it does: This polish also acts as a conditioner that prevents furniture from easily drying out in the future.

6. An Indoor/Outdoor Rug That Is Easy To Keep Clean

This indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home or on your patio and can be easily spot treated with a carpet cleaner. This rug is water and fade resistant, so whether it's on your deck or in your kitchen, it will last a long time. It has a unique braided design and comes in a number of sizes and shapes, as well as seven goes-with-anything colors like light grey, salt and pepper, and aqua.

7. This Privacy Film For Glass That Is Applied Without Sticky Adhesive

Add a little extra privacy to your windows or glass doors while still allowing light to filter in with this window frost film. The 3D decorative film relies on static instead of glue to stick to your windows without mess and residue. It comes in five sizes and won't damage windows.

8. An Electric Cord Management Kit That Conceals And Protects Wires

Keep all your cords organized and hidden with this cord management system. The cord lane holds cords inside, keeping them from kinking or causing shorts. The lane can be stuck to the wall and even painted the same color to camouflage its appearance. It works great for TV/cable cords that run down the wall from your mounted TV.

9. This Dual Trash Compartment That Saves Space In Your Kitchen

Keep your trash cans incognito with this under counter trash compartment. The can features two bins: one for recycling and one for trash. Each bin is just over nine gallons and clicks into a ball-bearing track so you can easily slide the bins in and out from under your counter.

10. A Kit That Lets You Test For Asbestos In Your Home

Ever wonder if there’s asbestos in your home? You don’t have to pay a professional to find out — just use this testing kit. It only takes about three days to get your results once sent in, and there are no additional lab fees required. “I had my results emailed within a few days,” explained one reviewer. “The documentation provided by the lab will also go a long way when getting a new appraisal if that is ever necessary.”

11. This Distressed Wood Wallpaper That Is Easily Removable

Add a farmhouse touch to your home for half the cost with this distressed wood peel and stick wallpaper. The wallpaper goes on easily without any water or paste. It has a self-adhesive that sticks to walls without leaving a sticky residue behind. The best part is if you change your mind, it peels right off. It comes in rustic wood and blue shades.

12. A Ceiling Mounted Organizational System That Holds 250 Pounds

This overhead storage system clears the floor of your garage while adding significant storage. This ceiling mount rack can hold up to 250 pounds and is made of steel. It’s perfect for keeping holiday decorations or luggage stored safely, yet in an easily accessible spot.

13. These Paint Brushes That Are Perfect For Quick Touchups

Small scuffs around your home can easily be touched up with help from one of these paint brushes. Each order includes 30 brushes in varying sizes, ranging from delicate fine tips to wide, flat sponges. They’re suitable for all types of DIY projects — and many reviewers wrote about how the set is a “great value.”

14. The Under Shelf Organizers That Double Your Cabinet Storage

Double the storage in your cabinets with these under shelf baskets. This two-pack is made of stainless steel and slides over any shelf, adding storage underneath. They require no tools to install and work great in pantries or kitchen cabinets. They hold up to 10 pounds each for extra storage where you need it.

15. These Dividers That Help You Organize Messy Drawers

If you’ve got a few drawers that have become jumbled messes, these dividers are an absolute must-have. Each one is made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and they expand out to 22 inches for a snug fit. The best part? The ends are also tipped with rubber to help keep them in place, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to readjust them.

16. This Spice Rack That Slides Out To Easily Display

Keep your spices organized with this double decker spice rack. The organizer slides out, making it easy to find and select the spice you need. The steel and chrome design not only looks sleek but makes the organizer easy to use and keeps it working for years. Each level has a polymer tray that is removable and washable in case you spill any spices.

17. This Cloth That Removes Water Stains From Wood Furniture

Don’t freak out over a water mark on your favorite wood piece. This water mark remover gets rid of the marks caused by water, alcohol, or heat. This eraser gets rid of scratches, permanent marker, latex paint or other imperfections in the wood. Just wipe down the area you want clean with the included wipe and say goodbye to those dreaded stains.

