41 Odd Little Finds That Are Suddenly Blowing Up On Amazon

Odd doesn't mean bad. In fact: odd can be nothing short of amazing. Take as an example these 41 odd little finds that are suddenly blowing up on Amazon. There isn't one innovative product on this list that you could call conventional — and that's exactly what makes these items such winners.

These are the clever problem-solving products that you never dreamed could exist — the ones you absolutely need to own in order to make your life a million times easier. It doesn't matter if you're a cook, if you live at the gym or on various hiking trails, or if you're just looking for a few good, money-saving products that will help you clean and organize your home. This list has you covered.

One person's "odd" product is another person's odd treasure — like a stainless steel roll-up drying rack that sits over your sink when you need to dry dishes and then folds right back up for easy storage. Or a phone armband sleeve with a pocket that keeps phones of all sizes secure while you're running or working out.

You'll find manual egg beaters, portable massage roller sticks for aching muscles, collapsible water bottles and colanders, and even a nifty pasta drying rack for your homemade pasta creations.

What won't you find? Anything typical, conventional, or boring. These cool products deliver the strange — but are also surprising practical.

1. An Adjustable Rolling Pin With Removable Rings To Make Dough Thin Or Thick

Remove or replace the multicolored rings on this adjustable rolling pin to customize how thick or thin you want your dough — which is essential for perfect pies, pizza, and macaroons. The pin features 1/16-, 1/6-, 1/4-, and 3/8-inch removable discs and is made from quality beechwood.

2. These Strong Clips That Keep Spices Secure Against Walls And Cabinets

Mount these sturdy spice clips to the backside of cabinets and on walls — and use them to organize and keep spices where you can always find them (meaning: no more searching through disorganized drawers to locate cinnamon). The clips are adjustable to fit smaller and larger spice bottles, and each set comes with enough clips to hold 12 spices.

3. This Double Oven Mitt That Protects Hands And Wrists From Burns

It usually requires two oven mitts to keeps hands and wrists protected, and even then — many mitts aren't designed long enough to shield skin from scalding ovens and oven racks. This double oven mitt features two hand pockets and a lengthy strip of fabric in between that ensures distance between you and hot objects. The washable mitt is made from cotton and comes in 25 colors.

4. A Grape Cutter That Chops Fruit Into Quarters For Safe Snacking

Put your worried mind at ease with the help of this grape cutter, which chops up seedless grapes and grape tomatoes into quarters, making it easier and safer for toddlers and small children to snack on them (and makes quick work of salads and meal prep). The tool has sharp serrated blades and a cover for on-the-go snacking.

5. The 5-Blade Meat Chopper For Perfect Chili

Chop up ground meat and whip up delicious chili and other recipes in seconds with the help of this meat chopper. The nylon, heat-resistant tool has five sharp blades, but won't scratch pots, pans, and bowls. It has a perfect five-star rating and one reviewer raved: "I no longer grab a spatula to flip the meat. I'm able to just use this chopper tool to stir the meat around enough that it cooks in no time. This tool is a must! Especially when you want the meat in smaller chunks."

6. A Dispenser That Delivers Perfect Portions Of Pancake And Cupcake Batter

Using spoons to transfer batter to baking sheets, pans, and cupcake liners almost always results in a colossal mess. This batter dispenser has a wide mouth opening that you can fill with batter and a quick close valve that results in the delivery of perfect portions of batter each time. Use it to make cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, cookies, and other recipes that need to be of equal size to ensure even cooking.

7. This S'mores Maker That Doesn't Require A Campfire

No campfire or hiking trip in sight? No problem. Make the same delicious, comforting s'mores right in your kitchen with this innovative S'mores maker. The kit features two built-in s'mores making stations that come with a can of Sterno fuel for roasting marshmallows, a roasting screen that keeps you and loved ones safe, and two stainless steel roasting forks. The only thing you need to bring to the table is the chocolate bar.