18. This Ottoman That Opens Up To Reveal Extra Storage

This ottoman doubles as a storage system. The top of the ottoman comes off and offers the perfect place to store toys or blankets. Putting it together is as simple as unfolding it and positioning the base agains the ground. It’s fully collapsible for when you’re not using it and comes in seven colors.

19. A Double Door Laminate Organizer That Is Adjustable

This laminate organizer with double doors makes storage simple and stylish. Inside there are two adjustable shelves. If you need more storage, these organizers stack easily on top of each other, making one cohesive piece. The double doors add a refined touch while hiding your mess.

20. These Storage Cubes That Have Label Windows To Keep You Organized

These soft storage cubes make staying organized a breeze. Each bin is collapsible, so you can lay them flat when they’re not in use. They come in four colors and each have handles on the side, making them easy to grab. These organizers also have a transparent slot where you can slip labels so that it’s easy to identify what’s in each box.

21. A Stylish Seagrass Basket For Plants And Storage

This multipurpose seagrass basket adds a boho flare to any space. Use it to hold toys, blankets, magazines, even plants. The soft and lightweight basket is handmade and comes in four colors and three sizes. Don’t let the size fool you, these baskets hold a lot.

22. A Ceramic Pet Bowl That Looks Adorable On Your Counter

This adorable pet bowl is the perfect place to store your pet’s treats. It comes in eight sizes and four colors and has a cute lattice design with a paw print. The ceramic canister is dishwasher safe and has a bamboo lid with a silicone grip that creates an airtight seal and keeps foods and snacks fresh.

23. This Genius Plant And Pot That Hides Your Cat's Litter Box

Disguise your cat’s litter box with this inventive plant pot that mimics a clay pot, but actually holds cat litter (guests will never know). The durable pot features a vented system to trap in odors and the artificial plant on top doesn’t require watering. It’s a perfect way to keep your cat happy and their bathroom hidden.

24. These Cord Bundles That Stick To Any Surface

These cord bundlers keep those messy looking cords in place. They stick to any wall to securely hold computer cables or cords from phone chargers or kitchen appliances. The command strip technology allows you to remove the hooks at any time, without leaving residue behind or damaging surfaces. They work on painted walls, wood, laminate, concrete, tile, metal, or glass.

25. This Crate Cover That Disguises Your Dog's Bed

This privacy crate cover creates a safe and cozy space for your dog to sleep. It also turns the crate from an eye sore to a functional piece of decor. It’s made of teflon, which keeps stains at bay. This cover allows for three points of entry. It comes in six sizes and four colors.

26. A Peel-And-Stick Subway Tile Backsplash That’s A Fan Favorite

These peel-and-stick subway tiles are super easy to install and are a great way to cover up any sloppy paint jobs or boring backsplashes you have. All you have to do is clean the flat surface you’re putting them on, and then cut to the shape you want. Then you just peel and stick, and you’re good to go.

27. This Waterproof Cover That Protects Your Air-Conditioner From The Elements

This window unit cover is both practical and stylish. It covers less appealing window AC units with a black waterproof cover that minimizes their appearance while keeping the unit safe from rain. The covers are dust-proof and protect the unit from UV damage. Using the black cover may even keep your room warmer in the winter by preventing winds and precipitation from seeping through.

28. A Stretchy Couch Slipcover That You Can Toss In The Wash

This stretchy sofa cover slips over couches to keep drinks, pets, and every day use from wearing down expensive furniture. It fits sofas that that measure between 60 and 81 inches long and comes in 22 colors to match your space. The cover itself is soft and has an elastic bottom that locks it into place. A layer of anti-slim foams fit into the cushions to add even more support. When it gets dirty, simply remove it and toss it into the wash.

29. This Cozy Throw Blanket With Fun Pom-Pom Tassels

This adorable throw blanket adds a pop of color and whimsical details like pom-pom tassels to liven up your space without breaking the bank. This lightweight blanket is made from soft and silky microfiber. It comes in two sizes and seven colors and is machine washable.