8. An Amazing Cutlery And Knife Cleaning Brush With Tough Bristles

Safely clean your sharpest knives and cutlery without cutting yourself or ruining sponges with this handheld scrub brush. The compact cleaning tool features tough bristles that wrap around and provide a firm grip on cutlery and knives to effectively remove food debris and grease. The tool comes in green and grey and can be stored right on your sink.

9. The Prawn-Peeling Tool That Butterflies & Cleans Shrimp Fast

This amazing shrimp deveiner tool lets you peel, devein, and butterfly shrimp or prawns in minutes. It has a sturdy plastic handle that's easy to grip and a stainless steel blade. Plus, you can feel really good about your purchase: for every tool they sell, they plant 10 square feet of oyster-reef habitat.

10. A Peachy Silicone Sponge That Is Resistant To Mildew

Take the one big issue most people have with sponges — the nasty smell they acquire after time — and eliminate it completely. Now you're left with this amazing silicone sponge that actually smells like peaches and is resistant to mold and mildew. The sponge is safe for scrubbing pots and pans and lasts much longer than ordinary sponges, saving you money in the long run.

11. These Stretchy Lids That Fit Over A Variety Of Containers

Reusable container lids seem to disappear into the ether. But these stretchy silicone lids are flexible and can fit over a variety of bowls. They have thick grooves that provide a tight seal and are heat- and cold-resistant — making them safe for the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. They even fit over a variety of unusual containers: including the Instant Pot, the Crock Pot, and watermelons (yep).

12. A Liner For Fridge Drawers That Extends The Life Of Fruits & Veggies

Lay these fridge liners along the bottoms of produce drawers to extend the life of vegetables and fruits. The foam liners allow for airflow and prevent mold and mildew from spoiling food too soon. The liners come in a four-pack and can be trimmed to fit shelves and drawers.

13. The Genius Pod That Keeps Herbs From Wilting

If you're blowing money on herbs that you can't seem to use fast enough, try washing and then storing them in this herb container, which keeps them fresh and usable for up to three weeks. Add fresh water to the container through a tethered filler cap every three to five days — and herbs and even veggies (try asparagus) will retain their freshness for much longer.

14. An Oil Sprayer So You Can Add Just A Dash Of Your Favorite Oil

Add the perfect amount of your favorite oil to salads, meats, and veggies without accidentally dousing your food with this oil sprayer. The convenient sprayer is compact and easy to fill and clean — and can even be filled with lemon juice, soy sauce, or cooking wine. The container is BPA-free and made of high-quality glass.

15. A Food Warmer That Makes Office Lunches So Much Better

This is no ordinary lunch box — this 20-ounce Crock Pot food warmer makes it easy to store your lunch for that commute to work and you can plug it right in when you're ready to eat to warm it up to the perfect temperature. The warmer has a removable container that's safe in the dishwasher, a spill-proof lid, and it comes in eight colors.

16. This Collapsible Water Bottle For Flat Storage In Your Bag

Fill up this 18-ounce silicone water bottle with cold or hot liquid — it provides insulation that keeps beverages the perfect temperature for longer, and it's resistant to odors. The lightweight bottle has a wide mouth and secure cap, comes in six shades, and then collapses flat, accordion-style — so it takes up barely any space.

17. The Brownie Pan Specially Designed So That Every Portion Has A Crispy Corner

The best part about brownies is (without a doubt) those crispy corners that you get if you're lucky enough to be serves a slice from the side of the pan. But with this brownie pan, everyone wins — it is designed so that every serving emerges with both a soft, gooey center and crispy sides and corners. The pan makes up to 12 portions.

18. These Space-Saving Measuring Cups And Spoons That Collapse

This measuring cup and spoon set includes four silicone cups in 1-, 1/2-, 1/3-, and 1/4-cup measurements and four spoons that go up to 1 tablespoon. All of the pieces are dishwasher-safe and then collapse flat for simple storage. The collapsible part also makes getting sticky ingredients out with ease.

19. The Folding Strainers That Come In Two Sizes

This set of two collapsible colanders come in two different sizes: 8 and 9.5 inches — and both fold and collapse to make storage a snap. The heat-resistant strainers easily fit inside of pots and come in four bright colors for a little cooking fun: red, blue, green, and orange/grey.

20. An Egg Beater That Works By Hand And Doesn't Need To Be Plugged In

Beat eggs, flour, and cake mix without electricity — this manual egg beater has rotating gears, a handle, and is perfectly portable. The stainless steel beaters are sturdy, long lasting, and detach for easy cleaning (and sampling). And the base is dishwasher-safe.

21. This Eco-Friendly Compost Bin With A Charcoal Filter That Neutralizes Odors

This 1.3-gallon compost bin is perfect for storing organic waste like veggie peels, coffee grinds, and fruit. It's made from sturdy stainless steel, with an airtight lid and an activated charcoal filter that neutralizes bad odors. The bin and filter can be washed by hand (and you can expect the filter to last about six months before it needs to be replaced).

22. A Double-Sided Pumice Stone With Two Levels Of Coarseness

This double-sided pumice stone features two levels of coarseness that are perfect for all types of dry skin, whether you need just minimal exfoliation to keep skin smooth or require a heavy duty treatment to remove tough calluses. The stone fits right in the palm of your hand and travels without hassle.

23. These Moisturizing Gloves You Can Wear Overnight For Super Soft Hands

Ready to wake up with the softest hands imaginable? Before you hit the sheets, slather on the most hydrating hand cream you can find, apply these cotton gloves, and feel confident that they'll stay in place and help retain all of that important moisture your hands crave. The disposable gloves have a comfortable elastic wristband and come in a pack of 20 in three sizes for the ideal fit.

24. The Comfortable Gel Toe Stretchers That Relieve Pain

Alleviate foot pain and help straighten toes gradually when you wear these comfortable gel toe stretchers for just a few minutes each day. The stretchers help increase flexibility in your toes and feet, and can address discomfort you may be experiencing from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and constantly being on your feet.

25. A Travel-Friendly Muscle Roller Stick That Soothes Soreness

Toss this muscle roller in your gym bag and use it before and after a tough workout to soothe muscles and aid in a faster recovery. The texturized stick has ergonomic handles and a total of nine ABS independent rollers — and it's perfect for every part of your sore, aching body.

26. An Anti-Blister Balm That Acts As A Barrier Against Friction

Long walk or hike getting you worried about all of the blisters you plan on tending to afterward? Apply this anti-blister balm directly to feet before you put on your socks and shoes — and it acts like a barrier to prevent friction and rubbing that causes blisters. Made from plant-derived ingredients and completely free of allergens, the balm has been infused with a moisturizing blend of vitamins C and A.

27. The Electric Nail Art And DIY Manicure Pen For Professional-Looking Nails

This electric nail drill comes with six metal bits and six sanding bands that can basically do it all when it comes to DIY manicures. Use the pen to exfoliate cuticles and get rid of calluses, buff nails, apply acrylics, and fancy up nails with your polishing skills.

28. This Ultimate Watermelon Slicer And Melon Ball Server

With all due respect to your average knife, most aren't cutting it when it comes to slicing and serving watermelon and melon. This watermelon slicer cuts and delivers perfect cubes of watermelon, and it even comes with a melon ball tool to whip up uniform balls of melon for drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

29. A Dish Drying Rack That Folds Out Over Your Sink

Reserve precious counter space for food prep and cooking gadgets. This stainless steel roll-up drying rack rolls right out over sinks, providing a mess-free way to dry dishes, pots, glasses, and utensils. It then rolls right back up and can be stored anywhere for convenience. The rack doubles as a cooling rack, defrosting rack, and mat to use under hot plates and pans.

30. An Armband That Keeps A Tight Hold On Your Phone When You Work Out

Keep your phone safe, out of the way, but still useful — this phone armband sleeve is perfect for workouts, running, and hiking. It comes in four sizes and sits snug and comfortably on your upper arm, where it can accommodate phones of all sizes in a secure pouch. The moisture-wicking band features a reflective logo to keep you safe at night and it comes in five colors.