30. These Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers That Add Elegance To Your Living Room

Dress up your throw pillows with these soft faux fur pillow covers that feature a 3D floral pattern and come in six shades. These covers are machine washable, available in three pillow sizes, and reviewers say they are tightly stitched, don't shed, and are high quality.

31. These Food Storage Containers That Come With Stylish Labels

Pantry looking a little messy? You can easily tidy things up with help from these food storage containers. They’re perfect for all sorts of dry goods, as their airtight lids help keep your ingredients fresh for later. Plus, each order includes stylish chalkboard labels so that you’ll always know what’s packaged inside.

32. These Blackout Curtains That Reduce Light And Sound

These blackout curtains feature three thick layers of fabric that keep rooms dark (even during the day) and can also reduce noise for a quieter nap or sleep. The curtains come in eight sizes and seven colors.

33. A Waterproof Table Cloth That Won't Stain Or Wrinkle

Don’t cry over spilled milk (or red wine or coffee). This waterproof tablecloth won’t absorb liquid, making it easy to wipe clean. The stain-resistant material is also resistant to tears, dust, and wrinkles. Use it on your table, buffet, or for an outdoor picnic. You can toss it in the wash if it gets too dirty and it comes in three sizes and 10 shades.

34. These Wall Protection Pads That Keep Your Doorknobs From Scraping The Wall

Tired of your doorknobs scraping up your brand new paint? These wall protectors are designed to cushion the space between your wall and door knob. They are self-adhesive and stick directly to the wall, making them so easy to install. And if you already have existing damage, they will conceal it well since the protectors are smooth and nearly flat to the wall.

35. This Outdoor TV Cover That Protects Your TV From Rain

Keep your outdoor TV safe for years to come with this TV cover. The cover is waterproof and dust-proof so you can feel confident leaving your TV on your deck or patio. It stays on your TV at all times and has a flap that lifts up to view the screen. The cover comes in seven sizes and closes tightly with velcro straps.

36. These Stove Gap Covers That Keep The Sides Of Your Oven Clean

Cleaning the sides of your oven is a tall task, and unless you want to move your entire oven, there’s no simple way. That’s where these genius stovetop covers come in, to prevent any crumbs or spills from getting in between the gaps between your oven and your countertops.

37. A Valet Lock Box That's Ideal For Hiding And Organizing Keys

This valet-style lock box provides a safe way to keep all of your keys secure and organized. It holds 48 keys and can be mounted to a wall. This set even comes with key tags that allow you to organize and label your keys so you never have to go through trial and error again. It’s made of steel and has the option for a code combination or a key lock for security.

38. These Blackout Curtains That Come In A Bunch Of Colors

For light sleepers or anyone dealing with bright light streaming through a window, these double-lined blackout curtains can help prevent light from entering your space. These come in a bunch of different colors and a range of sizes so you can find the right height and width for your windows.

39. A Freestanding Closet That Will Give You The Extra Storage You Need With A Renovation

This freestanding garment organizer is the extra closet space you’ve been looking for. If all your closets are full or your home is lacking in storage, these sturdy fabric closets are a great way to add storage without doing construction. The zipper features makes it easy to access anything that’s inside, while the coated steel frame retains the closet's shape.

40. A Dual Laundry Basket That Has Removable Liners And A Lid

This double laundry hamper makes doing laundry so much easier. Each side of the hamper has its own removable liner so you can grab the liner and dirty clothes without having to move the whole basket. It’s perfect for transporting clothes to and from the laundry room. The basket has a lid and and cut-out handles so it conceals clothing while making it easier to transport.

41. A 2-In-1 Knife & Utensil Holder Designed In Sleek Stainless Steel

For stray kitchen utensils you tend to tuck into a drawer, this stainless steel utensil holder is an attractive alternative that provides so much storage. The knife holder has slots where you can place different-sized knives or a pair of scissors, and the utensil holder is wide open so you can store your slotted spoons, spatulas, or silicone cooking utensils.