31. These Soft Sleep Headphones You Can Wear Even If You're A Side Sleeper

It doesn't matter how you prefer to sleep — on your side or even on your stomach — these soft and comfortable sleep headphones help you drift off while listening to music, podcasts, or meditation sounds. The masks blocks out light, is made with 3-D ergonomic technology so it won't pinch your eyes and skin, and you can remove its Bluetooth mode and wires and wash the mask.

32. The Fabric Shaver That Makes Sweaters Look New Again

Before you throw out old sweaters and coats and spend money on a whole new wardrobe, invest in this fabric defuzzer, which removes pills, fuzz, and lint and makes your clothing look brand new. The rechargeable defuzzer has three settings and a lint catcher that can be detached for easy cleaning. You can even use it on upholstery.

33. This Wooden Rack For Drying Your Own Homemade Pasta

Amateur and seasoned chefs will both flip over this wooden pasta drying rack, which features four 18-inch dowels that serve as the perfect resting spot for homemade linguine, spaghetti, and angel hair pasta. Pasta won't slide off the rack, it cleans like a dream, and it can be disassembled for simple storage.

34. These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Can Take An Accidental Knife Slip

If your hands have seen one too many accidents when you prep food (or work on DIY projects), you need these cut-resistant gloves in your kitchen, workshop, and life. The gloves are lightweight, but are four times more protective than leather. They come in four sizes, are food safe and machine-washable, and are lengthy enough to protect your wrists.

35. The Smart Plugs That Let You Control Devices Via An App Or Voice Commands

Plug in these smart plugs, download an app, and fast forward into the future (which is now): you'll be able to control devices via an app or Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT voice commands. These plugs are perfect for setting up timers on appliances or devices and creating schedules that save you money in the long run.

36. This Time-Saving Top Coat That Dries Nails In 30 Seconds

The worst part about giving yourself a manicure is waiting for what seems like forever for your nails to dry. Save major time and get on with your day by applying this top coat to painted nails. The coat dries any polish in just 30 seconds and makes it more resistant to chips and damage.

37. A Hydration Backpack That Regulates The Temperature Of Beverages

It's so important to stay hydrated when you're hiking, walking, cycling, or camping. This hydration backpack features a bladder compartment that allows you to pack enough water for your trip — and its temperature-regulating fabric keeps your water cold. The backpack has breathable mesh padding, so it's comfortable to wear, adjustable shoulder and waist straps, and an additional zippered compartment for other items. It comes in 12 colors.

38. The Bottle With A Built-In Filter For Cleaner Drinking Water

Take this 26-ounce water bottle with you and rest assured you are drinking the cleanest water possible — thanks to its built-in water filter that reduces chlorine content found in tap water. The bottle is made from BPA-free hardened plastic and has a carrying loop, a one-handed push button to pop open the lid, and it comes with a straw. Choose among six colors.

39. These Compression Foot Sleeves That Boost Circulation

Wear these compression foot sleeves and boost circulation, helping to relieve swelling and aches and pains that you may be experiencing in your feet. The sleeves are made from a breathable mesh fabric that prevents sweating and odors. They come in four sizes, nine colors, and are thin enough to wear under socks and shoes.

40. An Adjustable Knee Brace For Sports And Workouts

Don't let occasional knee pain get in the way of living your life. These knee braces are fully adjustable, so you can apply as little or as much compression as you need to stabilize your knee area and feel more comfort. They're supportive and won't slip during sports and workouts — and they come in four colors.

41. A Stable Nail Polish Holder That You Can Wear Like A Ring

Polish your nails anywhere — even if there's no table or flat surface in sight. This nail polish holder is worn like a ring (and applied vertically to prevent mishaps). Insert one bottle of nail polish at the top and it holds it in a firm grip, giving your more freedom when it comes to your DIY mani. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.